Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Solitude

Like I said in my previous post, today was indeed a hectic day. Though it was not an all nighter last night thanks to my net connection which conked off at around 3ish, but I got up by 6:30, and again, did not sleep in the noon, I am yet again sleep deprived. The workload has increased to say the least. But blogging rejuvenates me always. The reason behind catharsis posts back to back here. I need to cleanse my system by venting out everything. And there is no better place than a blog where you write and people read and comment. They make you feel nice by showing that they are with you. How those unknown bunch can make you feel good just by saying two words - "take care".

As I mentioned, my day started pretty early. I left for town by 8 and reached by 9:30 for a 10:30 meeting. Reason was simple - I preferred an hour wait to two hours travelling alone in bad traffic. The smart me had fixed up the meeting at tea centre as I wanted to enjoy the amazing breakfast and super amazing tea out there. Now, I enjoy my solitude the most. I love eating alone, going for a movie alone or travel alone or even stay alone for that matter. I as such do not need a company to say, pass my days or years. I stay with people as they need me. Errrrrrr, too conceited right? I am a loner that does not mean I cannot stand crowd around me. I can live alone too without worrying about anything else. And my mother gets really scared whenever I mention that. And I purposely mention it to scare her.

Now, those of you who are regular here, I am sure they are aware about my love for tea and tea centre. Apart from amazing varieties of teas, you get very good breakfast there. With the familiar chattai curtains and bell, after a long time I felt as if I was at the place I really enjoy. If you are a lawyer, you will know exactly what I mean. I have clicked the bell picture as well.
After a good enough breakfast, now it was meeting time. It must have lasted for around an hour. I had another 40 minutes before I leave for home. I decided to go and sit at Marine Drive - the place where I spent most of my youth (have I become old?). Sun was not at its brightest, breeze was pretty much mild and the sea was calm enough too. I must have gone and sat there after years. But like always, I felt depressed. Sea usually depresses me. Whenever I sit there, I get all negative thoughts all the time. This time around it was no different. I got negative thoughts only, along with some nostalgic memories. 

In my 12th standard, we had gone to marine drive one afternoon. There was low tide that day, thus water levels were pretty low. First time ever we spotted shore there. We just jumped on those rocks and went down. That was one of the most memorable visit to Marine Drive. I was remembering that as well. Those good old college days, those small small dates, those hang outs etc. all suddenly seem so special after attending a boring meeting as a geek! I will not talk about depressing things at the moment, but I shall leave you to ponder over a few images that I clicked. Now I am not so good at photography as few of my fellow bloggers like Gautam, Insignia, Guria, Merlin, Kavi, Shilpa Garg and such. And I didn't even have my camera with me. All I had was a geeky looking business phone.

Click on the image to see the crabs crawling on those rocks

So many times I have sat at that end point..
Yes, I am in love with these rocks..I keep clicking them

That's that for today. I am very tired, so I don't think another all nighter is possible right now. But yes, if the days continue to be so busy and depressing, then you will see here me more often. See ya :)


  1. "Blogging Rejuvenates" - Absolutely! one gets fresh ideas, new ways to look at things from the comments that people make on a post and what not... every day is a new learning!

    Nostalgic is the one word I would say for all those golden days embrace!

  2. You are a lucky one who has and is busy with so much work.I am a bit surprised when you say that you are loner---from your writings,I don't get that impression nor do I feel that you belong to the class which would be termed conceit--I hope not.
    Yes, these are beautiful pictures.Reminds of olden days of Churchagate, there used be a restaurant called Volga and one Gaylords.Marine drive is a different and romantic story.
    Neha,take care

  3. Agree completely, Blogging is a wonderful experience that restores and refreshes the spirit. :)
    I like the shapes of the rocks on Marine Drive and seeing the crawling crabs, must be awesome.
    Hope you get to rest and relax!
    Cheers :)

  4. Get some sleep dear. Blogging rejuvenates only the mind. The body needs rest or we burn out ourselves. Just get off those different screens for a while- computer, TV and mobile. Without the body, the mind and brain lose efficiency. Nice pics. Anddon't repeat the idea that you are alone and like to be so many times over in the mind. It creates negative current. Smile on, and get some sleep.:)

  5. Get some sleep!!!!!

    Your body needs rest. Nice pictures. You just see an eye to observe beauty and you have done that!

    Sleep Neha Sleep!!

  6. Main aur meri tanhai post ...Ok ...so no more words from my side for this one....

  7. I always thought of going to Marine Drive during one of my Mumbai trips but never did go there, maybe because of lack of good company :)
    Hope to feel the "tanhai" sometime. I hate being alone, at any point of time, I am too much of a people person.

  8. I hope you're done with the "working spree". Like others said before me, hope you are able to catch some sleep so you can rejuvenate the body as well.

