Saturday, June 07, 2014

Stuck on the same page

I am back. Writing after two months. And it kinda felt nice when a few people told me that they missed my posts. Aww moment. I was away for a few days. Entire April and May first half were crazy so far as work was concerned. After that I went for a vacation. A much needed break. It didn't help me though. I feel as if I have gone back in time by four years. Things are again back to the place where I started. As if I never moved on. And this phase is not a good one. But I know I will be fine. Back to my real self and kicking. Like everything else, even this will be over.

In other news, I travelled for good 12 days. Two trips, one was beyond awesomeness, another to my hometown. I will be writing about the first one on travel blog I have decided to start. Let's hope I will be able to write more frequently there. And here as well. At least one two posts a month maybe. Don't think I can write more than that anymore. No I don't lack topics. I have plenty of them to write about. It's just that I have been busy. On a super busy day I am working for 18 hours and on a free day I am doing absolutely nothing. Or maybe take a book and read the whole day. Earlier I did blog too on free days, but now a days there is no motivation. And that's not good. This be the best vent out zone for me. 

Some phases in your life are too good to be true, while some are so bad that all you want to do is to press the fast forward button. All of us live in phases. A normal life is a phase, so is a bad one. Money, poor state, travelling, working - everything. It's not possible to live in the routine. Even if you are doing the same thing every day, some or the other factor will change its course some day. And life goes on. At times keeping you happy, at times depressed, at times lost. You forget the number of crossroads you come across through life. You remember the significant ones for certain time, then the new ones replace them. Priorities change. Choices change. Preferences change.

But worst are the phases that make you feel that you have gone back in the past. Or have not moved on at all. You are stuck at the same place. On the same page. Your mental state is the same. You are lost. And disappointed in yourself. You don't want to do anything at all. Nothing makes any sense. The strong you, the one who motivates everyone, who is always smiling suddenly feels depressed.

This situation is good too. It gives you time to stop, breathe, evaluate. It lets you know who your friends are and who would stand by you. It's nice to see them trying hard to cheer you up in all possible ways. You realise you are after all not that strong. You are normal. Like everyone else. And this realisation is required. That pause is required. It keeps you grounded. And that's needed. Yes.