Thursday, November 24, 2011

Typo story

So many of my posts are a result of conversations I have with people around me. A few people I love to talk to are not in the same town as me. Thus the only contact point is messengers and/or e-mails. I remember those days when I used to share an e-mail thread of 100 + mails with a few people within a span of an hour. Yes, there is always an option of calling up, but e-mailing has its own charm. And no it's not boring or pathetic if you really love the person.

And so the story starts. Now, people around me are amazing, that goes without saying. But they are mere mortals after all. And they make a lot of mistakes while typing. A few mistakes can easily be overlooked, but when one makes more typos than the actual sentence, you can be sure that it is written by Guria.

Now a days, she blames it on auto-correct. Yeah yeah, I believe her. Her each typo is epic. It makes me laugh like crazy for sure. While she apologizes for the typo, she makes a couple of more of them. Ah, she is mad.

Funnier thing is, she makes typos even when she types out an emoticon. Every single time. She gets it right in third of fourth attempt. Just to cover it all up, she starts praising me as she knows that's the best way to embarrass me. Kids will be kids.

And now I know I shall be murdered for this post. But I solemnly swear that each word of this post is true. And it was long overdue as well as I had told her more than a month back that I'd blog about this. The busy me and lazy me never got to write this one.

And finally I take a break, after almost a year. After a very refreshing trip to MP last year, this year I go to another beautiful destination. I shall blog about it if I have the patience and interest, otherwise see you soon with yet another rant.


  1. Guria and typos????
    You have a great refreshing and rejuvenating trip.
    Take care! :)

  2. Autocorrect really makes trouble while typing names of people or places. I have made a lot of mistakes in emails typed in my mobile

  3. I write about reasons to take a trip and you already take one. Well, Guria will get you once you are back;/

  4. We used to do that chain mail thingy, and once, Google blocked my mail for sending more than 500 mails in a day.

    Typos: Yeah, Autocorrect sometimes messes up things.

  5. Auto correct actually makes its tougher. Trust me it doesnt help you.

    I have quoted this incident already in one of my post. A guy sent an email and he used auto correct for a mistake. He trusted it so much that he didnt proof read. Guess what it was?

    MATING starts in 5 mins in :P

    PS : WV is bilinoll...:-/

  6. ROFL at Insignia's comment .
    Neha have a happy trip .

  7. Off on a trip! How nice!

    Lol...guess what, I just typed out mice instead of nice...:D

  8. Have a wonderful safe adventurous trip !!


  9. It helps and is advisable to take few days off and travel to newer destinations.
    Is it Norththis time around?

  10. Neha,

    Please do give my love to Guria as she made you write this. Have a enjoyable trip and do not only write but share photographs also.

    Take care