  9. I am going to say what so many others here have said- get some sleep. And it's so good that you know how to cool off even on a hectic day. Take care :)

  10. I had planned ot visit all these places in the pics but it did not materialise ...

    and yeah go to sleeeepppppppppppppp :)

  11. I too love solitude, and i too am a loner to some extent...I prefer solitude than to the company of some DUDE's of my office.And sea does depresses me as well....but depression and happiness are two side of a coin...And Nostalgia always brings about a tad bit of depression...in a wistful sort of way....take care..loved your post. :)

  12. @ Mohan, yes, everyday there is some learning..I love nostalgia :)

    @ BK Chowla, as I said in the post, I am a loner, but that does not mean I cannot live with people..I am not conceited at all..churchgate - I can pass my entire life at that place..love it like anything..Volga is no longer there, gaylords is still making its presence felt with the fresh breads and tolls..though I miss chai wala and bun maska wala outside satkar, I miss going out at 5 am to have kachoris near c road hostel, cold coffee out there, JS hall tea on a sunday where everything else is shut - oh I can go on and on :)

    @ Shilpa, so many times we have sat on those rocks..when a wave hits them and a few droplets of water comes on your face, it feels like heaven..I rested for a while today - thankfully :)

    @ Holy Lama, I am not alone, but for me, spending some time with myself is very refreshing and rejuvenating..thanks for your concern :)

    @ Insignia, lol..i wil sleep..mom ke ghar chali jaungi over the weekend :)

    @ D-man, senti nai hui hu main :P

    @ Merlin, come to Mumbai..I will take you there..I am not a bad company :P I can live alone anytime, though I don't mind an interesting company at the time of my loneliness :P :)

    @ RGB, well, not yet done with my working spree..i am trying to catch up on some sleep..soon enough, soon enough!

    @ DC, thanks buddy for those warm words :)

    @ Bik, you can plan the next time..go and visit those places :)

    @ ZB, we are quite similar in this case..not only nostalgia, I usually feel very depressed after looking at the sea..I remember things I do not have, or some sad memory suddenly comes in my mind :( too weird :P glad you liked the post :)

  13. For me sea actually inspires, endless paths to travel for a destination, a place where no one has any rules to follow and you live endless days alone away from all the technologies. Wow. I'll tell you one of these days I am going to get into a dingy and set sail :D

  14. beaches are indeed refreshening... I can relate with that... nice clicks :)
    the bell looks cute :)

  15. How do you manage to look at the monitor and type all this when you are deprived of sleep?

    No, seriously because, I personally cant keep my eyes open for more than half an hour after I get home. Damn corporate life! :(

  16. Watching movie alone...i wonder how u do that neha? :)
    Well i too enjoy being with myself..

  17. my blog is my best friend now .. cool pics , reminded me of times I lived in Mumbai .. and loneliness ?? I adorn it with ''solitude'' and scare my Dad .. good to find your blog ..

  18. Awesome clicks.. :)

    the post was wonderful.. Enjoyed reading it..

    Btw u seem to be on a very hectic schedule.. sleep deprived till 3:30 and again waking up at 6 .. get some rest.. :)

  19. hi neha! am ur new reader. You know what, i am some how amazed that when ppl like ur blog and they want to read u, then even when u just rant about being tired and busy and all that, ppl are there to assure u, advice u rest and give u tips. Lucky girl you!

    and we, the new bloggers......



  20. I remember the first time those star shaped concrete blocks were placed there..... to prevent erosion

  21. eating alone, going for a movie alone or travel alone...

    by any chance is it a trait of saggitarians? coz even I like that and like u i m a saggi :D

    I hope u get good sleep...tc.

  22. nice...i like my lonely moments too!! :D
    Marine drive...nice :)
    Sleep - is the last thing on this mind(??) too :D

  23. @ Sid, huh, inspires u? hmmm, interesting..go go where no technology finds you - cast away all over again minus tom hanks - ah I like him..

    @ Rajlakshmi, I love the bell too :)

    @ Aditya, become a lawyer and you will be able to do exactly what I do..:)

    @ NR, try it out..you enjoy movie more when you watch it alone :)

    @ looking for maya, welcome here..thank you for your comments..my blog is a part of me..thank you :)

    @ Sushobhan, thank you for your concern..I am fine :) glad you liked the clicks :)

    @ Restless, true, when people like a particular reader, they will read anything and everything written by that reader..lucky? I guess so :)

    @ Haddock, now marine drive has become even more beautiful :)

    @ G3, ho sakta hai..Saggis are pretty popular..maybe that's why they enjoy solitude? I know you are a saggi too :)

    @ Sree, quite a lot of similarities huh :)

  24. I agree completely. Blogging makes me so happy. Blogging is a wonderful experience and connecting with total strangers and then finding friends makes it a worthwhile experience.

  25. arree.neha ji nahi hai tho blog world mei kya maja aayega yar? where the heck r u friend?

  26. yes blogging gives us freshness and happiness