Saturday, November 03, 2012

Strange people!

I do not remember the last time I opened "New Post" page, and that's saying something. As usual, busy times, crazy work and party schedule all the time, and I have been helping a few people start a blog. Thus, I have not been finding any time to blog. Talking about irony!

A lot has been happening on personal and professional front, but nothing significantly new that requires blogging. Nor have I felt like writing anything even though so many things happened which could have been blog worthy, but since they were not happening in my life, I didn't bother to write about them.

Every now and then I am reading about more and more cases of Domestic Violence. A little known fact is that most of the people think that it is limited to husband beating up his wife, but it also includes any physical harm by anyone who is family.

With digital media evolving, way too many social networking sites are around. And most of the people who have internet access are on almost all these sites. And once you are there, you kind of get an idea about what's happening around you even before others get to know. People share news and views from around the world, post interesting links and exchange information. But the same platform is abused too.

Not the first time that I have witnessed such an episode, but it surprises me every time I come across it. Girls blog/tweet about how their guys physically abused them. They even mention about how they were beaten up, what did that guy do exactly, how they wanted to file a complaint but couldn't and such things. What I fail to see is what's the need of going public about your sufferings? Before social networking sites too, people faced these problems and dealt with them accordingly; then why the sudden need of going public about the whole issue?

No I am not against going public about it, but do it only after you are over and done with that. After you have taken an action against the person doing so. And if you have not taken any action, then explain/mention why you didn't do so. Come out with the whole truth, mention all the important aspects of the situation instead of posting stuff that will gain you sympathy from others.

It's too easy to sit and enjoy the show, to come across as a victim, to have people around you standing with a box of tissues; but difficult part is to take an action. It requires guts to mention the wrong doer's name (who usually happens to be the husband) in front of the police due to society and family pressure.

And not all men are the same. It's funny to the extent of being utterly foolish when you blame the whole species for an act of one man. Yes, many are losers, but not all of them. 

It's a matter of time before the law officially passes about making social sites content admissible as evidence in the court of Law. Not that they don't consider that right now, but IT Act is yet to incorporate facebook/twitter/linkedin to the list. I won't be surprised if the next amendment has a clause specifically about social networking sites.

So, on the scale of one to Neha, how angry and frustrated are you right now?

PS: Ignore the header. It's there just because I didn't want to have a funny URL for the post.


  1. PS: Ignore the header. It's there just because I didn't want to have a funny URL for the post.

    :) hilerious. :)

  2. I read about the tweets and the blog post in question and the subsequent outrage on Facebook too and was surprised to see somebody say, 'let's spread this'!! Now, all this was yesterday, I dont know what's this spreading has done to the lady and the husband Today!! :|

  3. Yap,even I have read this particular post

  4. Neha,

    Domestic violence is not just physical but can be emotional or mental torture also. I always advocate that this should never be tolerated no matter what the reasons be because if one does it then the culprit is emboldened. It is an individual's choice to share it on social network but that should then lead to action to put an end to it.

    Take care

  5. People use social sites way too much for this kind of publishing! Well said, they should be working on solving it than begging for sympathy. There are some, who rants about their love life on facebook and twitter,about their fights, insult their partners and let the whole world know about their problems and break up! It's not something nice to hear, and it gets annoying when it goes on repeat.

    It's been a while since I've read your blog! Been away, miss reading your stuffs! :) have a good day

  6. Good post, Neha! I agree with you, it's something these women need to think about. Posting a status is easier than taking action.

  7. Come Dec 14th I'm getting you a Batman suit.