Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beauty of thoughts

It's one of those days when you are itching to write something. Words are beautiful. They can express your heart, your mind, your soul. They have the power to hurt you, to make you smile. They have the power to possess you as well as to destroy you, they can make you and break you at the same time. They flow naturally sometimes; at the same time, they can make you chase them to find the correct ones.

Each one of us creates stories in mind. For every situation we face. Especially while sitting idle, while travelling. Even while reading, the mind wanders. It creates stories on paper, it writes them, and erases them. Each time, the mind creates a new world for you - a perfect one. Things work as they are written. There are no surprises, only happy instances. No sorrows, no pain, no grief. Just a happy journey lasting for a few moments. A scene you can die for, a moment you can wait for your entire life. It looks so beautiful, surreal and pure, perfect beyond any perfectness.

Words have magic. Words have feelings. They can breathe. They have a heart that beats. You can hear them breathing if you listen to them carefully. You can feel them casting their spell on you. You can't help but fall in love with this magic. There is an invisible cord that pulls you closer each time you read and feel them.

Have you ever felt the words? Reading a book for the first time, and reading the same one 10th or 20th time - the feeling is different. Each word feels like a verse on those tattered yellow pages. The fading title resonates with your own life. This be the same book that grew up with you and grew old with you. Its pale skin reminds you of its loyalty towards you. It is almost worn out, but it has retained its magic as yet. Howard Roark is still the guy you desire and you have a passion for, John Galt is still a mystery which is too good to be true. Atticus Finch is the hero we need right now.

These books talk to you. They answer your questions. They become your companion in loneliness. They absorb your tears and don't complain. They love you back - more than you love them. They stay locked for months and years, see you getting close to other books. They age in depression. You can smell their sadness when you open them, you can see the patches of their dried tears on the otherwise crisp white paper. They have lost their youth behind waiting for you, but still embrace you without complaining.

They stare at you when you are lost in your scotch and forget to acknowledge them. They stay close to your heart when you hug the sleep, they will fall hard on the floor and don't move until you pick them up and lock them once again. They keep ageing, tattering, shedding tears, waiting for you to acknowledge them.

It's all about words at the end. Words written on them complete them. Words written by you in your mind define you. Each time you write a line, you change. And your words accept you. It's a power to create this world in your mind. It's a power to create such thoughts. And this power is addictive. It takes you everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

And this power is beautiful..


  1. Wow! really! ethereal beauty - your words describing words

    A passionate post after a long time :)

  2. Terrific w o r d s .. u r suchaa bard..

  3. yeah,.... words through an insight into the writer's mind.. his life and his journey :)

    Weakest LINK

  4. lovely doubt words are powerful!!

  5. Absolutely.
    Words are magic and the best form of expression.

  6. Wow ! nice ! One of your best. Quite liked it !

  7. I am a lover/fan of words and your passionate post brings about a magical feeling of thoughts and words that every blogger/writer would relate to.. Loved this post so very much!!! :)

  8. very own feeling..
    sometimes to enjoy u only need a novel and a moment from ur life..

  9. You've captured the essence of all successful stories - Word power! Through your post, one can feel how valuable these words are for building up that one experience! :)

  10. That's beautifully put. A lovely ode to words, literature and books. :)

  11. Inspirational. No kidding. For someone who hasn't "wrought" a paragraph in a long time now.

    Words are indeed beautiful and powerful... as long as you are aware of their presence.

  12. Beautiful is the Word!!
    A wonderful ode to the Words!!
    A very different post from you this time!!
    Keep expressing, keep sharing!
    Cheers :))

  13. Truly beautifully expressed!!
    Couldn't agree more with what you are saying!!!

  14. Neha,

    Could not resist commenting even when you have said you do not keep account of comments. Read two posts. People who judge others basically do so as per what they themselves are. My thinking is that we should accept the other person as he or she is without passing any judgement. Books surely make a very good companion. Words have magic as evident in this post itself.

    Take care

    PS : I doubt if you will find time to visit me.

  15. Well said..power to create these thoughts!A nice read..

  16. it's the energy of the word that makes us or breaks us - just like the concept of energy conservation it implies that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. However, energy can change forms...
    what matters is the form of energy whether it is good or bad !
    Beauty of the thought is really nice !