Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Crow Rescue Operation

Certain incidences happen in your life on which you can't help but laugh your heart out.

I guess the first sentence indicates that the post is intended to be a funny one; so please laugh after reading it; as I have somehow developed this complex about me that I am pathetic at writing a humorous post! So pathetic that at the end of my post, I only don't laugh. Hope you have got the hint about how to start the comment for this post.

Before moving on; let me warn you all:

This post is about CROW - the bird. So if you are a crow lover, then please stay away; as the content of this post may offend you.

My Saturday started with the melodious music coming from the fire brigade van siren. We all got a bit worried as it we thought there was some fire broken in our lane. But a few seconds letter, we got really scared as the van stopped right below our building.

Few men in their blue uniform came out rushing with bamboo sticks and ladder in their hands. The sight was too worrisome that we were thinking of grabbing home keys and leaving immediately.

I entered my room to get the keys, and spotted the same bamboo stick right opposite to the window going up above. It stopped at a point around twenty five - thirty feet above the ground and started moving and shaking one of the branches of the massive tree.

And there it was - the Target - CROW. Stuck at the wing in one of such branches trying hard to rescue but not managing to. Other crows were around too; not able to see the pain in their fellow brother's wings.

The image below is supposed to show the crow in trouble; but you can't see it very clearly as I clicked it from my cell phone. The bamboo stick is clearly visible though.

(Click on the image for a better and clearer view)

After almost five minutes struggle between the bamboo stick and the branch, the crow finally broke free and landed slowly on the ground. Those uniform men along with our building watchman rushed to him with a pride on their face, and took him I don't know where; but well, it's a crow. So maybe they left him in some safe corner or took him to the doctor. Any which ways, the operation was a success.

So much for the crow? Phew! I Wish we would care so much for humans and environment too. Not that I have anything against the crow, but people part of the rescue operation were so happy at the end of the whole five minute operation; that it made me really laugh at them.

See I warned you already - crow lovers; stay away!

In the meanwhile, crowd had gathered below the tree. Adults left the moment the crow came down on the ground; but a few school children were too excited to see such a scene for the first time in their lives. But their happiness was short lived. The watchman returned soon and started pushing those kids out of the gate. Poor kids! The expressions on their face clearly said:

Kaash, hum bhi kauve hote!


  1. ka kha ka ...there is neha..catch her...:)

  2. hehe... so much for a crow seriously? Couldnot some one else rescue her like say people living near by?

  3. kauv kauv... kindness strikes people at the time of mishap.

  4. Very humorous post. I am sure Menaka Gandhi will love this.

  5. .....and my next post is going to revolve around Crows and eagle.

  6. oh yes ! I have written about something similar too ! Sometime back. I dont know when...

  7. There was nothing wrong with rescuing the crow...after all it is also a living being.
    I am not a crow lover but i dont have any problem with it.
    Nice post. :)

  8. Maybe it was the firemen's mock drill

  9. reallly...toooooo much 4 the crows.......... :D :D

  10. :)

    I havent seen a crow in like ages :P. You're funny!

  11. You will fall in the list of favourites of Maneka.
    However,I would give credit to those who made efforts to get him off the hook, but credit also goes to those who took the initiative in getting those on the spot.
    Good to see people still concerned and still have a heart.
    Very nice,interesting and funny post.

  12. Neha..this comment is from a six year old kya hua,aakhir kauve bhi to insaan hote hain !!!

    Thanks buddy,this post was something meri phull-phamily enjoyed.Cheers !!

  13. Yes.. Lucky crow..

    Kaash main bhi kauva hota .. to shayad main bhi lucky hota... :)

    a good post neha.. After ages i had a smile, dont know why.. But I did.. Pity Luck does not favour everyone :)

  14. Insaaniyath! :)

    Humanity! :)

    Manushyathwam :) [in malayalam, that is]

  15. @ Ramesh, hey :)

    @ Harini, nobody could rescue the crow as the tree is right in the middle of the compound :)

    @ Rajat, welcome here...yeah true..

    @ SG, you misspelled her is Maneka Gandhi :D

    @ Haddock, looking forward to it..

    @ Kavi, really? I would love to read it if you can help me with the link :)

    @ Nethra, rescuing crow is fine; but how about not treating children well? :)

    @ Holy Lama, hmmm, possible!

    @ Urvashi, yeah :))

    @ Merlin, thanks :D

    @ BK Chowla, thank u for enjoying the post :)

    @ Kavita, lolzzz...Kauve insaan ho sakte hai :D glad your family enjoyed this post :)

    @ Bikram, latke rehna padta..acha hai kauva nahi ho :D glad this post made u smile buddy...keep smiling :)

    @ DC, yeah, humanity indeed :)

  16. Wow!! Its a celebrity crow! A Crow's life!! hmmm...

  17. "So pathetic that at the end of my post, I only don't laugh." I just have to say Do you remember Hansya Kavi Surendra Sharma? Did he ever laugh on his shairis :D....As far as the Crow is concerned I would say "kauye ka life kauno life nahi hai ka" :P