Monday, June 21, 2010

Loosing money Quitely

Those of you who are wondering what's wrong with me, why such a title, have i lost it etc. etc., please read on before writing me off as a writer. And those of you who did not find any errors in the title, this post is meant for you.

Now, let's be honest here. How many of you have come across such people who make such errors? How many posts write quite instead of quiet and vice versa? Is it loose motions or lose motions? Well, in case of motions, both are equally dangerous, still, imagine losing motions! Or, lose denim and loose weight!

It's difficult for many to decide where they are supposed to use its and it's. Many make this common error. Such glaring errors do happen, as to err is human. But repeating the same thing again and again even after being corrected - erm, is it still called human? 

And those - I didn't knew, I didn't went types. Again, a common mistake people make. And when you try to correct them, their response will be "haan haan, English to sirf tumko hi aati hai. Hum to gavaar hai!" At least i have stopped to point out sms lingo when it comes to reading blogs. Wud, cud, your (you are), ur (your) and such get on my nerves; but I ignore that post altogether.

Now comes the common most error. this is something we are not taught in school, but it has always been present in our regular conversations. Yesterday Night - almost all of us say this. But my logic and understanding think otherwise - yesterday means previous day and yesterday night means previous day night - how is it possible to have day and night together? Is it day before yesterday night or night before the last? I am sure the creators of the words - last night and night before the last must have been stupid and illogical! How can they prove 90% of us wrong?

Do you have long hairs? Or is it hair? But we have many hairs right? What do you think?

Now let me guess, after reading this post, how many of you will choose not to comment? Guilty speaks? Remember, I have read your posts and known you well, thus this post.

So, what do you prefer? Loose motions or lose motions?

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  1. We all do mistakes and those who learn from it...are intelligent. I too have done these small mistakes sometimes...but sometimes all these happen bec thrs something else in mind.

    Any plans of changing your profession from lawyer to a !! :)

  2. *looks around*
    Yes I AM the first person commenting on the celebrity blog... yayyyy!

    I come from a missionary school where they caned you for not dotting the i and not crossing the t, but I learnt to live in this world which was not perfect. From the super strict Jesuit school, I was pushed into a very hindi speaking Maharashtra engineering college where to my dismay, the professors English sucked, and I learnt, albeit a bit late, that I would not find the world of correct grammar everywhere I went.

    English in Europe, leaving apart the UK, sucks, even in highly educated circles. And sometimes it becomes truly hillarious when some very senior make such mistakes. Comparatively, I find India has better English in educational circles.

    Thankfully I dont read blogs which have such mistakes, so I dont know about the blogging world :P

    Damn, this is almost a post, I should STOP :P

  3. Ha ha ha! Good one Neha...I may have print mistakes but hopefully not such mistakes as you have listed here:).

    Loose motions are indeed dangerous:-D

  4. I agree that I have made similar similar error(s). But, I am brave enough to still post a comment.
    Have you noticed some one say"have dinner with me today"Is it dinner today or is it tonight?Which is correct?How can there be dinner during the day?

  5. Errors are so much fun when on street signs and boards of commercial establishments.

  6. I am not guilty on even 1 count. So I COMMENT!! :-D

    Neha, I can point out innumerable errors as these. Most of us; Indians; tend to think in their native tongue and transliterate to English. Thats when the problem arises. Few things I can think of right away.

    "I went to my native" instead of native place or hometown....Native means primitive!!

    "I can be able to....."CAN BE and ABLE TO

    Oh the list will go on and on...

    We need to put up with this.

  7. hahaha.... u caught the nerve...mast post dear...

  8. Quiet an interesting topic. I'm sure many of us are felling guilty about making spelling mistakes - glaring ones at that!

    As Insignia said, we need to put up with these. U nevr know, spelling mistakes might result in the creation of a new word! :P

    PS: Apologies for the unintentional spelling mistakes :D

  9. Wud, cud, your (you are), ur (your) very irritating ...but what to do ....I too commit such errors ... and why did you have to end the post with loose motion :P ...... issssh....

  10. Nice post as usual...:) Well caught mistakes. But it happens...hai na?

  11. This is the reason, they say, English is a funny language!

    Another crazy post, Neha.. Well done! :)

  12. Blame it on Dyslexia ...Taare Blogger Pe !!

    While posting this comment ,i made three word verification mistakes.

