Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Simple times

November was one crazy and busy month. Work, lectures, travel and everything. Now trying to rest as much as possible as I am really tired. When you are outstation, you do not realize the amount of stress you take. But once you are back home, in your space, you realize how tired you feel.

And there is a reason for it: I was supposed to reach home on 29th November, but thanks to Air India (I didn't have any other option but to fly that airlines), it took me 17 hours to reach home instead of 6! I spent 14 hours at the airport. And that was too stressful. But I met a couple of Canadians at the airport, thus didn't realize much how the time passed by at Amritsar Airport that has just a small food stall and nothing else. From Delhi to Bombay flight was from the International Airport, thus it was not too difficult to pass my time there too.

Instead of reaching home at 8 pm, I reached at 9 am the next day. Unlike my few friends, I am not scared of flights, thus the travel time went in taking well deserved naps. I was so tired that I vaguely remember what I ate in the flight and went back to sleep immediately after having tea. I WAS tired.

After the trip, it's been even more hectic. Work back here has piled up, health has not been so good thanks to the extreme climate changes. Not that I am unwell, I just feel exhausted too soon, and which is not good for the workaholic me.

At such times when you look back and think about life, the simpler life that you lived more than a decade ago, you feel happy remembering that, but sad too as you cannot live that anymore. I was sitting outside a movie theatre yesterday. In front of me, there was a group of four girls. They would not be older than 14. Each of them were carrying a 10 Rs note. They bought one burger from Mcdonalds and four of them shared it. They were happy and content after eating that.

Immediately after that I went for a quick meal with a friend. I had Lasagna and some wine there. And we were talking mainly about work. It was a very delicious meal, but I was not as happy and content as those girls. I didn't have friends snatching away the fork and finishing that plate within five minutes as if the food will disappear if not eaten really fast.

Fancy life, easy life, convenient life - that's how it is now. But somewhere in my heart I miss that simple, mobile phone free, internet free life. 

PS: I clicked the picture of those girls, but then thought against posting it. I am too popular you see. I don't want people to recognize them and they in return wanting to sue me for this.


  1. You have said it right: Fancy life, easy life, convenient life - that's how it is now.
    The simple life earlier sans gadgets was better.

  2. The bane of umpteen choices and things easily at disposal. We can choose what we want though.

  3. cool ....i am really bother abt the flight delays :)

  4. There comes a day when you realise.. that nothing will beat the chuckles of childhood,simple alphabets of languages and crushes,carefree teenage life and money-from-daddy on special occasions :)

  5. Those were the days indeed! Can't believe we traded the life of simple joys with this hectic have-it-all life! And I feel sorry for kids these days, where they are bound within 4 walls at most times, with study, computer, keyboard lessons and no time for anything else!

  6. Delayed flights bother me not as much but, I am scared in one..one turbulances and I have had it.
    Hope you enjoyed Amritsar food and hospitality.

  7. Airports seem like everyone in that city lives there. And whattay rhetoric post. lallu bana rahe ho sabko. Internet nahi hota to ye sab bhadaas kaha nikalte?

  8. Waiting to read your travelogue and see the pictures. Lasagna with wine? That is cool. You made the right decision in not publishing the picture of those girls.

  9. Twitpic or it didnt happen