Saturday, September 03, 2011


The header itself is dripping philosophy. Well, you can do justice to such posts mostly when you are in the trans mode, or feeling extremely emotional/sentimental about certain things or people. On any normal day, you will end up being diplomatic and write it in a very politically correct manner. I am blabbering now. Well, a slow and boring day can do that too you.

For the past 4-5 days, I have not been in blogging mood at all. I have not even read anything. Nor am I planning to read any in the coming 4-5 days. I like such short breaks. I like the hibernating feeling once in a while. I like to cut off completely from some part of the world that involves technology. Our life is full of it these days. You can't even afford to keep your cell phone off for 24 hours. It's a mad mad world.

And this technology has made us more emotional, touchy and angry about so many things. Especially relationships. Earlier, long distance relationships had a lot of suffering as there were not many means to contact each other. These days, it has become a pain in a$$. You video-chat with the person sitting across miles and oceans, you get angry when he/she doesn't turn up on time or turn up at all, you get frustrated as you are feeling low and can't even hug him/her, you smile the moment you see the person appear online. Ah the technology!

I feel wonderful when I get to connect to people who are not in the same continent as me. But I talk to them whenever I want to, I get to see them, share those small things which were otherwise not possible anymore. But when the person is within your reach, when that person comes back in the same country that you live in, and is just couple of hours away, and you are unable to meet him/her or connect to him/her on regular basis, it becomes frustrating before you even realize it.

It happened with me twice. I was within the reach of the person and could not meet the person or met for a very short period. When they were in India, I couldn't even talk to them because they had their families around them since they were meeting them after a year, and we were anyway connected online. I even fought with one of them on this matter.

Later on I was thinking about it - it was my love for them that was making me angry. They might be feeling the same frustration when I am not reachable, or I have certain commitments.Funny thing is, these people are a part of my virtual world coming real! But they have managed to be a part of me, my life like they had always been around.

Ah, the boring stories of me and my mind. Someone correctly said - expectations lead to disappointment. And the series of such frustrating disappointments result into boring blog posts too which you can choose to ignore. Hah, anyway nobody reads me these days :P


  1. Yeah well, since long distance doesn't involve touching and well... anything else, i don't see a point in staying in it.
    Nothing beats the age old method of meeting someone new over a sip of hot coffee.

  2. "The best things in life are unexpected - because there were no expectations"

    It takes time and effort to keep any kind of relationships.Most of the relationships will fade off if at least one of them puts time and some effort to keep it alive.

  3. I wish I could hybernate like that.
    I find myself neglecting most of my other regular work.
    Its the rainy season and I must take up gardening now.
    As for relationship, like they say the opposite of love is not hate but indifference. As long as you hate a person there is still some feeling for him/her.

  4. Sometimes that love sustains, holds on, even while you are hurting. It makes it worthwhile... especially when you realize the strength in that love. And when that withstands time, and then distance, there's nothing you can't conquer together. The hurt inflicted also hurts back, you know. Love you a lot, girl.

  5. Ah..the blog hibernation bit.. i can relate to the most !


    And about the rest...well, what was that last line all about ?!?!

  6. think most of us do go through such phases

  7. I many times think a person should try to be like Sun.

  8. But for Neha my question is, how you can manage to get time to write. ..

    Nice language and subject, but dont forget that its a personal blog , and feelings, so dont be personal.

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