  13. What a timing, Neha! :D
    Your title reminded me of the recent gingerchai's msg on fb: "Trend so far shows that BPL is 'quiet' unpredictable..." :D :P
    Either ways it's fun reading them. :D

  14. Hehe nice one.Well the post should've been named 'grammatically (in)correct' or 'typo woes'.
    There's one error I happen to make once in a while-the 'its' and 'it's' one...although that's more of a typo than anything else. :)

  15. Am yet to master this hybrid language ...

    few more examples :

    Typical and atypical ....
    bare and bear...
    week and weak ...

    i agree with you.... making mistakes is fine but not repeating them :)

    Regarding 'yesterday tonight' ... i read a query in HINDU newspaper , which gave two reasons, supporting the usage of 'yesterday night'. I will let you know once i find them in archives ...

    btw, there is one typo error in this post :) ahve*

  16. I guess we all make a few mistakes and may be some where some time i did them too... may be. You should tell me if i did. I guess my mistakes come more from being negligent and not proof reading as S always tells me. So, tell me Neha... have I made these mistakes :D?

  17. Its more a typo than serious grammar mistake. More than the mistakes you have mentioned, its the punctuation mistakes people make. I realize my mistakes only when i read my posts after few weeks. People become so involved with writing that they lose the ability to judge.

    But people write blogs for fun and they write from their heart. What the heck with grammar. If you and me are serious about grammar, we would probably never write. TC

  18. Ah! I know, what you mean! I have seen lots of people (even a couple of CEOs) making these error. The classic errors are It's/Its ; Their/There; Can/May; Than/Then... among many others!
    An interesting post! :)

  19. My job involves creative writing, and making errors is definitely not a choice for people in my business.

    When thought is faster than action, probability of commiting a typo or grammatical error is higher. If it's a job, we proof-check perhaps a million times, but a blog (like someone commented before me) is a place where we're free to defy conventional rules and just be ourselves.

    Language is eventually to communicate. And if others didn't commit these errors, we would have missed out this wonderful post of yours, and many others I've read before!

  20. That's why I say english is a very phunny language. I am not the right person to comment coz I make 'n' no of mistakes and I am ashamed of myself.

    P.S: Kya tum mujhe angrezi sikhaongi?

  21. ohhh i make so many of them all the time and in my job i hear so many hilarious events too
    in a shop i bought a few items , went to pay at the till a Sikh gentleman was doing something he pointed to a lady on the other till and said to me .."Busy.. pay FOR THE LADY".... i did not know to laugh or what...

    a pet dialogue here you stop someone they say "ME NO ENGLISH"..

    But yeah the problem is converting hindi/punjabi in english ..

  22. Hey Neha, You got a lovely blog here. Just stumbled upon it. These are the errors that most people make and they are not even aware of it. Another common one is to pronounce "career" as "carrier". I found most of my teachers and professors pronounce it this way and I wondered whethet in fact I was the one saying it wrong.

  23. ouch. guilty me. i use hell a lot of those wud n cud ;). sarcasm at its best. loved it.. and u wrote this past midnight when u were almost totally drained out?? wow!! see, that's why ur (oops!! you are) my friend :) ;)

  24. Blame it your law degree or you would have missed the point. But then, each time some makes an error, we get a laugh Free. Isn't that a good offer?

    Sorry to be late here, was down with fever.

  25. SMS-english annoys me to hell..but then again,who am i to get annoyed,it their choice of words....

  26. @ NR, mistakes se i do not mean typos..I simply mean the glaring errors which people make without thinking about these twice :)

    @ Merlin, call this place a celebrity blog n you will never reach first..main bhi to mumbaiya hindi bolti hu :P I feel, the kind of errors people make, have they ever stopped and checked the meaning of the terms they are using? loose and lose - write in a word file n check the synonym - simple as that right? I know plenty of such blogs!! you can write few more such restriction :)

    @ Panorama, I know..typos are fine, but meaning me locha? :P

    @ Hobo, I didn't understand your comment!

    @ BK Chowla, you pointed out such a crucial thing..hats off :))

    @ anil, I agree

    @ Insignia, I so agree with you..many make these errors..typos and glaring errors - ther is a difference..

    @ Mag, thanks..

    @ Nishant, creation of new words - locha hota hai :D

    @ D-man, chal chal shaane :P why shouldn't I end the post with this :D

    @ Megha, haan ji, hota hai :)

    @ Parth, crazy post is the word :D thanks :))

    @ Kavita, lol..hota hai hota hai :D

    @ Karthik, you caught it? :P I wanted to write this post long back, but after reading tht, decided to write this right away :P

    @ Sammy, yeah..typos thik hai..I am talking about errors :))

    @ Mahesh, please let me knwo the reason behind yesterday night..I am dying to know..when you were reading this post, that time I had corrected the have one..again - a typo :))

    @ Harini, lol..I am not master my dear..just a small observation :D

    @ ZB, there is only one punctuation mistake I have mentioned..I am not asking you to judge re..but loose and lose? quiet and quite, weather and whether - c'mon, you can't be serious when you say that one makes such mistakes in writing flow :) grammar also only one thing i have - didn't point..not talking about tenses error is an error right buddy? :)

