Sunday, March 07, 2010

Does he love me?!?

My first day of hostel; that feeling of anxiety and excitement for shifting in new city all alone. Initially I was a bit scared of the ragging part; but I joined hostel well before others. So the luck was on my side so far. I went inside my room. It was a new room with fresh paint and old cupboards; but far better than expected. I kept my bags aside and decided to grab a bite before unpacking.

I turn towards the door and got stunned as somebody was waiting for me with a killer glare to welcome (?) me. He ran to me in full speed and before I realized anything; I passed out.

I didn't check the time before passing out nor I know for how long I was unconscious; but I got up with a start with a worse fear and the worst imagination - so what if that cockroach crawl on me? Ewwwww, with that feeling of total hatred for my imagination and weak heart for falling prey to that disgusting creature, I ran out of my room without looking back.

That day, I was hundred percent sure that my heart had almost come out of my mouth; but God didn't want my life to end so soon; thus I am still alive. But my fear for cockroaches have grown steadily since then.

I had got really lucky as that was one orphan cockroach in the hostel; otherwise there were thankfully no cockroaches there. My luck even continues at home too as it is a cockroach free zone. But even if I spot one on tv, I change the channel.

Once while surfing the channels, one phone call came; and I got busy talking without paying any attention to which channel was playing then. While talking, I just looked at the tv, and I saw cockroach movie playing on Star Movies. I rushed to the loo and threw up whatever I had eaten for lunch.

The worst thing is that the cockroaches always run behind me as if they are madly in love with me! They scared the hell out of me each time I see them. I maybe their love interest; but I hate them to the core because they scare the s#!& out of me!

The irony of my situation is that I am not at all scared of lizards! Rather, they really amuse me. No wonder I am very fond of Kaddu the blogger. I love her writing style; but the reason I am fond of her was that she used to look quite similar to lizzy. Now "Really, Wow, How, Why" etc. questions I feel you should ask her.

But I guess our love for the lizzy has helped us to become good friends. And I just now got to know that she is scared of cockroaches too. Kya hoga humara. But there is a solution to it - Insignia's chappal. She is an expert at murdering those scariest and disgusting most creatures. As she puts it "Wherever I see them - PHAT" - her chappal does the work.

So now we know who can be mine and Kaddu's greatest and bestest company when we go in that cockroach zone.


  1. Hahahahahahaa!! Its rude to laugh, but I am actually laughing out. You are so scared that you pass out!!!

    I have never been scared of creatures. The only ones whom I am dead scared of are PEOPLE!!

    And you mentioned that my chappals are my weapon!! Partially right.

    But most times, they run away before I get my slippers. So most times, I am not armed. My legs and hands are enough to squash them to death!! :-P

  2. LOL... funny!
    For all those who still fear of the cockroaches, there is a simple solution. Buy 'Boric Oxide' powder which costs just Rs 25/-. Mix it with water to make small balls and place them all over your house where ever you feel the presence of those creatures. just keep watching the dead ones for next two days and there after your home will be cockroach free for atleast a year!

    Don't waste too much of money on 'HIT' which pollutes the air and very less effective compared to this boric oxide :)

  3. Yeahhhh insignia Ki chappal zindabad :)

    You know when I was in hostel in school days, at night in summers , the lizards use to come out and we had those Jaali thing on windows.. Well boys use to get together and try to aim with the compass.. yuck I know he he he he

    I have heard my sister scream, but thankfully I think i am not scared of animals, i have done some wierd things sharks , octopus, dolphins , tigers Anyway

  4. and yeah the answer to your question.. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS he no no I should say THEY LOVE YOU A LOTtttttttttttttttttttt .... :)

  5. Well,
    Come read my latest post, I bet you'll never read my blog again :D
    Cockroaches terrify me too, but usually Dad comes to the rescue !
    And the Cockroach movie is just awesome, I remember seeing it to, but after that, you know what, I felt nauseated too :)

    Good post :)


  6. Hehehehe....that was a funny post.
    Am scared of cockroaches too! In my hostel,only one amongst we four roomies has the guts to actually kill it....the scared ones(including me) rush out of our room whenever a cockroach drops in to say Hi :P

  7. I am like insignia i guess. I dont hate them. Me being a bio student have actually dissected them a thousand times. I am scared of the lizard very very very scared yeah i had dissected something similar to lizard but not lizard. I would faint.

