Saturday, July 20, 2013

Silence after the storm

There is silence after the storm too. And that's exactly what my blog is experiencing right now. Last week one post went viral on the internet. That resulted into a lot of page views, comments, followers and e-mails. Sadly this came at the wrong time, when I was really busy. Nevertheless, I did read all the comments, replied to a few mails. And like everything else, this too died down. Now the blog is back to normal. Well almost.

I'm was in Delhi last week, enjoying the summers there. It's just so hot and sunny all the time that you feel like staying outdoors. No really. After experiencing Bombay monsoon, any other season is a good season. Flight passed through the storm which was not too bad. After spending two whole days in floods kind of a situation and not so smooth flight, sunlight was a huge relief.

During my stay there, my timeline had some 'Rains in Delhi' updates. Erm, it was just drizzling, but well just like how we Bombay people exaggerate our so called winters, Delhi people talk about monsoon. One thing is there, the more I visit the city, the more I like it. Though I'm scared all the time when I step out. I prefer to roam around in cabs/car, which I wouldn't do if I'm in Bombay. I travel alone at 1 am here, which I cannot even dream of doing there. 

But still there is something about the city that makes you like it. Maybe it's the wide roads, or lush green surroundings, or probably the lack of numerous skyscrapers - it's a good city despite of having some flaws, like any other place. It's amusing how drivers drive on the wrong side of the road just to avoid taking a long ride for the next U turn and nobody bothers to stop them, how people overtake without bothering about their vehicle or life, still it accepts you like you belong there.

And yet it doesn't entirely feel home. I have plenty of friends there, but I feel lonely after a couple of days. Maybe because I'm not familiar with the city, or maybe because I don't feel secure there; it just doesn't feel like the kind of city I can live in. But it's definitely a city I can stay in after Bombay and probably Pune.

I ask this question to myself a lot of time - where do I really want to settle down? I was brought up in a small town before shifting to Bombay. I wasn't a fan of a slow small town life, but at that time I hated Bombay whenever I visited it. It was way too crowded. And noisy. Then I shifted here. All alone. And the city accepted me as if I always belonged there. It taught me its way of living, its roads and directions, its good and bad parts - everything.

I have seen and lived life here. The city knows me, but I'm yet to know it completely. It will take me lifetime to get to know it, and still it will not be enough. And I'm glad about it.

PS: As always, ignore the header.


  1. It's good to read that you had some good time in Delhi. Personally, I love driving on those wide roads with lush green surroundings. You'll really like the city if you have some of your folks there, otherwise any city is a stranger city in the first instance. Hope you find silence now that you're back home. A.

  2. And then you'll come to Calcutta, it's like no other- you'll be totally confused but cannot help but like it. =)

  3. I have lived almost equal number of years in Bombay and Delhi----well,both have a character of their own.Driving rash,driving on the wrong side,just being loud for no reasons is a typical Punjabi character.

  4. Hi Neha, Delhi is very good city and its very acceptable. Like mumbai it never says No to ppl from UP or Bihar. It has equal opportunity for all. States like haryana,up and rajasthan are getting benefit because of sharing border with Delhi.People may be good or bad in comparison to Mumbai. But they accept it.

    You will also find Delhi quite open and ppl speak from heart.Visit old delhi for getting some feel specially the chandai chauk area.

    Regarding your blog's title:-- I will suggest you to take your fans(who are replying or commenting you serously). Write good and open as you have done. The reason your blog got so many comments was only because it was open and straight from heart which is rare in India.Indian girls will never share the same that you have shared but still you have to go far and you need to learn. I will just say respect your fans and treat this blog as a indication that you can write good in future and you can deliver quality. Dont let this storm in the direction of silence.Enough "Gyan" but saw your attitude and like it but be cautious as you have to go FAR.