    @ Shilpa, I know re..thanks :))

    @ RGB, I somehow feel that if you are using a language, use it that i don't mean to write a 100% accurate post..but you can't possibly change the meaning of the whole sentence right? :) yeah, thanks to the error, I got to write this post :)

    @ G3, why to be ashamed right? better to correct and so far, I have not come across errors in your posts :))

    @ Bikram, yeah I know your point..thanks :)

    @ Maddie, welcome here..thank you for your comments..oops, career and carrier - lol..happens happens :)

    @ Chandana, yeah I wrote it after working my @$$ out..glad you liked it girl :))

    @ Holy Lama, offer is good the first time but again and again is irritating..take care buddy :)

    @ Nimmy, welcome here..thank you for your comments..true :)

  27. Mistakes are part of life and living. To think none will be made in an alien tongue is a far cry !

    But then, its so much fun to mock at our own use of language ! :)

    I am not as sure of Loose motion or lose motion ! This time, all life seem to be going on slow motion

  28. I try not to make such mistakes...
    I even play safe by having Rakhi Sawant as my central toh koi English grammar pe dhyaan hi nahi deta :P
    Achcha post hey...yes, the "I didn't knew" types do irritate me too...what to do, I didn't knew how to deal with :P

  29. i try to avoid such errors but for me all my attention and focus is always on content of post.
    if you find such errors please mention it in comment.
    thanks for such good article.

  30. katido kungfuo !!.

    I think ideas and thoughts makes a human, and language is for parrots :). There is nothing revolutionary in it, nevertheless its not bad to know it either.

  31. its hair. :)

    but then people don't like being corrected and that's not nature that's psychology so let them at it :P

    btw, abt ur comment on zbs blog, if you dont mind me saying, u d rather be true in ur real life than on ur blog. for on blogs, u never know whos who. i may sound pathetically old and all but its true all d same.

  32. and i read the next post, was too lazy to open it though. grant me that its not everyday i get a holiday.

    so, get on a plane!

    and u havent watched 4 movies in a nyt? cum on!

    and you have a tattoo. WOW. lucky you.

    and crying yourself to sleep? shit you must have woken up with a bad headache or should i say heartache?

    and harry potter's movies 40 times? omg. it really worked its magic on you didn't it?

    and btw, pardon the grammar :P :P

  33. And then people have this habit os saying...'Can you please repeat it again?' Repeat and again....

    But I think, it is only human to err...however hilarious/atrocious (depending on the situation) it sounds, the point is, we get the message and a free laugh ;)

  34. We should never stop learning and lets start with the difference between it's and its.
    Nice post! :)

  35. "Quite" and "Quiet" yeah..I do jumble them up many a times...But I prefer not to use the SMS style language i nblogging and yeah when people write stuff like "Did not + past tense of verb", it gets o nmy nerves too..!! I tried to correct but had the same experience as u..!! :( :P

    one more incident about spellings. I am a commerce student and in my 12th I had a topic about Bills of Exchange and ahd entires pertaining to bills payable, receiveable etc in accounts.. now in the whole chapter and also in the exam.. I dont know how but I wrote "receiveable" as "recieveable" and lost 3 marks just for spelling it wrong... :( :( Since then..I have never spelt it wrong..!!

    This post reminded me just of tht..!! :)

    Cheers.. TC :)

  36. Hi! Neha,

    Thats something to think which you have pointed throught his post, but there are people , who may not have got the proper training in language as english was never their subject nor their institution strict in adhering to the medium english, so exposure to the language may be defenitely low and so the mistakes on the higher side, this is a common problem for people educated in kerala schools(CBSE Syllabus excluded :)).

  37. neha ji..u r magnanimous in your encouragement..thanks n wishes..

  38. I thought 'Child beer' and 'Panchar' were desi calendar jokes until I travelled down the Delhi-Jaipur highway.

  39. I second, third and fourth this post.

    It's moving to see my permanent irk expressed properly by another soul...

    'tch, if only people would use a language right. Oh well, then they wouldn't be people... Anyway, thanks.

    P.S. I prefer yesternight. Archaic, but apt.

  40. Oh yes I make such silly errors too while talking! And yet I cant stop myself from picking on others who make similar mistakes :D

    Agree with all that you've said in the post.

    Very nice post, Neha.. quiet.err...quite interesting ;)

  41. Coming from a rural area to Bombay, I thought people would be speaking real good and grammatically correct English... but I was pleasantly surprised that most are no better. I found people either to be very good or pretty bad... the ones very good are the ones who speak only in English, at home, at college, with the bus conductor and the auto-wallah!

  42. People spell my name incorrectly and when I tell them, they use PB. I wonder if they use the same technique in blogging also.