Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two years and counting..

Neha's Blog completes two years today. It has been a wonderful journey for me so far with 180 posts on board (phew!), 5242 comments (really?) and many followers. Though I do not have as many readers as i used to have as I rarely get time to update my blog; and very little time to comment on other blogs even though I read, I don't get more than 5-6 comments per post. Does it matter? Ah, let me leave it unsaid :)

This blog has given me not only the fancy numbers, but even wonderful friends. I can even say that I have met quite a few of them thanks to bloggers' meet, interact with so many on personal level thanks to messengers and other social networking sites.

It right now feels weird to write a post on blog happy birthday. I love birthdays, and I love wishes too. But writing about something that reflects a part of you which only you can read and understand is almost as good as writing about yourself. But what the heck, I can at least thank people in a celeb way even though I am not. This day gives me a chance to thank all those who have been with me and for me in this journey of blogging as well as life. 

Starting with Chandana - my first reader and a friend, Nazish, Shrikant, Shilpa Garg, Swatantra, Kavi, SG, , B. K. Chowla, Saroj, Ugich Konitari, Vivek, Nu or Scribbler or Scribby (ah, so many pseudonyms you have girl :P), Avada Kedavra, Pal, SM, Saurabh, Karthik, Holy Lama, Destiny's Child, G3, Sravanthi (who is a very close friend first and then a blogger/reader), Neha Kapoor and everyone who has ever read this stupid and boring blog and tolerated my rants. Please forgive me if I have forgotten any names here.

Last but not the least, I want to thank a few people who have become a part of my life even though we have met or not met for that matter through this virtual world:

Merlin - I thank blogworld for giving me this amazing gift. He is been the greatest friend one could ever ask for.

Guria - Do I even need to write anything about this girl? She is my soul sister and I love her.

Insignia - I ping her for anything and everything. She tolerates my moods, tantrums and always there.

Vidhu - Though she seldom reads me, she has been a great support system for me when I actually needed one.

I know I don't have to thank these four people at all (ah, the mean me wakes up suddenly), but still, acknowledging them and mentioning them specially on a special day is the least I can do for them.

Happy Birthday to Neha's :)

PS: Call it my sheer laziness or whatever, I have not hyperlinked any blog here. But I am sure you can all understand that :) It's a tedious job!


  1. Bday Wishes

    Wish u to write nice posts more

  2. Aww happy birthday buddy!!! Btw lazy bum, you couldnt even hyperlink all of us??! Anyway, assure you I will be a loyal reader and friend :-) even if you rant and rave and blabber rubbish to heart's content!

  3. Congratulations on completing two years of successful blogging.It is true that one tends to get connected to and attached to a lot of friends through this media.
    I dont regret as the number of comments have started to drop. That is perhaps, due to a lot of bloggers switching over to to Twitter.

  4. Happy birthday to Neha's blog. You made a special mention of me. How sweet!

    Yeah I have to tolerate! Do I have a choice? :-|


    Now you will say stop making faces :-/

  5. happy happy b'day neha's blog :)

    and oye Scribby is the final one,promise :P

    Keep writing Neha !

  6. Happy Birthday to your blog :)

  7. A very happy birthday to Neha's Blog!! Wishing it a lot of active times with loads of posts, comments, readers, followers... spreading cheer, information and happiness around!
    Cheers :))

  8. A very very happy birthday to the blog girl! Congrats for completing 2 successful yrs of blogging.. hope to see your blog complete many more birthdays like this one.. I am so glad I got a chance to know you through blogging :)

  9. Don't count. Just keep on blogging.

    It is said bloggers run out of topics to write after some time.You don't seem to have that problem at all.

    Happy Blogversary !

  10. a very happy birthday to your blog :D
    keep blogging gal :D

  11. congratulations on completing 2 years! nice work

  12. Congratulations!!!Hope you celebrate such birthdays for many more years to come.

  13. hurrraaayyyy!!!
    Parthy Mam Party?

  14. Congratulations on completing two years
    Happy birthday

  15. Ah. Happy birthday to one of my favourite blogs :) . The birthdays of your blog and mine are so nearby . Ah, now i sound like a mom talkin about kids' birthday to another mom . Lol ! But its kinda the same right ?. I know even guria's was just a few days ago . I loved the post she wrote . Anyways , keep it going di. We love your blog . Muaaaah


  16. one of those "seldom times" when i read.

    READ IT! :P