Monday, December 31, 2012

'Like' effects

These days we are so much dependent on social networking sites that it's very difficult for us to imagine a life without them. Life still looks better for people born before mid 80s, but the generation after that has been brought up with such things around them.

These days, wherever I go, I see people posing for pictures, get at least 100 clicked so that they have at least 30 odd pictures to upload on facebook. They want maximum likes on their pictures. The same gang will only comment on those pictures. They will discuss what they were doing when the picture was clicked, laugh, comment and be happy.
Next outing, repeat the same thing again.

Come to think of it, have you really enjoyed the place or shared enough laughs there? Or were you busy smiling and getting yourself clicked drinking, smoking, sticking your tongue out and making funny faces? That's fun too, but doing only that every time is a bit too much.

I am blessed with such friends too. But not all of them are like that thankfully. Some gatherings are full of pictures while during others we don't even remember that we should be clicking pictures. Yes pictures are memories, but what's the point of not creating the memory because you want to capture one?

I have nothing against those who upload each and every picture on facebook. I just don't believe in that concept anymore. Number of likes on a picture doesn't change my life in any manner (even though I get plenty of them), I like to change my pictures often as I get bored of my own face in same set up. 

Anyway to each one's own. The year ends, and the new one begins in a few hours. No I don't have/keep any resolutions. I am happy with my usual boring life. A lot happened in the last two months though, many things worth writing about, many things I felt strong for, I felt angry about and I was happy about. But I will write about some of them. Hope you have a good year ahead. Come to think of it, all the years are the same, right? To me at least.

Happy new year!


  1. Neha,

    As you say to each his or her way. I am not on FB so can not say much except that one should never be addicted to anything. Enjoy but never let anything be master. Hope next year is SAFE for everyone.

    Take care

  2. Happy New Year! Keep Smiling!

    if it counts.

  3. i completely agree with you, these days all that matters is how many pictures you take when you meet your friends.. and sometimes you dont even get to talk peacefully with that friend.

  4. Personally,I am not in favour of each and every picture being posted on social media.There are certain pictures,certain info which is just too personal

  5. Yes, very true. For those born before mid '80s enjoyed the real togetherness. Getting "Likes" in social media becomes competitive now.

    While reading your post, I recollects a saying "Life was easier when Apple, Berries were just fruits"

  6. Our next generation will say the same things about us!