Monday, June 28, 2010

A Future (Not) So Bright

The following post is in the form of a Limerick. Limerick is a humorous, often risque, verse of five lines with the rhyme scheme aabba.

One day I told my father: “I want to achieve instant success.
I am tired of getting sidelined; power is all I want to possess."
He asked me one question,
Whether I want to be a politician
Maybe yes, but tell me more about the Indian political process.

Father said:

People like LPY, did Fodder Scam and made a big name.
During this time, the mother of 9 kids played political game.
Now Railway ministry salutes him,
All his scams seem so dim.
No NK or MSY can snatch his hard earned precious fame.

We have names like VRD with his actor son and director friend,
for upcoming movie publicity, he walked on the terrorized land.
Though his act took away his chair,
But the damage did quickly repair
With The high command giving him power and a strong ministry stand. 

A criminal with lifetime imprisonment can still rule the state,
All Evidences against him fail miserably on the judgment date.
Though his crime roots are deep,
But Judiciary is his personal keep,
Acquittal is the only outcome; at any cost and at any rate.

These are but a few names in the endless list;
Their Mantra is simple – cut a throat or bend a wrist.
Progeny of a powerful generation
are in the very best position.
who follow old footsteps and become another chauvinist.

Now I am thinking,

Indian Politics is the best option, for my father is a minister.
He committed a murder, a few rapes and became sinister.
That’s the required qualification,
To enter into politics profession,
I will not have to pass any exam or clear any semester. 

I already have a few molestation cases booked under my name
Murder will be accomplished, if opposition plays a dirty game
I am now going my father’s way
Oppositions, better start to pray
I am going to rule the state and get away with all the shame.

The Reality

This is the scenario of our country’s politics even today.
Murderers and criminals rule the states; find their safety way.
Success is all they strive to achieve
Unethical is nothing – they believe.
All they want is power-position-money, come what may.

Become a criminal and politics will welcome you with an open arm
Bigger offenses and more publicity will help you spread your charm
Your errors will be corrected
Your black money will be protected
In the name of ancestral property & farmer’s land without any harm.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Loosing money Quitely

Those of you who are wondering what's wrong with me, why such a title, have i lost it etc. etc., please read on before writing me off as a writer. And those of you who did not find any errors in the title, this post is meant for you.

Now, let's be honest here. How many of you have come across such people who make such errors? How many posts write quite instead of quiet and vice versa? Is it loose motions or lose motions? Well, in case of motions, both are equally dangerous, still, imagine losing motions! Or, lose denim and loose weight!

It's difficult for many to decide where they are supposed to use its and it's. Many make this common error. Such glaring errors do happen, as to err is human. But repeating the same thing again and again even after being corrected - erm, is it still called human? 

And those - I didn't knew, I didn't went types. Again, a common mistake people make. And when you try to correct them, their response will be "haan haan, English to sirf tumko hi aati hai. Hum to gavaar hai!" At least i have stopped to point out sms lingo when it comes to reading blogs. Wud, cud, your (you are), ur (your) and such get on my nerves; but I ignore that post altogether.

Now comes the common most error. this is something we are not taught in school, but it has always been present in our regular conversations. Yesterday Night - almost all of us say this. But my logic and understanding think otherwise - yesterday means previous day and yesterday night means previous day night - how is it possible to have day and night together? Is it day before yesterday night or night before the last? I am sure the creators of the words - last night and night before the last must have been stupid and illogical! How can they prove 90% of us wrong?

Do you have long hairs? Or is it hair? But we have many hairs right? What do you think?

Now let me guess, after reading this post, how many of you will choose not to comment? Guilty speaks? Remember, I have read your posts and known you well, thus this post.

So, what do you prefer? Loose motions or lose motions?

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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I always have a smile on my face. I share your happiness and laugh with you. I laugh with you when I am not happy. I laugh with you when there is a storm of sadness killing me from within. I reveal the smile; while my sadness is hidden.

I leave everything behind and come with you. I leave everything behind even when I don't want to. I leave everything behind because I am asked to. Nobody sees my sorrows, nor do they notice my pain. My duty is all that matters, my emotions stay hidden.

When I cry and shed a tear, you think it is a tear of joy. A tear of joy to express my happiness. A tear of joy to celebrate your success. Joy is all that you see, tear is all that remains, while the truth is hidden.

I am the pillar of my family. I have to be strong enough to face the challenges. I have to be strong enough to take care of the weak you, I have to be strong enough to take care of the weak me. If you break down, you are human; if I break down, I am weak. My support is all you need; my weakness must always be hidden!

You see my face to judge my beauty. You see my clothes, to judge my outer self. You look at me and smile. Your smile is for the person I am not. You smile is for the person you want me to be. My mask is appreciated, but my inner beauty is forced to stay hidden..

People call me mysterious. But I am merely the person I have been forced to be. My mystery is my sadness and weakness, my emotions and my thoughts; each and every reaction of me you don't want to see. Each and every reaction of me that you are scared of. Each and every reaction of me which you want to believe that it does not exist.

All I want is acceptance. All I want is acceptance of my wishes. All I want is acceptance of ME - the way I am - my individuality. All I want is an acceptance of the person that I am and not the person you want me to be.

I want you to be proud of the REAL ME and the HIDDEN ME. I want to be the same person from outside and from within.

I am a woman and I want to be myself. I am a woman and I want to feel proud of being one...

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Age'ing Factor

When we were kids, the only wish we had was to grow up as soon as possible so that we get rid of studies, homework, exams, surprise tests and restrictions. How much we prayed to have a life with freedom, job that can buy us all the toys and games that we we need. Girls pretended to be 16 at the age of 14 just to enjoy the label of sweet 16. And at 16, she couldn't wait to become adult!

After entering in the twenties, a lady grows old by one year every ten years. And by mistake you ask her about her age, then god also cannot save you! 

Women are more mature than men - they claim; and it is said that maturity comes with age. Ah, we are indeed confused species. We do not know what exactly we want from life - maturity or forever young image!

There are so many products available in the market for a lady to look young forever. And they all sell like crazy all the time! There are wrinkle lifting creams, acne removal creams, forehead lines and under eye lines removal creams and what not! An upper middle class lady even undergoes surgery to look young.

That way, a man is so sensible and lucky! He does not have to worry at all about the wrinkles on his face or under eye bags. You won't find any products which are meant for men to lift their wrinkles. So what if they use fairness creams? At least no wrinkle lifting creams for them so far!

In fact, it is said that the older a man becomes, the smarter he looks (in quite a few cases) especially with his salt-n-pepper hair. And a lady with grays? A complete no no. I wish I were a man!

But with time I have learnt one thing (though I am not that old) - growing old is inevitable while growing up is optional. Why to hide your age and come across as a fool if you get to enjoy the title of a wise lady!

So, what's your age?

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