Friday, March 05, 2010

I love movies

Hindi Movies – I love to watch prefer them to English movies. I have nothing against English movies; but I feel they somehow lack that cliché that is provided by our bollywood movies. Those actors and actresses dancing around the tree; or the trademark yell of “nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” for anything and everything; or losing your sibling in Kumbh ka mela and finding them after twenty odd years – their lockets being the common factor to recognize each other; or two best friends falling in love with the same girl and "Kurbani Dega Kaun?" wala situation. And such!

The very first movie that I remember seeing was either Nageena or Nageen – ichchadhari Naag Naagin ki kahani. I had actually believed them to be true and wondered who that snake might be among the people around me. I used to literally get scared of ladies with makeup especially the ones with thick eye liner, kohl and green eyes.

With time, I stopped getting scared of human beings as I realized those shown in the movies were fictional characters and not ichchadhari snakes; but few things got worse. My mother is a very emotional person. Whenever there was a very happy or very sad scene playing, she cried. And I kind of inherited this quality from her.

Be it a C grade sappiest movie, I cry when an emotional scene plays. I get tears in my eyes when somebody dies or there is a break up between two people due to some stupid reason; I feel for those poor people who sleep hungry in the movie in spite of knowing the fact that in real life, they are very well to do. The irony of my situation is that I am totally opposite in real life. I do not cry easily. For beggers, I feel that they have an option of working but it’s just that they are too used to earn money without doing any kind of hard work.

I cannot watch horror movies. I always wonder – why do people have to move around or visit their garden area on a full moon/ new moon at midnight? Why do they murder somebody and bury the dead body behind their bungalows? Can’t they repair their screeching doors or leaking taps? Even in case of a thriller, I prefer avoiding those scenes in which the investigation happens at night!

But somehow, I am allergic to super duper hits and blockbusters! I have rarely liked a super hit movie! I got bored while watching Avatar, and I had a major headache after watching Kal Ho na Ho! I fail to understand what is so great about Hera Pheri and Slumdog Millionaire!

Whatever the case maybe, I love to watch movies. I can watch two movies back to back in theatre every day. I can tolerate even the crappiest movie ever released if I don’t have anything else to do. I love Harry Potter movies so much that I have seen each one at least 40 times and remember almost all the dialogues and scenes verbatim.

And I so wish to be a part of Harry Potter 7!!!!

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  1. I love to watch movies too. Since I do not understand Hindi, I don't watch Hindi movies. But I can substitute that for Tamil movies. We watch even the worst movie 2 times. We love comedy. Many of the so called horror movies made in Indian langauges are comedy.

  2. true that! Tu meri sister hai :) Me too can watch movies back to back and in fact I have done that many a times..Infinity Mall mein sab mujhe pehchanne lage the :P

  3. why is it that every time you write i go like, i feel the same. ditto! :S


  4. :) Mine is opposite. I watch only english movies and sometimes hindi(only if I like the hero/heroine/director). These days I am finding all the hindi movies bad :(
    Btw you dint like Hera pheri? :O that's weird. Even I hated Slumdog Millionaire.

  5. Ha ha! I too am a movie buff, and don't much enjoy the Hollywood buffs, though can watch them, for sure!

    Neatly written.

  6. Nice and entertaining post, Neha!

    Movies have always been a delight for all of us. But it's good to hear your views about various movies right from the 'Nagin' times. You may not prefer Hollywood so much, but as a matter of fact, Bollywood is slowly imitating and adapting certain aspects of Bollywood.

    By the way, since you are a movie-buff, I think you'll find this article interesting: How To Make The Most Out Of Movies

  7. Nice post again! Though I don't watch much of hindi movies, becoz they have same type of drama, acting and on the name of acting- the actors just change their hair styles. The same story goes again and again! ufff!!! I am bored of all these stuff....

  8. Indian movies are our staple diet. What would we do without them? How else would we know how Akbar or Salim were, or how did Bhagat Singh look like?

    I find horror movies funny and Tamil comedy have a variety of comedy. I dont like serious movies though!! I dont like to cry

  9. Nowadays I'm just scared to go to Hindi movies. They a bit too bold & beautiful. I cry at points like when Bhootnath pleads with his son not to go.... And I like all those movies where you just laugh without the help of adult jokes.

  10. Same pinch! Even I enjoy typical bollywood movies. I prefer a hindi movie to an english one anyday. And yes, even I got bored while watching Avatar....You sound like one of my friends who doesn't cry in really serious/upsetting real-life situations but lets the floodgates open when Jack drowns leaving Rose weeping...or when SRK says bye bye to the world in Kal ho na ho....

  11. I like Bolly and Holly movies equally. I prefer few Hindi and few English movies. I used to be a Bollywood fanatic before getting to see my Grand Pa's must see movies of Hollywood and I loved them all. I just finished watching Zombieland and I loved it :P.

  12. Even I love to watch movies..and watch everything ..most of the time:)

  13. I love movies too - the tamasha, the drama, the overdone Ma ki mamta and the over the top villians. Complete entertainment!

