Saturday, November 17, 2012

White collar terrorists

Can you ever imagine a standstill Bombay? If not then visit this city when something happens in the Thackeray family. Bala Saheb Thackeray has not been keeping too well. He was on life support system. When the news channel flashed that he was critical, riots started in various parts of Bombay. In my area, most of the shops were shut down yesterday, only the medical stores were open (thankfully), there were fewer vehicles on the road, not much traffic.

That was not all, Shiv Sainiks visited restaurants and theatres and asked people to vacate those places as their leader was fighting for his life. How could people enjoy normally? How could they smile when Bala Saheb was struggling for each breath? Thankfully he is out of danger now and stable. I dread the day he dies. Looking at Bombay's state when he was critical, I won't be surprised if they declare a Bombay Bandh for 15 days when he dies.

What I fail to see is, why should others stop celebrating when one leader is ill? Shouldn't it be a personal choice? Some people have a problem when younger generation celebrates Valentine's day, they have a problem when you are out on Diwali day, enjoying a quiet dinner with family. How should Bombay people function then? We are more scared of our political leaders than the terrorists. I make my plans after watching the news, and I am sure most of the Bombayites do the same.

It's a sad state that we live under fear all the time - fear of life, fear of death, fear of attack, fear of natural calamity, fear of humans and gods. And we still step out of home and call it spirit of Mumbai or whatever it is called these days. Because we have to survive. Just to get beaten up by one of those nutters who is hitting people as they stepped out on the day their leader was hospitalized, or their auto was stopped and autowala was fined as that leader sneezed thrice! And we live in a democracy.

I have always been proud of my city. Even post terror attack, or train bomb blasts, people resumed their normal lives in no time. Yes there was anger even then, but how pathetic and sad it is when you feel terrorised by your own people. It's not just sad or pathetic, it's suffocating. It makes you hate the best city you have lived in so far. There is no hope for improvement. One mafia goes, another one comes to rule. Children, nephews, grandchildren - everyone knows and wants to enter politics. And spread terror. They are white collar terrorists. They terrorise people and are still respected and followed. And they still get elected, again and again.

I hope they remain immortal and healthy forever. That's the only way we can live peacefully.

PS: Hope they don't kill me because I called them white collar terrorists and not saffron collar terrorists.


  1. You have no idea how much I am looking forward to the 15 days bandh :P

  2. Forced respect. Although, i have no problem with people (read sainiks) closing their shops voluntarily, no one should be forced.

  3. Thoughts of Most of us... Best we could do "Make Jokes"; you nailed it

  4. May be you forgot the line up of film stars at his door step to score brownie points.
    Is there any explaination as to why are these high profile stars wanting to meet someone who is on life support systems? Did anyone meet him pesrsonally? Perhaps not

    Did you say,living in fear????

  5. Oh god, now they are going to have your blog shut down! You are going to famous, Nehaaaaa!!! :D

  6. He died a few minutes ago! So what's the status of Mumbai now??
    Just read a update on FB, "Why RIP for BT when he never LIP ?(Lived in Peace)!!

  7. I deleted one comment by mistake. Jack's comment is:


    I could not have put the sad situation any better than you did. Absolutely sad state of affairs. We, the people, are held to ransom by such self appointed guardians of customs. I am sure Lord Shiv must be feeling unhappy at the use of His name. Now that he is no more, I hope that Mumbai does not face break down of everything. Wish you all the best but please do take care of your protection.

    Take care

  8. Ah, its Ok. Democracy evolves with time, and ours will take some more time - and compared to rest of Asia, we are still much better off. At least we can crib about it :)