Thursday, March 13, 2014

Some thoughts here and there

Things haven't been so good recently. They haven't been so bad either that I have to sit in a corner and cry my heart out. No things are never that bad. If you can control them. It feels weird when there is no motivation to write. I travelled for more than a month to some place or the other, there are so many stories to be told, but there is no motivation to pen them down. Or a theme. Or a background music.

You realise how fortunate you have been when you meet people less fortunate than you. Some realisations hit you so hard that at some point, you are ready to share your luck, trade it, or even part with it completely. One of such realisations is loneliness. I'm yet to meet someone who is totally and completely happy in their loneliness. I don't think I will even meet them as they wouldn't want to meet anyone. They have found their happy space. And they are living there.

Travelling helps you understand yourself. It makes you aware about the various personalities living within you. These personalities complete you. At the same time they leave you incomplete. They leave you in a void. This emptiness screeches inside you. It echoes your fears. You are scared. You try to run away. But it remains with you, as it's a part of you.

Yes travel. Yes I digress. Because mind is not at peace. It has to empty the content that's bothering it. But it's not easy to keep quiet and yet talk. I have been trying to master the art of being brave. I have succeeded too, to an extent. But I still keep failing. And falling. And getting up again. To fail again. To fall again. It's a battle to survive. It's a battle with your own mind. And self. You have got to save your heart. And soul.

Goal is peace. Goal is happiness. Goal is to feel content. Goal is to save confidence, real self, vulnerability, words. Goal is to save you by destroying you. Goal is you.


  1. You echo my thoughts : )

    Brilliant post!

  2. I wanna travel too. It's an expensive indulgence though.


    Do drop by.

  3. This post doesnt seem to be about travel.It isnt about lonliness.
    I like it when you say Goal is about you.Yes,life is all about this.