  14. Hi! Neha,
    Thanks for your views, movies irrespective of their language is capable to give us the maximum entertainment os feel as , i believe its fusion of all arts, be it literature,music,dance,photography,technology what not,when its a slice of life it becomes more heartfelt,referring to superhits did ddlj too failed to interest you. :)

  15. Watching Hindi movies can not be avoided.India lives on Cricket and movies.I love watching them, but the standard has definitely changed over the years.We dont come across classics any more.There can never be another Sholey-Pyaasa etc.
    Frnkly,last 30 mnts of Karthik, I didnt understand, Kaminay I didnt understand. But given another chance, I will see them again---because I love Hindi movies

  16. neha...nice post...I love reading young blogs...give me an insight in people and their thoughts...I found you very truthful and straight ...that's very refreshing in today's world of mask wearers

  17. love to watch movies
    i also like harry potter
    kal ho no ho dont like it much
    if you are saying hera pheri new movie
    i also dont like it much

  18. Yayyyy I love movies tooo. you knwo i got 2 harddisk worth 500GB of movies, wherever i have to go my laptop is with me and I watch movies to get over the journey...

    My first movie as far as i can remember was a english movie.. whcih my Dad took me to see.. I dont remember the name .. I use to be in hostle my dad took me as a treat ..
    Every saturday we were shown a movie on the school projector where the whole school the boarders sat and watched .. planet of apes.. godfather.. rockies.. etc etc .. oh man good old days..

  19. You know me. I have been in and out of your blog.
    I love American action movies and romances too. And I actually enjoy more if a movie can make me cry! Strange eh?

  20. who don't like movies ;) they are anytime better than the woeful 'shaadi' serials on TV!

    I love watching horror.. every sequel that brings in a surprise muses me the most... good exercise for heart too at times :D

  21. I am a movie buff, completely! Anyshow, if it happens in office hours...hahhaa...
    Best use of laptop, watching movies...

    But these days movies arent made worth watching. MNIK, Karthik calling karthik, appreciation for any! I like the DevDs, Gulaals and the likes...

    Watch Cinema paradiso and that too director's cut version. A three hours movie...worth-a-watch!

  22. @ SG, I am too sensitive about movies..people find Indian Horror comedy; and I am damn scared of those..

    @ Nu, muje inorbit me sab log jaante hai :P

    @ Neha, maybe that's because we are namesakes :D

    @ Avada, I do like English movies; but I prefer a hindi movie any day..yeah, I think Hera Pheri is overrated :P

    @ Abhishek, welcome here..thanks

    @ Arjit, welcome here..thank u for ur comments..:)

    @ Parth, welcome here..thank u for your comments..bollywood has always been imitating hollywood movies, western songs etc..they entertain us thts all right..your article was indeed interesting :)

    @ Megha, I can understand re..but why look for story and logic all the time? just be happy with the entertainment part na :)

    @ Insignia, yeah I know your views about our hindi horror movies..I can tolerate any kinda movies :D

    @ Holy Lama, oh yeah..certain scenes play and if you happen to watch them with families, then the embarrassment is - phew!!!

    @ DC, we will for sure enjoy a movie together :D wow, good to know ur friend is like me..feels nice :P

    @ Mahesh, I was to mention Matrix here; but didn't..I don't like it much too..but I understood the movie :P

    @ Harini, oh cool...Zombieland - hmmm, sounds interesting :)

    @ Phoenixritu, welcome here..thank you for your comments..oh yeah, the drama part is ultimate in the movie :)

    @ Samvedana, yeah same with me :)

    @ Abhicareer, welcome here..I will for sure visit your blog :)

    @ RD, welcome back..long time..DDLJ - I don't like it so much :D actually I am not an SRK fan..:P :D

    @ BK Chowla, sholay, pyaasa, waqt, half ticket, guide, chupke chupke, golmaal - to name a few can't get to see such movies..but Kaminey was a very nice movie and I have not seen KCK..

    @ Nalini, thank you for such a wonderful comment and compliment :)

    @ sm, we are so alike when it comes to movie tastes..I am talking about the new hera pheri..the old one is a classic..:)

    @ Bikram, I will come and gha me chori karegi..will steal your hard disks full of movies :P I have seen many movies in college on projector :)

    @ Enigma, welcome here..rather, welcome aboard..thank you for your comments..I don't think you are strange at your movie taste :)

    @ Mohan, oh yeah, they are better than Rahul Mahajan's shadi..horror :-o I am damn scared of those re..

    @ Karan, welcome here..thank you for your comments..I used to do the same thing - watching movies on laptop during office..then I got my own office :( I liked Dev D and not seen Gulaal..I will watch cinema paradiso :)

  23. High five! I'm a movie buff too. Guess you know that already. :)
    But no no no no no no no no....!!! I don't prefer hindi movies to hollywood movies.
    But I don't miss movies like Rann, Rocket Singh, etc.
    At the end of the day, it's Guy Ritchie or Tarantino or Cameron.
    But yes, Slumdog Millionaire sucked big time. :P

  24. good or bad i dunno..but movies r indeed a part of our life...cant fav r comedy and action movies...buddy..nice to c u r enjoying..keep up the cheers ya..

  25. I love most Hindi movies. In 2009, I liked Kaminay, 3 Idiots, Love Aaj Kal.

    Watch Oye Lucky, Dev D...they are good too.

    MNK was annoying. ok.

    Bollywood Movie=All in one=>action, emotion, darama, family and best of all MUSIC