Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Almost a review

Blogger has new interface. Which is as pathetic as any other new interface social sites come up with from time to time. We whine about that initially and then forget about it until the next change. But the biggest disadvantage of this blogger interface is that I no longer feel like visiting my dashboard. Each and every feature looks so very confusing. I just cannot identify the blog posts anymore. The only good looking aspect is 'new Post' feature. The page gives me a feel of a paper. It's good to write here. This is almost a review. For this, Blogger should pay me or something.

In other news, I have finally shifted to an android phone after using blackberry for around two years. Not that I was unhappy with blackberry, but it was almost dead. I anyway don't use mobile phone much. I rarely call up people or text them unless it's urgent. If it wouldn't have been for my mother, I would have deactivated my phone by now.

And I saw Barfi. I had seen the hype around it and I didn't want to have any biased views for it before even watching the movie. So I saw it on the first day, second show, alone. And I am glad I did so. It was a treat to watch - awesome performances, simple story, though slightly long. But it didn't drag. Even though I saw it alone, I didn't get bored. I think I am in love with Ranbir Kapoor.

It's been hectic at work too. After the lazy monsoon, it's now time for extra lectures and meetings. Two new batches, some very interesting students, new clients, new places - many things are happening at the same time. Weekends are busy too. Earlier, I could never digest the funda of going out on weekends. I used to find it weird when people made weekend plans religiously, and went out every weekend. And it's still not a very common and popular thing in India. But it's addictive. It's been almost a year since I have been going out on weekends. Now one day at home and I become restless. Sigh.

November, January and February are travel months. I am going to be visiting Delhi-Agra, Muzaffarpur and Udaipur for friends' weddings. Another trip to some other location for a vacation might materialize too. Yes, like most, we are good at planning stuff too. But seldom something gets materialized. And they have always been the last moment plans. 

I talk on my blog. It's almost become a personal log. The only missing thing is two words in the beginning of the post - "Dear Diary".


  1. Hehehe...I think I am in love with Ranbir Kapoor too: Nice post, Neha. And you are right about the Blogger dashboard. I am lost too!! He he he!

  2. I think I was one of those people who willingly changed to the new blogger face while it was still a choice. I find the internet confusing to begin with so jumping on to the new bandwagon seemed appropriate.

    My blog's become a personal blog/ poetry blog/ random-nonsense blog. I don't even know anymore. Glah

  3. Well, I found new dashboard better, once you get to figure out its site map.

    Keep roaming!

  4. In fact I am so confused with Blogger that I might just switch over
    As for BB is concerned,I have had terrible experience that I will never ever buy one again.
    Barfi is good,really good.Ranbir has done a good job.

  5. What is this new thing about Blogger interface! I cant see it on my blog! Or is it that I am already using it!? But I have been using the "New Blogger Interface" for more than a year now!! Pls enlighten abt the new feature!
    Barfi, I need to watch... it's pending!
    Wow... you are coming to Udaipur so, Jaipur would come in your journey!! Let me know, and let us finally meet!!
    Cheers :)

  6. Neha,

    I think I should see BARFI as your comment on that has tempted me. Please do keep some time to meet when you come to Delhi. It will be so good of you.

    Take care

  7. Come on Neha. You switched to android phone? I don't belive. I wish you switched to an iPhone 4 or 4S or 5. That would be suave.