  8. Be eco and let live the poor roached..what have they done to you...look them in the eye...and your heart will beat for those poor souls...

  9. I never really got as to why would such BIG HUGE human beings would ever be scared of SMALL insects? :S


  10. am not scared but repulsed...they smell awful and my nose is ultrasensitive!!!

  11. Try to get into Limca Book of Records. Girl loved by cockroaches:)

  12. You have a soul mate in me on this subject. Gotta tell you this story-my daughter was 8 years old with long curly hair and a scary cockroach actually flew into her hair and couldn't get out. Okay, you now have two soul mates in this house...this kind of story is what psychiatry thrives on.

  13. When they show in the movies heroines always scared of cockroaches, I thought they are just exaggeration, but now I know that they were true:)...I am scared of reptiles..

  14. Hahaha..nice nice..nice..
    this one is hilarious
    loved it

  15. LOL.. that was funny..I opened this post thinkin it s gonna be a real romantic story.. :P atlast a cockroach fell in love with u ;-) hehe..It s time u start cleanin u r home!:)

  16. I am not scared of cockroaches.I can't stand them.
    I try and finish them with whatever, be a Chappal or any WEAPON, I dont wait to finish them.

  17. I don't believe that lizards amuse you :( Gosh how neha ? I'm so scared of the creature..bahh !

    Cockroach..don't even ask me..i hate all creatures like these :(

    but see that cockroach got you a post idea ;)

  18. I thought you'd talk of some nice cute guy you met on your first day in hostel; but then alas, it was a cockroach! But yes, I share this one with you! This morning, I spotted one in my room, actually following me in all directions... and without wasting a second, I grabbed Baygon, sprayed around, locked my home and left!!!

    This was a nice, refreshing and hilarious post!

  19. gosh you actually threw up because of a roach :P lolzzz
    roaches do love you it seems :P

  20. I think whatever you resist, persists. Nice one, Neha. Happy Women's Day.

  21. That was hilarious. I don't fear cockroaches but hate them. I too kill them whenever I see one. :P
    Even I did watch that cockroaches movie. It was very gross. :-/
    Anyways, nice post! :)

  22. lol
    very good narration and funny story with reality bites

    yes chappal works on animals as well as human animals.

  23. Hilarious post. Funny you wrote a post on cockroaches now. Only 3 weeks ago, I was reading a humorous article where several people answered why they killed a cockroach. Some of the answers are:

    1. It was an accident. He walked under my shoe. (No this was not from Insignia)

    2. Because I don't like it moving when I chew it.

    3. Because he ate my dinner 3 days in a row.

    4. The voices told me to do it. Sorry.

    5. He was "feeling" me.

  24. hilarious..
    but, unable to understand why one should be afraid of cockroaches?
    anyway that depends on a person..

  25. Very Hilarious! I always enjoy your posts..Keep writing...I have not that much of experience with cockroaches, but yes I hate creepy things and insects!!

  26. Don't mind, but it was fun reading through :) I could almost see you running and shouting madly trying to get rid of your lover. And, you are the first lady who's telling that another lady [Insignia] can kill your lover with pride! :)

    Wednesday Wallpaper - 4 Black-Winged Stilts

  27. hahah i liked neha's comment-I never really got as to why would such BIG HUGE human beings would ever be scared of SMALL insects? hey neha ( i mean lawyer neha-celebrity blogger of mumbai) let's put some insect in that neha's pocket ya...lets watch the fun...

  28. You pass out after seeing a cockroach?? lol... :D that's fun. I'd give anything in the world to see that. :P
    By the way, the title of this post amused me. Does "HE" love me? :D :D :D :D :D :P

  29. LOL!

    This is the only post I read , I came here through Bik's blog!
    Your narration is good!!

  30. I hate them,i scream my heart out if i see them,i know which movie you are talking about(it was the yuckiest movie ever made ),i understand you completely when you say that you puked .I am very scared of them ,if few of them and me are the only living beings in a room...i can die of a heart attack...breathe,breathe,huff ,huff,pant ,pant.This Insigna woman is a brave one ya.....we need to learn her combat skills.

