Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Number Game

I was discussing blogging with a friend yesterday. He was of the opinion that quite a few people (including me) take the online life too seriously. Be it blogging or other social networking sites. People take part in contests, get offended on remarks made on social networking sites, bash others and react on such trivial things and such. Well, a few of the things are applicable to me, like I feel really offended if someone writes wrong things about me or tries to malign my name and reputation which is too dear to me. Defending that is taking online things seriously, then yes, I do take it seriously.

When it comes to blogging, I write when I feel like and time permits. I neither write for numbers or comments since the time I have started blogging. I don't take part in blog contests too if you ignore my BPL participation which went on for quite a long period as we won it! 

But my dear friend is unaware that there are people who really take the online world way too seriously. Whatever he mentioned were not even the qualifiers for being "serious" about social networking. He is a very busy person so I can't ask him to check a few blog communities or twitter, but the day I do, he will call me the sanest person he knows on this planet earth!

People breathe sites. They kill for numbers. When I was new to blogging, I got many comments saying - "nice blog. Please visit mine too, follow and leave a comment". I knew so many bloggers who used to visit 50 odd blogs a day just to get those 50 comments each day! They seldom read the posts, maintained a style and words when it came to commenting, ALWAYS praised the blogger to be in her (well, it's usually her. very few visit his blogs!) good books. And it worked too for many. They always got the "desired" number at the end of the day. The only thing they cared for - the number! In case of comments, followers, hits, page views. 

Slowly the "follow blog" trend shifted to facebook fan page. People sent invites left-right-center for asking friends to be the "fan" of their blog page. After that faded away, now it was Twitter's turn. And when it comes to twitter followers, people still fight for them, cry when they un-follow and celebrate when they have a "special" number as followers like 500 or 1000 etc. Recommendations, follow friday, mutual admiration clubs are few of the main features of twitter. 

Ah, it's all about numbers these days. Number of comments on blog, number of fans on facebook and number of followers on twitter. 

My dear friend should see those numbers, then he will know that I am but a minuscule (rather, non existing) part of this social networking bandwagon. I am sure his definition of "celebrity" will change after that for sure!


  1. Neha,

    I agree with you that is Number Game.

    Also I admit personally I like more comments.

    But the part that I do not agree that many blogger seldom read and just say 'nice blog' etc. I thought that was the case it is not many - there a few. Mostly bloggers are bloggers because the like to read. Liking for reading inspires them to write. This applies to most bloggers and me too.

    Also I have seen a lot of blogger do give honest comments - one has to read between the lines - the write in a way so that author is not offended.

    Personally I have sent emails to blog authors when I did not like something or when I thought I could not put my feedback in nice words in comments.

    Here is another example - I do not believe you visit my blog and do not believe you will but I am still commenting. That is part and parcel of blogging life like real life.

    Long comment - sorry.

  2. Yeah happens . There was a time when even i thought gettin more comments was a testimonial to how nice your blog was . But later when i got to know how that happens , i stopped botherin . Visiting so many blogs wasn my cup of tea . My twitter id is idle since ages . So no idea whats happenin there . From what you say , looks like twitter tournaments will start soon.

    Chandana shekar

  3. Rightly said, at the end of the game, it's the numbers that matter!! :D
    Thus is the race to get the 'numbers'... followers, comments, fans...

  4. Like this... I keep having same argument with a friend of mine who keeps running after numbers :) I must fwd this to him!

  5. I think I get what you're getting at:)

    As for me, I blog for myself. But surely, I would want to be read by bloggers who I like to read as well. It's nice to know what people think - of what you think. And it's good to read other peoples' perspectives, stories, opinions and what have you. It broadens your perspectives too. I just wish I had more time in my hands, to not just blog, but to be able to check out many more blogs and understand their take on life!

  6. I don't understand the numbers game either. Are people so jobless that they can go blog-hopping only to get someone to return the visit? I've had such specimens too.

    I would rather have a small but regular set of friends who read me, rather than a multitude of people who don't even bother to know what is written in the post.

    Now having said that, I do believe the online world is very much real. As real as the world we feel and touch!!!

  7. Nice post, Neha. Sometimes I wonder about all this coz I haven't really experienced this. I write when a subject interests me and follow blogs that I enjoy reading ( yours is one of them). I have so much else going on that reading 50 blogposts is impossible:

  8. Neha,
    It is true that numbers matter, specially to those who are new to blogging and it gives them a great feeling of satisfaction when they see the numbers increasing. It is like the score board in a cricket match.
    I suppose it must have happened to you. I used to be very happy seeing my numbers increasing.

  9. and what do you know...I don't have the remotest memory of reading much of your blog or commenting...but somehow I know dont know! Something related to blogging only...:) na? of numbers...the ONLY thing I cared about is numbers in the I am not inspired enough to write ..that's another sad story...and I know that at the back of my head, deep inside too, the blogger in me is commenting for traffic ;) LOL

    hey..and ..the HER blogs and HIS blogs is not true it?! ARGH!

  10. We discuss a lot on this right? Numbers matter. I have come across few blogs where a post which has lyrics of a famous song gets 90+ comments :)

    Where is blogging going? :)

  11. Very true.. To each their own.. some people blog for completely different motive I guess :) These days even I am losing interest in blogging :( but havent lost interest in reading though and hopefully will never lose :)

  12. You are right. Some people breathe online life. If you look at the comments on Youtube videos, then you'll know how CRAZY people are! The discussions get totally unrelated to the video (abusive too!) and for no apparent reason! But I guess, all of it just doubles the fun, if you take it lightly that is.:)
    I wish I had more time to be online

  13. its difficult to think about life without number

  14. naah..nah..dont get me wrong... I am commenting for numbers..hahaha..

    its feels like funny some times (to me atleast)...So much enthusiasm ...just for numbers..

    Gr888 na.... rather we can say...chalo kisi cheez mein to man lag raha public ka....hahaaahh