Monday, January 31, 2011

Blabbermouth Me!

When Saroj said that she really likes those posts where I rant, it kind of inspired me to write more of such posts :P Well, that's just an excuse to write a few more rambles and rants. This one is about me specifically and the "quality" I have which all those who know me personally are aware about!

I am a blabbermouth. I can be extremely talkative some time. Rather most of the times. I can talk to anybody and everybody about anyone and anything for hours. From a kid who is 3 to an old person of 80 - I can strike a conversation with anyone!

There are days, when it's difficult to stop me once I start to talk! And such days strike quite frequently :P But I am not a blabbermouth with each and every person. I am extremely moody and choosy when it comes to talking. I will go non-stop with very few people. There are couple of people with whom I talk everyday and with one person, I am a non-stop chatterbox. He suggests me that I should carry a mute button with me all the time! Mean! But I don't blame him either :P

But there is one problem with me. I just do not know how to cheer up someone when he/she is upset! I can talk to the person normally like I do with him/her everyday; but sorry, I understand, can I do something etc. do not come out too quickly. Even if they do, they sound very fake as you can sense that I am reluctant while saying so!  

Honestly, I am a kind of person who will not mind anything said by anyone while trying to cheer me up or just being there and showing support when I am upset. I do not expect a sorry, or I can understand from them as I know they can't. Same rule I apply as well when it comes to others! I am THAT dumb! Ah, and others think I am intelligent!

Too many confessions in one post right? Well, it does happen some times. Especially when people encourage you to rant :P 

Check the image below. All the gujju readers will enjoy it. Rest of you can leave a word if you want to know the translation. I know hardly anybody will ask for it as I don't have many readers left!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Interesting Moments

Days are busy. Sometimes because of work and other times doing nothing! Day before yesterday was one of the busiest days for me, which is supposed to be a national holiday! I remember cribbing about it at school when we were made to be present at 7 am in school for flag hoisting and then visit the nearby police station for the same. This was the schedule twice a year each year on a "National Holiday"!

When I started working, I seldom took an off on these holidays except when they fell on weekends. I have always been a workaholic. Free days disturb me a bit :P The major reason I have taken up teaching on Sundays.

Now, I wanted to blog about something totally different, but once the blabbering starts, it's difficult to stop as this is the place where you can crib non-stop and still people will read you (or, that's what I think). This post is about couple of very interesting incidents that happened in this week.

A very good friend recently bought a house. She was very excited about the investment. This is how our conversation took place:

Me: Hey

She: Hi. I have a news to share. I bought a new house.

Me: Wow, congratulations.

She: thank you. But I had to take up a loan of huge sum. Now most of my salary portion will go in EMIs

Me: hmmm.. well, you just need to plan it right, and it will be fine.

She: Arre nahi yaar, I can no longer buy footwear regularly!

Yes, that was her concern - buying footwear :P Now, she happens to be a reader of my blog and she is going to kill me after this post. Not that I have not warned her, but still, some things have an interesting ummm after-effects.

Now, I think I should stop writing about the footwear fever before I lose a loyal reader. 

Have you ever seen a cat climbing a tree to catch birds to eat? I saw one recently. Sharing the picture with you, but it was a scene worth viewing personally!

The cat jumped right after this image was clicked and we could not get the jump captured! While uploading this image, I found another one too. This one is of lolcat.

No, I will never be able to relate to it except the part that it plays a lawyer. Otherwise I hate pets!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Blogging Phases

Like everything else, blogging too has phases.

The other day, I was discussing this with a blogger how many people have kind of stopped writing; or they are very irregular. Now, there are times when the "girl" in me gets too curious about certain things. I am close to a few bloggers who happen to make to my chat list too. And I happened to discuss it with couple of bloggers!

One of them said that the surrounding affects bloggers. We have many common bloggers on our list, and many have stopped writing. This is affecting us. Yesterday I told her that I was taking a break from blogging as I have lost interest in writing; but here I am, breaking my own stupid rule. Reason is simple - I write because I like to. It relaxes me. Because I write crap and nobody reads me was never and will never be the reason behind me not blogging!

Coming back to the blogging phases - I kind of agree with her. The surrounding affects you a lot everywhere - be it your work place, or home or even blog world. Hmmm, true that. It does affect you. I miss so many bloggers and their posts. Many are my friends now, but I still would love to read them. I have always been a fan of personal blogs. Especially the ones who write about people. The missing bloggers - most of them write personal blogs, and I miss their posts!

And I happened to discuss about the so called sannata with another blogger too. She said that there has not been any controversy recently, thus people have lost interest! And it made perfect sense to me. Yes, no controversy, no fun. Now it's time to create one :P Ah, just kidding! I lack time for such useless pursuits in life!

But the blogging definition is changed drastically! So many new sites come up and they judge blogs! Based on the genre they write about and content they have! Since when regular blogging became a competition? When you have many blogs for a particular category and one of them wins, does that mean other blogs ain't that good? Having a competition is a separate thing altogether, but nominating blogs yourself is something I cannot digest! Again, it's my own opinion. Many people love such an arrangement. Votes, Awards, even controversies for that matter!

Looks like this is a silence phase of blogging. Not many people write these days, not many people read these days, almost everyone takes part in blog contests as nothing interesting is happening around, every second site comes and declares contests and takes interviews, still I (and maybe a few of you) miss those same ol' blogs!

And each day, I am taking one step towards a scenario where there will be "ban Neha" movement going on as I have been talking a LOT against things/people other bloggers love :P

Friday, January 21, 2011

Senti times!

I am dead scared of them - senti times! Expressing those insecurities, crying with running nose, or simply abusing people who were once upon a time the most important part of you!

I have been seeing the senti times all around me since November! A very good friend of mine got married to an NRI and now settle abroad. She had thrown a Bachelorette Party in November. Now, she was in total mood to get drunk and dance her heart out. Drunk fine, but why dance? Sigh! Now, the party started and within an hour, she was drunk!

I won't mention how she danced, abused and eventually cried, and embarrass her here; but yes, it was the same senti time again! She was crying and she didn't know the reason! The only thing she was little bit worried about was her eye make-up! Girls!!!

Now me being me, I called her up the next morning and told her that she was crying a lot last evening, and I have photographs to prove that. Her reason was that she would miss all her friends once she shifts to another country. That party made only her senti, but when she was leaving, we all got pretty senti at the airport. She misses us and we miss her too. We were crazy people while in college. I got to know her and a few more people much later, but since the time we have become friends, each time we have made ourselves feel proud by breaking the record of our previous lamest act :P

Things have changed now. Both of my friends have settled abroad. We had a group chat 2-3 days back and we were discussing about our kidas. It made us all very nostalgic and senti! But then we decided to make the conversation happy and started with "girls' talk"! No, it didn't involve hot guys, shopping or gossiping, but much more than that! I cannot mention it on a public blog, but you surely get the drift right? :P

When the first one got married, we had prepared a skit for her and performed it at the time of her sangeet. It was a disaster and that made everyone laugh! We had selected hindi songs as per situations like - mere piya gaye rangoon, inteha ho gayi intazar ki, waah waah raamji jodi kya banayi and all the other songs which you can easily predict to be there at the time of weddings and romantic situations! We had fun preparing the skit and our other friends who had to tolerate the practice sessions at that time have lost all their hair since then :P A picture that was clicked after the skit and while we were singing - G.U.J.J.U. from Kal ho na ho which still leaves us cracking with laughter! Being too lame made the whole thing too funny and memorable :P

Ah, senti times scare me! They make me senti too!