Saturday, July 24, 2010

Celeb Craze

Don't we love our celebs? Now, here "we" is a very relative term, for at least I do not fall under "love our celebs" category, except in case of errrrr John Abraham or a few more. I am not talking about me here (sigh), so let me skip my long list of hot celebs. But I have seen this in India at least. Here people literally worship celebrities. They build up temples for them, queue up outside their lavish bungalows just to get a glimpse of their favourite star, die for their one autograph and a picture with them? Oh man, they would kill for that.

I have quite a few friends on my facebook who have uploaded such pictures with celebrity. Wherever they meet them, they will make sure that they have a photograph clicked with them! that they will upload on social networking sides with excited sounding captions like I met Karishma-ji here; that's me with Amitabh-ji and this ji and that ji.

Now, no matter how close that friend is, such traits tend to irritate sometimes. Especially when you have to listen to that story of their meeting and clicking photographs ten times in one hour and you are to spend the entire day with that friend! God Bless you! I have gone through this torture not once, not twice but so many times. A very close friend happens to stay near Filmcity. Now, this guy swears by celebs. He will follow each and every trend started by his favourite celebs. I think his list of celebs he dislikes must be of 10 odd names, not more than that for sure. He even has a photograph clicked with Harman Baweja! Back to my friend's story, he got passes for the filmfare awards for the year 1999. He went for the awards function, came back and was raving about the whole event for almost three to four months until the vacation started! Imagine, at that time, he raved about Fardeen Khan's voice too, as he heard him speaking over the phone!

Actually, he still has so many pictures on his facebook account. I so felt like flicking a couple of them and post them here, but stopped for obvious reasons :P But one thing is there - Indians are very strong when it comes to celeb love. They rarely faint or cry after seeing a celeb.

I still remember those early hostel days when we were not allowed to stick any posters on the wall. Now you know how crazy a teenage girl is about hot hunks even though it has nothing to do with only teenage, as girls are usually crazy about hot hunks whom you find rarely! But I remember collecting those posters, pictures, magazines and interviews of my favourite celebs. Now, this was more out of the feeling of not being left out when my hostel friends flaunted their collection. Told ya already, girls are silly!

But the collection thing was still fine, I did a very embarrassing thing about which when I think now, I feel ashamed. Our college organizes an annual festival called Brouhaha each December. In my very first year, they invited John Abraham there. Now, he was a super model then with zero movie under his name, but still a very well known name. He arrived in the college and interacted with a few people, gave autographs etc all. I happened to be sitting just behind him. Man, he looks hot! :P He was smiling at everyone, looking around etc. all. I went to him and asked him whether he could give me a peck on my cheek. And he did so - in front of the whole auditorium! I must have broken at least 1000s of hearts in a few seconds then.

When I think about that now, oh my! It is so damn embarrassing! Phew!!! OK I know, few more hearts will be broken now as well!

That's us. So damn crazy about those stars. They may not even recognize you if they meet you for the second time. After that peck on the cheek episode, I met John again, in my college. This time, I was in the PR department for the festival. I spent 45 minutes with him, but he didn't remember that incident at all. Of course I didn't remind him (the egoist me :P), but yeah, we still worship them, take their autographs, click photographs with them and when they see you the next time, they don't even remember you. There are so many like us - so many ordinary people who love them like we do or even more than that. But we are still better off. We do not faint each time we see them :P

A completely out of context question - what is the definition of Blog Celebrity according to you? Can you name one? Waiting for your answer in the comment box. Please do answer without fail. :)


  1. Well a very interesting post by u yet again. I guess u cant just blame the Indians on being mad after their celebs as if u see what ppl in the west do i guess Imdians stand no where close. Just look at the way they their trend n style that most of the boys n girls follow. How mad they are for wwe!
    Blog celeb lets say someone famous bec of his blog n not by the profession he or she is in..just like page 3 ppl..:)

  2. The term 'celeb' has become synonymous with Bollywood and movie stars alone. There are so many other famous people in their own way, but are not celebs unless there is glamor and oomph factor attached.

    In India, people do go ga-ga over movie stars and cricketers. Bigger than God image!!

    I am somehow not interested in even glancing at movie actors if they are around. It generally happens in malls, all hoopla around and I just walk away. Doesnt interest me.

    You had lot of guts to go over and ask for a peck. I do have an interest with one mega celebrity currently though!

    Mr. PAUL :-P

  3. And to think that I spend a whole night with the Mallu superstar in the second A/C and not a single photo to prove it ....booohoo...
    My very first post is on that.

  4. Oh yes! Blog celebrity!! I forgot to mention.

    A blog celebrity is someone who is famous among others only because of his/her posts; someone whose post people look forward to and comments pour in as soon as the post is published, as if ants waiting to lap up sugar.

