Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yet another post

Yet another night, yet another post I begin to write, about all those things which keep happening in my life - again and again.

To begin with, teaching is shaping up well. Students are scoring good marks, weekend lectures are happening due to examination pressure and weekdays are spent with friends and fun. All in all, a good life.

Sometimes, things happen in a very strange manner. You don't even realize when some relationships become so very close to you. You don't see or talk to each other regularly, but there is always a connection between you and them. You can somehow sense their thoughts and feelings, you can feel their presence even though they are not around. Does it happen to you? It does to me at least.

And such relationships I cherish. I remember the time spent with them. I miss them when I am having a good time with my friends around - at dinners, over drinks or while watching a movie. They can make you remember them and miss them even when you are in a crowd.

Those regular here must have known by now who I am talking about. I do that in every second post these days. Reason is simple - it soothes me. As much as a road trip does, or scotch does. And it makes my blog a personal diary, and a few people try to read in between the lines too, and end up offering me some advise, but I am much more sane than I come across.

And hell, I am written about too. My dear friends write about me on their blogs, they acknowledge my presence and love me much more than I love them. They miss me when I am not around, they panic when I am not contactable. Ah, what would be life without them?

In other totally irrelevant news, I saw two movies recently - speedy singhs and Mausam. Both the movies are bad. Speedy Singhs is quite an ok one, but I don't know why it was made as there have been similar movies made in past - on the same theme and with the same community too. Russell Peters is totally wasted in it. Rather, he should stick to his stereotypes racist jokes and stand up. He excels there.

And Mausam - the less I say, the better it is. It is one of the worst movies ever made. It is full of various riots and terrorist attacks, bomb blasts etc. since 1991. And somehow the lead actors end up becoming a part of each of it - directly or indirectly. And still they survive. Phew, this happens only in hindi movies.

So all you wonderful people who have reached the bottom of this page, I have saved you from a disaster right now just as an incentive for reading the whole post. What? No more awards are accepted/distributed here for being a nice reader. It was a trend of 70s. 


  1. Did read about Mausam, but I had decided long back to give it a miss mainly because no Indian movie could do justice when they include the fauj in the story. Be it the Army, Navy or Air Force.
    The closest that one could pass as a good one was "Haqeeqat" by Chetan Anand but that was many decades ago (with Amjad Khan's dad acting in it)

  2. i agree with you.. sometimes the distance between the relationships matters less :)

    Weakest LINK

  3. I agree with u.. we don't even realize how can someone become so special that the distance between them doesn't matter...n i thnk this is called true friendship..

  4. Distance means so little when someone means so much...
    Mausam... OMG, is it so bad!! Imagine the hype that was created before it's release, there was even a front page full ad in TOI! I better stay away from it!!

  5. glad your classes are going well Lawyer sahiba :D Is Mausam that bad!!! sigh ... well then better not watch it in big screen

  6. Sigh!!! I was planning to watch Mausam. Thanks for the warning. :)

  7. I think,I know as to who are you talking about and missing.Take care.
    Because of your review of Mausam, I am giving it a slip.

  8. Agree with you about friends.... and loved the way you closed this post :)