Sunday, July 07, 2013

Life and Travel

Last month was spent travelling. I explored some new places within India - the places I had never imagined to be this beautiful. And untouched. Probably that's why they were so beautiful. You are travelling on random roads. You just take an unknown turn and keep going. There is no mobile network, awesome music is playing, it drizzles on and off, you pass by small villages, see local people going about their business, they wave at you when you pass by, or just find a small hill and sit there for hours, wishing that the time would stop right there.

These places were far far away from the main city. Or even the market. There was nothing available for about 30 to 40 kms from these towns. Wonder how these people would be surviving every day, for there is nothing around them. Not even a proper mode of transport - public or otherwise. Just their huts, a few people and empty land. It looked beautiful as it's monsoon, but I doubt that it would be as pretty during other seasons too. It would be brown and dead looking. You have 2-3 huts every at the distance of every five kms. But it was still like the best the life one could expect. So simple and so peaceful.

I was almost jealous of them. Almost. It would be amazing to have such a disconnected life. Forget mobile phones, they don't even have electricity in most of the houses. You live amidst the hills, water streams (at least during monsoons) and lush green surroundings. Things you call luxuries won't be available or for that matter required there. You have to walk mile/s just to reach home from the main road - a single lane road.

After seeing such a life, and those simple faces, it takes some time to come back to your normal life and be happy. Forget the life, even those trips were priceless. You neither want the journey to end, nor want the season to change nor want to come back to this life. It's as if you are in a different world altogether. It's like being transported to some other world, and yet it's real.

I didn't want to come back to be honest, but still I had to. Now the normal life has started. The same old routine. And some major changes are waiting to take place. Or maybe nothing will change. It will just pass. Just like everything else.


  1. It could be a life time experience.Iwent to Garwahal hills last year for a week.It was out of this world.
    But,one had to get back for Rozi- Roti

  2. Unwinding once in a while is welcoming. But you know what Neha, we are so wired up to this chaotic busy life. Though I say I would so love to spend my time in a remote place which is serene; after few days; I think I will start missing the normal life. We are so wired

  3. I can relate to this. I have seen this kind of simplistic living on the hills in Himachal and Kashmir. The children walk 3-4 kms daily (one way) to reach their school. They live in complete isolation though amidst breathtakingly beautiful nature. While we may envy their beautiful land and simple living but guess, it might be tough to live there considering we are so used to our lifestyles and comforts.

  4. You have said it right "but I doubt that it would be as pretty during other seasons too. "
    They solely depend on the monsoon and if it never happens they are left high and dry.
    It is nice to explore such places, just go on driving without any plans.

  5. You can experience that. Just keep your mobile phone, laptop and television off for two complete day, you will feel transformed after two days. Suddenly you will find all the time in the world to have evening walk, pick up half left read book or just sing your fav song! When did you sing your fav song for the last time? :)