Monday, July 26, 2010

Me and my various moods

It's always so damn convenient na to say something, or do something and then blame that on mood swings? Well, almost all of us do that, especially females. But I do not blame them. We have so many things going on in our minds, a long "to do" list each morning, almost all the time we suffer from under-performance (I would call it lack of time) as we cannot master each and everything. Things we cannot manage, or certain things we say, they are usually due to the mood swings that we get all the time.

Talking about the great moi, people around me are very much aware about my various mood swings. My mood swings are very weird. I do get regular mood swings too, like suddenly getting angry, or snap at people, or very very cheerful or extremely emotional etc etc. But the weird ones are too irritating than the regular ones. My talking increases-decreases as per my mood swings. Sometimes I get moods when I will talk non-stop and will not give anybody a chance to speak, other times I go so very quiet that you will think - sha, she is so boring. She does not even know how to strike a conversation. Very rarely I am in a 100% listening mood and very very rarely I am not in my short attention span mood :P

This thing I have realized very recently, rather, I was made to realize that I have a very very short attention span. Now it so happens that I talk to very few people on regular basis. I think there would be three to four people with whom I chat regularly. Insignia being one of them. But we share a great comfort. We do not have to keep talking all the time. Both of us usually multi-task while talking to each other. If the other does not respond to the most important topic for an hour, we understand that there must be something very important going on on the other side. So my short attention span does not get a chance to show its true colour :P

Second person is Shilpa. Again, with her it is on and off chatting about small small things we suddenly remember, or if I want any advice about anything, or a farmville gifts neighbours she wants (I quit it yet again!) and such. We speak for 5-10 minutes each time and that happens around 10-15 times a day :P So, no short attention span problem here too.

But the short attention span does come. I usually take a break from work a bit late at night and work usually through the night. I can work that way better. A few friends staying abroad are online at this time. When I talk to them, I do not multi-task purposely just to get a small break from work. But I cannot expect the same thing from them. If their reply to me is delayed even for more than a few seconds, I lose patience. I start looking here and there, I will start eating something, or play around with laptop and they feel that I am not paying attention to what they are saying! Ab main kya bolu!!

Isn't this image super hilarious? At least I found it too funny.

Anyway, coming back to my mood swings, I get in a blabbering mood too. I will jump from one random topic to another one and there will not be any connection between the two. God can also not save you if you do not get what I am saying. You cannot ask - what are you talking about. Ah, here "you" means my close friends who know me well :P With others, I usually pretend to be normal.

And those who say that mood swings are only girl thingi, contact me. I will introduce you to a few friends who are kings of mood swings. But more on them, later.

So, what kind of mood swings do you get? By the way, do you guys know that in English, a statement cannot start with "SO"? But certain things you like to do your way right? Be it calling lose - loose :P

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  1. mood swings are with most of us but the only subject is who thinks about it with focus And who is not thinking.

  2. Mood swings are temporary - some obvious, some frequent, some uncontrollable...And like you said, it gets obvious, frequent or uncontrollable perhaps with people who are close to you.

  3. mood swings are just due to bunch of brain chemicals.
    google dopamine, serotin and the effects of sugar on brain:)

    there are plenty of people who are quiet at times and talkative at other times. depends on person, time and topic:)

  4. Mood swings are part of us. As WD mentioned due to all that 'chemistry' happening in our brain :-)

    But yeah, we cant help much. I do share a comfort level with you as I find you too have the same erratic behavior as me :-P

  5. I have terrible mood swings. I myself dont know why that happens but i vary to extremes. Btw, how come we never chat?

  6. There's this quote “On a bad day, I have mood swings - but on a good day, I have the whole mood playground” :D
    Mood swings are due to fast paced life, higher work pressures, lower patience levels and modern lifestyle. And we can say 'Yes' to all of them.
    Aromatherapy with oils like chamomile, jasmine and rose can help in mood swings.

    And believe me YOU are normal. Laughing out loud @ "With others, I usually pretend to be normal." :D
    Cheers :)

  7. Quite a few ppl hav mood swings...its difficult for others to understand why the person is behaving in that manner and can cause a bit of problem in the relationship!!

  8. Does mood swings have any connection to hormones etc... no insignia above said something about chemical locha :P ... I think :P....
    yes it happens to most ppl ...difference I see is some admit many don't ....

  9. A post to defend your short attention span? LMAO!! Cmmon, face it, you have a short attention span, in WATEVER mood you are in. Dont write about how everyone blames things on mood swings and then go ahead and blame this one on mood swings. Look at yourself, in whatever you do you, you have SUCH a short attention span!

    Its amazing how you get around to writing about all the topics that I have already written about, first blogging behaviors and now this :P

    Read this:

  10. To say the least, my mood swings surpise me. I'm absolutely clueless about what went wrong in a split second.:P

  11. @ Appu, hmmm, interesting point..