    I can name one blog celeb whom I personally know. The person is Ms. Neha Silam :-)

  5. In my opinion, in my list, there are three distinct blog celebs--Neha,Insignia and Shilpaagarg.
    As for celebs across are concerned,it is natural to fell differently for them as most of us have not met them in real and hence do not know them but they are all normal human beings may not be as good looking as some of our blogger friends.
    I have had an opportunity to have interacted with some celebs and the ones I would never forget are
    Mr Rahul Bajaj
    Dr Manmohan Singh
    Mr Rajkapoor
    Ms Jaya Bachchan
    Giani Zail Singh.
    Mr Rahul Nanda(rediff)
    Ms Bharti Pradhan.
    I have yet to meet-neha-insignia and shipla to complete the list.

  6. Well Sry Neha but i do disagree a little on yur post, like take for instance am a dead meat fan of much i adore that I gave up my stylish century hitting right hand batting to bat left handed ( ok either way am a nut), so in case i get an autograph of a pic along with him , I will go ga-ga and crazy dunno till when, same with rajinikanth. Its just an obsession and I dnt think its just in India.. maybe lil more in India thats all. But then wats the harm? if it were to be a good pal then he wud just say stop de exaggeration ..well just my view. But then ppl who boast sooo much then its an irratation. Well sorry for the rant..yeah as for blog celeb...hmm I think Chriz chronicwriter and Jammy from ouchmytoe are the best!! cant wait to read from them. for future... yu and insignia are the definite contendeers! 4give my one hand typos :)

  7. Shobhaa De
    - Blog Celebrity
    check how many people read her blog.

  8. I agree on the celebrity kraze thing....its so much there in movies, esp tamil movies where Rajnikanth is an avtar of brahma and Kushboo is an incarnation of Saraswati...people kill themselves when a movie star, turned politician of MGR...

    I have come across AB Vajpayee, Shahrukh Khan, Michael Jackson( in Bahrain),Deepika padukone, Salman Khan( both in Dubai), Sachin, Azhar, Jadeja etc......but i didnt care to take an autograph...WTF...but i would have cherished if i were to meet Gandhi or Tagore....

    ANd the celebrity blogger i know is Ms. Neha- The greatest b logger to walk on two legs....*clap-clap*..:)

  9. @ All, you are embarrassing me now..I am no celebrity..there are better and much famous bloggers around..spare me please..I asked the question as one blogger has been bashing me for quite some time now by giving me this tag..I want to prove him wrong, and you guys are not helping :P

    cmmon, this is Neha and you all are my friends :P support ME :D

  10. Agree, the celebrity craze is too much. But somehow I find it weird. I can see many eyes rolled.
    Have met (seen) a lot of (a real lot of) celebs (movies, writers, politicians, singers), but apart from that look of recognition or observing their mannerisms, haven't done any other crazy activity. :D

    @ Mr. BK Chowla: Well, I am speechless and am just an ordinary blogger! :P

  11. well well I dont say i run after celebs but yeah i like a few singers and i know a few personally , the thing about living in uk is that when these people come here there are just common, hardly anyone gives a damn to them here .. you can see a few walking up and down the high street..

    and sometimes my profession helps me ....

    touchwood the few celbs that i know remember me , the better cause else i will strangle them and they know it ... oops thankfully i have not put any pics on facebook nahin to aap ne dekhna hi nahin tha he he hehe

    Blog celbrity:- well i guess i agree with a few .. i know a few blog celbs, know in a sense I know them dont know if they KNOW me at all .. keeping my fingers crossed here

    Neha silam , Insignia , Mr. BK Chowla.. to name a few I look forward to

  12. Most of the filmi blogger celebrities blog just to promote themselves and their movies..

    there are exceptions...for onstance Amitabh jii opines about some seious social issues in his blog

    and shobbhaa de's blog is also a delight to read through...he has strong opinions on many issues

  13. I am crazy about celebs but have never met anyone. So, i dont know will i be going Gaga over the celeb or be cool abt it. Coming to blog celeb, i think its a person who is well known around the blog world, who is gifted with writing skills which makes a great and adored and loved. I would say you are one of the blog celebs i know :P.

  14. Celeb- The girl who got a peck from John Abraham:P

  15. well written,
    we, Indians do not have real life icon thats why people worship stars, actually people worship that character.
    About blog celebrity, i think is one who is in real life not a celebrity but he has followers.

  16. When my father came back home from a trip with an autograph of Abdul Kalaam, the 12 year old me went mad with joy. Then again, I don't know if Abdul Kalaam could even be put in the same class as you mention.

