Saturday, March 01, 2014

Life like that

I always wonder - what people do in their free time? I'm not talking about a holiday or a vacation. I'm talking about the time when you suddenly become jobless. Or bedridden. Yes I sound so positive early morning. That's my superpower. But yes, I keep thinking about this. What if you suddenly realise that you don't have to do anything anymore. Rather, you are unable to anything anymore. What will you do then? 

We end up cribbing about so many situation without even once realising what will happen if we don't have that situation, and anything related to that. A bad situation is a flip side of a situation you were expecting to happen. Things just turned out otherwise. But imagine your life without that situation. Doesn't it seem empty? Almost pointless? 

We often neglect what we have and concentrate on what we don't or ought to have. Yes, this has been said before. A lot of times. By some really learned and intelligent people. But life experiences make you pen these things down yet again. Especially when you have reached really early for your flight and don't really have anything to do apart from thinking. And writing. One such incident made me think about the value of the things we have, yet don't appreciate as much. 

Since I was travelling today, I thought to take a break from class to finish the pending work. Due to some technical fault, there was a power failure. Since Bombay power failures don't last longer than 10 minutes, we weren't worried. I called up the power suppliers and realised it would take a few hours for power restoration. I had to arrange for some permits and reports, did running around till 11 pm and got it restored.

I had become so dependent on this convenient life. I was brought up in a small town. To me, power failure was as normal as eating food. We faced it for a few hours everyday. Things changed there. From everyday, they started having one entire day of power failure and remaining days there was a continuous power supply. From there, I came to Bombay where power failure was as rare as an earthquake. Rarely ever we faced it. Yesterday was one such day. I realised how snappy I was. How rude I was to the customer care executives who couldn't have done anything anyway. But I still kept blaming them and yelling at them for not considering our case a priority. My major concern was my niece, but I should have known that yelling wouldn't have helped me either. 

After the power was restored, I couldn't do any work. I was too tired. I woke up early to catch a morning fight. Newspaper headlines was about a building catching fire due to the same technical failure. Ours was the only case, their entire building faced this. And there was a death too. Of a senior citizen. Of my father's age. And it hit me. We were really fortunate yesterday to not have suffered such damages. Or loss. 

Yes life is mostly nice to us. And not as unfair as we think it is. There are worse problems and graver issues. We are yet to fully appreciate what we have. It could have been worse, but it is not. We should be thankful about that. 


  1. I guess, we all realize this sometime or the other, but then, the next moment, we are back to being ourselves, self-occupied and disconnected from the rest.

  2. life is beautiful if, we think so...........

  3. Neha, you have silently covered a spectrum of issues.
    Life is all of the haves and the have nots.That is life.

  4. Interval ke baad bore lagne wali hit film jaisa hai , surwat achchi thi baad me electricity ne gadbad kardi, But very nice blog keep writing , I learn how to wight blogs from you

  5. There is always inequity in life. Some people complain about power cut. Some do not even have electric connection in the place where they live. Some men are stationed on the Pakistan border and China border. Some other men are stationed in Wellington in Tamil Nadu (near Ooty). Life is unfair.

  6. Maybe coincidence but this is the second post I am reading today about how life isn't that unfair. I am going through times when tension is high and solutions, not too many... somehow I am feeling good today :)