Monday, March 19, 2012


Sitting by the window
Accompanied by my shadow
In a boring room
On a lazy noon
Deep in thought
letting time pass
Lots to do,
But I am hanging around.

Those delicate fingers
taps off the cinders
Fuming into flame; the sparks
Slope of gold and blue and red lurks
The bold face of fire as in hearth
Blown brighter by the breath

Whiff of cold air hits me hard,
I don't know why its sad
The blue blue sky
Is dark and hazy.
I wonder why?
I want to see the bright blue sky
But I just see it dark and hazy

Lots to do,
But I am hanging around.
I am waiting for you
and the blue blue sky...
Image Courtesy: Yours Truly
Verses by: Insignia

Friday, March 16, 2012

Time flies

Three years - I completed three whole years of blogging. I know many veterans here who have been blogging for five years to a decade; but for me, sticking to a place for three years - regular writing and reading - phew! It's a huge huge thing. Three years seem like a huge achievement too.

There are so many people I have known through blogging. They have become a part of my real life too. Guria, Insignia, Shilpa, Kavita, Merlin, Ugich Konitari, Nu, Kavi, Vivek, Neha K, SG, BK Chowla, Neha H, Arif, Vidhu, Vineet, Sree, Pal to name a few. I know I have forgotten to mention many many more names, but you know who you are.

Thanking these people will be a small thing to do. They will come to Mumbai and hit me if I even use the word thank you for them (well I am taking this for granted), but they have been amazing. And patient. They have listened to my endless rants - on blogs as well as in real life. They tolerate me on various platforms like social networking sites, mobiles, gtalk and where not. They are just a phone call or a ping or a mail away.

And there are others too who have been a very important part of my blogging journey. People who read me, people who hit on the follow button and let me be on their dashboard with every update, people who leave a comment, who visit again and again even though I don't visit their blog. No I am not rude or lazy. It's just that I seldom get time. I read every person's blog who leaves a comment on my blog; but reciprocating with another comment is just not me. The moment I feel that I am obliged to leave a comment somewhere, I back out.

See, I rant on blog birthday too! March month celebrates birthdays for many blogs I follow since beginning. Most of them completed/will be completing three years. Insignia celebrates 4 years, she be my blog senior.

And with that, I sign off. I want the birthday post to be only about birthday and people who are a part of it. What are your wishes for me and the blog? Apart from - just stay this way, don't change, please change, keep blogging and smiling?

Happy Birthday Neha's Blog. May you have a longer life than Neha's so that you can just creep out people out here.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Don't talk. Act too!

Too many things happen in life that make you happy, sad, frustrated, helpless, emotional, dead and such else. All of us have a different way of venting our emotions out. Some write, some talk to friends, some cry, some party, watch movies. I travel. I take an auto, and travel on Mumbai road. It relaxes me just like a good vacation.

I have seen many people start a blog under anonymity hood, for writing helps them. They write whatever they go through or gone through. One of the topics I have been reading about a lot these days - Domestic Violence. There was one article posted on the outlook site about the same (let me know if you wish to read it, I will give you the link.). I don't want to post the link here as I don't think it's a genuine one. Again, it's my personal opinion. I somehow didn't believe the story completely. It sounds like a bit made up story. Maybe it's easy to judge, but as a lawyer, I have come across many cases of domestic violence. Females have suffered for years, still suffering but they cannot raise their voice due to society and family pressure/reputation.

I don't consider such women weak. They have their reasons to be quiet about what they are going through or were going through. They have their reasons even when they write about what they are going through. But when you start writing about such things anonymously, or when you just keep abusing the family and act like a true feminist but never leave the abusive husband - that's where you surprise me.

Law has so many provisions when a lady is in an abusive relationship. You don't only get divorce, but you are entitled to get a house too along with maintenance money. The court even directs the husband never to enter the premises of the building the wife stays in if the wife has any threats from him. Then why can't one move out when one can write about that and abuse the family?

No, I am not saying that they should keep quiet. But talking that doesn't help in any manner whatsoever doesn't help either. You are discouraging others that way! Many females will make you a role model too, if you don't realize that!

What can be done about it? - First thing is financial independence. Second thing is to take out the fear of loneliness and rejection. Love your own life and things will fall in place automatically. Take legal aid. Free consultancy is available on helplines. Leave me a line, my mail id is mentioned in my blogger profile. There are plenty of sites and blogs to help you. Take the help, don't just yell. Don't bark and abuse. That too anonymously. You are making others lose faith too!

And please don't ever lie about what you have gone through or going through to get readers or attention. Domestic Violence is not as simple to write as you do. The one who has been a victim won't probably be able to write down the complete truth about it. It is too difficult to deal with it. Too difficult to face it. And all the more difficult to reiterate the whole episode. And if you abuse the abusive family you live with, you are at fault too at some point.

It's alright to be a coward, it's alright to run away, it's alright to be vocal, it's alright to leave the hell behind; but it's not alright to fake it or abuse it when you don't want to leave it!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Love Hate

You are
A poem I never wanted to write
A fear I never wanted to fight
An ocean I never had the strength to cross
A tear I never wanted to wipe.

You are
A dream that was too good to come true
Illusions, reality, mirages, the old and the new
A passion that had the power to destroy me
A hope that could kill so as to survive without you

Now I run, just to find what I have lost
And to lose whatever I have.
And I run, run away from me
To live, go on just to set you free.

I hate you, for my love cannot go beyond that
And I hate you to continue loving you
It’s my love for my destroyer
And my hatred for the survivor. For the fighter.

PS: These are just random thoughts and they have nothing to do with the dead or alive me.

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