    @ RGB, so true..usually I show my mood swings in front of people who are close to me :)

    @ Wise Donkey, welcome here..oopsie, brain chemical? that confirms the fact that I indeed have some brain..with me, it depends on my mood..I can talk for hours on crappiest topic and quiet on the most interesting one..

    @ Insignia, lol..yeah..I agree completely :)

    @ Harini, yeah, mood swings are usually terrible..we never chat as you ain't on my gtalk..add me there na :)

    @ Shilpa, lol..I loved that line :P aroma therapy etc - no time for tht na :P reason for mood swings - lack of time..hahahaha, I hope others realize too tht I am normal :D

    @ NR, chill maar..kitta serious ho gaya! :)

    @ D-man, confirm it with Insignia only :P I admit it even whn i dont have mood swings :P

    @ Merlin, no i don't have Short Attention Span..I am slightly impatient when people forget that somebody is waiting for them to reply..I have read that post written by you..but last nite, while writing this post, there was some reference about SAS, thus mentioned it :P Blog behaviour - again, I had written about that in past, but I was too surprised to see how similar our posts were! ..... stop having a go at me all the time sir :P and now please don't blog about this :P

    @ Holy Lama, lol..yeah I know what you happens with me as well :P

  12. My mood swing are happy when siddharth make me happy they are sad when he is sad about something and they are at best when i see him doing anything simple in the most creative way....

  13. Mood swings are very normal.Swings could be due to various reasons including work related stress and the environment at home.They say one could also have changing mood swings depending upon the tide---high tide or low tide.But, irrespective of all this, what is more important is how does one handle the swings.

  14. ya Mood swings are part of us..and it's ok yar..once v know someone is not in good mood, it's better v keep off for the moment and talk when s/he is better..

  15. areeee you know what you could do , design these icons and have them on display .. according to the moods.. :) he he he he

    I guess mood swings are with everyone some do it more often thats all but we all have our Glorious moments.. once in a while
    but then on other hand its hard to understand women.. oooops what did i say OMG i bet i am gonna get something now :) he he he he

    i guess i am in a funny mood :) see i told you everyone has mood swings...

  16. True. These mood swings are injurious to others' ego! But we cant help it, can we :P These days, I have become very anti social. lets see, when my mood changes :P

  17. I am a victim of mood swings... and its so unpredictable that i myself am scared of it :P

  18. Neha! You are extremely articulate! Made a wonderful reading!!

  19. Mood swings are common. You have realised like you have about short attention spans. Its all about the discovery. Be as you want. SO what?

  20. I never had such mood swings.. some days I feel low... I am just trying to avoid it...

    Else I will give a smile to whomever I am talking to... and then I am more on listening than speaking as I don't think I have some stuff :) also I am a boring person if I start speaking :)

    You are able to go from one to another mood so easily :) thats incredible... I haven't met such a person yet :)

  21. Mood swings are ok once in a while. It's difficult handling people who have a different mood every 5 mins! All said and done, we all are humans. You never know what triggers your mood to swing.

  22. Is post se yeh conclusion ho gaya kii u r a talkative person...i m sure u must be having a habit of doing lot of badbad :)

    Your post reminds me of my ex minute he is smiling, the next min he is fuming and needless to say, he always found me laughing and flirting with my male colleagues when he was in a bad mood :) which enough to udao his fuse :)

  23. to be human = mood swing
    like the pics

  24. Moodswings are a woman's birthright and we shall have them.

  25. Mood Swings is like a 'Weather'..highly unpredictable.. count me as one of the mood swingers.

  26. I can so relate to this post. I am also quiet moody, though I have made a conscious effort to make my mood swings less yo-yo. But a fast paced stressed life ensures that my mood swings according to my blood sugar and stress levels. You are not alone:-)

  27. @ Swatantra, a kid changes your life and mood na :)

    @ BK Chowla, handling swings is the problem :)

    @ Ramesh, hmmm..

    @ Bik, time nai hai na wo sab karne ka..well, nobody can understand women..even men for that metter..

    @ Aditya, I have always been more on a morose side..:)

    @ Raji, same here ;)

    @ Shama, whoa, thanks!

    @ nsiyer, mood swings cause inconvenience to others as well na :)

    @ Kanagu, oh lucky and boring? can't comment there, but you are a gifted analyst and the whole TT team will agree with me :)

    @ DC, well it depends how well you know such a person right? :)

    @ G3, ain't I just like you? :P lol at your boss incident :)

    @ sm, thank you :)

    @ Jil, yo!!

    @ Anon, thanks..

    @ Saroj, oh I so agree..there is so much stress all the time..a bit of mood swings allowed right? :D

  28. hey thanks yar buddy..u r sweet..ya, daughter doing well in pune..take care..n stay connected..cya