    I think this one sided love affair must end .

  31. Me 2... particularly the flying variety!

  32. Hahaha :)) Even I was soooo scared of cockroaches girl that mom was the official cockroach hunter at home :) But later on, I stayed in a house full of scorpions and I began hunting scorpions :D Imagine that! cockroaches are nothing in front of these devils. Read my post on them:

  33. And here I was, expecting love and mush and flowers and what not....

    Funny! :D

  34. @ Insignia, yeah yeah, laugh..I have passed out twice so far..people to I am also scared of; but not fainted so far after seeing them..lovely hands and legs you have got :P

    @ Mohan, watta tip..the day I have cockroaches at my place, I will use this :)

    @ Bikram, aiming the lizard with a compass? have indeed done weird things..I know they really love me :(

    @ Anu, I was lucky to have a cockroach-free hostel :)

    @ Pawan, thanks for the warning :P

    @ Harini, thank god I was not a bio student..

    @ Gyanban, I should be alive to look in their eyes...I am sure human lives are more important than theirs :)

    @ Neha, I am dead scared of them :-S

    @ Nalini, ewww, poor u..

    @ Holy Lama, oh yeah..nice idea :P

    @ Sharmila, baap re..I can imagine what you must have gone through..I would have for sure died..

    @ Samvedana, it's all true :(

    @ Sorcerer, thanks..

    @ Benny, I don't have cockroaches at home; if there were, then I could have written 100 posts on them :(

    @ BK Chowla, they are gross..

    @ Nu, lizards - they are interesting re :P

    @ Neha, read my earlier post on a cute guy staying opposite to my hostel :D

    @ Rajlakshmi, yeah they love me :(

    @ NSIyer, thank u sir :)

    @ Netra, welcome here..thank u for your are brave, girl..

    @ sm, lol at your comment :D

    @ SG, ewwww, those were gross replies :-S people come up with such weird excuses all the time..

    @ Sundeep, welcome here..I am dead scared of them..

    @ Megha, thanks re.. your comment made my day :)

    @ Bhavesh, hahahaha..I didn't think of that angle :P

    @ Ramesh, oh yeah let's try that :D

    @ Karthik, mean :-S but glad u liked the title :P

    @ Raj, welcome here..thank u for ur comments..glad u liked the post :)

    @ Kavita, love you buddy :) you truly understand me re...thank u dost :)))

    @ Dewdrop, welcome here..oh I agree re..

    @ Avada, bravo....I will read that post :)

    @ DC, hahahaha :P

  35. I think it's normal not to like roaches but to pass out just seeing them is not. you have to conquer that fear..

    try spraying strong laundry soap suds at this little monster cockroach..and watch it do a breakdance for a few seconds and then die. you are lot bigger than this roach and most certain, the roach's fear of you is faR more intense than your fear of it.

    and one more thing..get a sprayer full of strong solution of laundry soap suds...the cockroach may survive a nuclear bomb but not this one.

    have a nice day!

  36. Nice pic :). The cockroach looks so handsome and you look so pretty!

  37. Never post your weaknesses in your blog lest someone might misuse. Imagine, if you had posting this post the other day this incident took place.... Ragging would have been easier for your seniors! LOL
    Just kidding...

    Keep away from them... :-)
    Good Post!

  38. Oh! They follow all their victims then, do they? Disgusting creatures! I remember the last time I visited my relatives in Guwahati... we were going out for dinner, were waiting by the car for my aunt & niece... and this H-U-G-E cockroach decided to make me his prey! Oh I tried so hard to shake him off my trail... dodged left, then right... went around in circles... but the damn thing just won't leave me alone! He was actually S-T-A-L-K-I-N-G me! I didn't pass out though, but my aunt was able to hear my screams right till the 3rd floor! Phewwww!

    My funda in life is very straightforward for all creatures... "you stay in your space, and leave my space alone!" That's all. I don't enter their territory, and I expect them to show the same respect to my area.

    And no Gyanban... I can't look them in the eye... 'coz I can't get past their sinister "feelers" when I look at them! Creeeeeepy...

  39. Wow!! The post title made me think otherwise but after reading I could relate with the picture.
    Nice "trio" working on the poor creatures.Guess, love follows you irrespective of the place and time.