    A blog celebrity I follow simply because he IS awesome - Krish Ashok

  17. I know only few blog celebrity one, and you are one of them...

    I have told u so...b4..:)

    Holy Cow

  18. you have written something now that have shifted all the eye-balls on you, isn't it :)

    You have to agree that you are a Blog celebrity...there are people who love what you write and they just wait for an update from your blog roll. And then there are 190 odd fans following you...Good job lady..keep rolling !!

  19. I have met Anil Kapoor, Neha Dhupia and Harman Baweja recently. I was surprised by how beautiful Neha is in real life.
    I didn't ask for autographs but the thing that struck me was how much like normal people they seem. So I am not start struck. I was more thrilled to meet the Norwegian Foreign Minister and yes, like a fan I put up a photo with him on Facebook.

    As for celebrity bloggers. I like a lot of blogs and feel they are celebrities even if they don't have many followers or write many posts.
    Of course Nehas's blog is very interesting and that's why I am following it:-)

  20. Well, I haven't met any celeb. So its futile to say anything about it.

    I know few blogs who are so good that they deserve to be called blog celebs. One of them is, by Sahil. The cartoons he puts up on bollywood movies are HILARIOUS. Check out his classics-Raavan, Prince, Paathshala etc. Too good blogger!

  21. you and G are blog celebs that I know of :) And yeah I was gaga over Salman Khan when I was young.. I was dying to meet him once but never got a chance.. not sure how I will react if I ever get to meet him :)

  22. Very interesting post!! I never had any crush on any of the celeb.. But yes i like Sushmita Sen the way she is leading her life.. and would surely like to meet her..

  23. Celebrity craze .... Hmmm... its a common thing across the world not just We Indians...

    When I was in Kolkata I used to come across a lot of TV artists and some Bengali stars who were students then but latest I saw Neil Nitin Mukesh and couldn't recognize him photo aur autograph to dur ki baat I have blogged about that event as well :P

  24. @ NR, I am not comparing the level of craze here..but building a temple - I still cannot digest 3 people? hmmm, interesting..

    @ Insignia, celebs don't interest me a days there are so many tv and movie actors around in mumbai that anywhere you travel, you spot one wandering around :) everyone is interested in Mr. Paul..I am no celeb..honestly..

    @ Haddock, first post is always so very special na :)

    @ BK Chowla, you are listing me with the real celebs..thank you but they are much better..that's a nice list you have got of people you have met..

    @ HaRy, as I said, my approach towards John Abrahim will be different..I do not know..but getting a picture clicked with each and every celeb you meet - errr...:)

    @ Appu, the number - yes the number is all that matters :)

    @ ZB, exactly my point..that craze is stupid right? :P I get your point..even I would not have taken an autograph..I am no celeb..stop pulling my leg!! :P

    @ Shilpa, same here..I have seen so many of them in various awards functions or otherwise..

    @ Bik, hmmm,if your friends are celebs, it's a different thing altogether..

    @ Aparna, I highly doubt AB writes his own blog..does he have time for it?

    @ Harini, good you have not met..they are big disappointments in real life most times..

    @ Holy Lama, jealous? :P

    @ sm, agree with you..we follow characters..thanks :)

    @ Jil, wow..that must be a wonderful feeling na..Kalam cannot be put up in the same class..he is the same person as a celeb as well as in ordinary life..he does not play a role n become one :)

    @ Siddie, kya kaam hai bol? :P

    @ Vivek, I am now regretting after writing me number does not matter and my readers are too nice and generous :)

    @ Saroj, in foreign countries, they are usually pretty much normal..their starry air comes in India where people recognize them..bhaav milta hai yaha wo logo ko..I agree with you on celebrity point, but I do not fall in that category at all!

    @ Aditya, hmmm, not met any celebs..nice nice..they are as normal as us..thank you for the recommendation..will for sure check out his blog :)

    @ Avada, buttering and all tht :P Salman fan? interesting!!

    @ Swatantra, I have had a long list of crushes so far :P

    @ D-man, lol...I will for sure read that bhiu de deta :P

  25. Pat on your back for your guts to go up to John and ask for a peck. I used to be crazy about Hirthik Roshan when I was in Std 8. My room was adorned with his posters, not even a single wall was spared. All of them came down the day he got married to one Miss Suzanne :p

  26. eeks it must be irritating to hear someone rave about fardeen khan's voice. but don't talk that way about harman bh..poor guy. it would have made his day that someone sincerely wanted a pic with him.

    technically we probably feel comfortable when we recognise something (animal instinct) but for some perhaps they feel insecure or whatever and feel good when they see a celeb.

    if one surfs through twitter one finds, tweets @celebs who rarely respond and one feels sorry for them in a way.

    blogger celebs or those who think they are blogger celebs just happen to have a set of sycophants around their blog. but i don't want to name any and hurt anyone. let them enjoy their lives in celeb-denial land.