Friday, October 08, 2010

I am tired

I am tired
Tired of the words they say

They please you, they praise you, they win your heart
They admire you all the time, making you blind;
They make sure you trust them from the start.

I am tired
Tired of the games they play

They catch you, they push you, they rip you apart
you lose faith, you lose friends, you lose it all you have
They leave you all alone, with a broken heart

I am tired
Tired of the things they do

they stab you in your back and come to console you
They command you, they possess you
you are left at their mercy, they have the last laugh.

You are all alone, nowhere to go
You cannot run, you cannot hide
they make sure you are not even left with the option to die

you are in total darkness, scared of yourself
they have won! won the game they played

Yes I am tired
Tired of losing all over again..


  1. Yes, Neha, this world is full of double faced repulsive creatures who have lost all the morality and do any thing to win.
    So that you lose.
    I had not read this post earlier, though.

  2. @ Mr. Chowla, I agree with you..I had published this post on my other blog..

  3. Very touching !
    Neha,it is always better to lose with honor than to win by cheating :):)

  4. I can completely relate to this. There are people in this world who befriend you, flatter you, pretend to be your well-wisher and then they take advantage of your trust in them and manipulate you.
    All too familiar story. But I loved the way you presented this in the format of a poem.

  5. I didn't know you were a poetess :-)
    Loved it... so sad and so true.. the last line especially...

  6. Such a moving expression, Neha! Can relate to it completely!!

  7. It is a world of masks.You can never see what is behind them.
    Be prepared for every thing in life.Life is full of unexpected.

  8. Hi, Neha!

    I guess, it is the first time I'm commenting on your blog.

    It was a nice poetry in terms of the construct, but as is usual with poetry, liberty was taken to be be extreme in one's view - do excuse me for saying that. :) It is for this reason that I've virtually stopped writing poetry. It is difficult for poetry to be engaging being totally honest and fair.

    The point I'm getting at is, words are merely a medium; they simply reflect what other person's thoughts and intentions are. Of course, actions speak louder than voice. If certain words are found to be untruthful at later date, we should be still thankful to those words, that they indicated the said person's inclination to be dishonest in the given situation.

    In that words are just the messengers of the message contained in the mind. And one of the messages can be deception. :) We learn with time, who to trust and why. Of course, a bit of trial and error is required. We can err both on side of false-positive and false-negative. But isn't erring, and still having a desire to understand the world one of the motives to live? :)

    Take care.

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  10. Aha! Neham writes poems
    Tired yet going on...
    I love the spirit and the words of the poem

  11. Nice poem. I understand.

    People who have covert-aggressive personality usually manipulate, as you have described in your poem. Initially, it will look like they are caring. Once we recognize them, we have to avoid them.

  12. Naha,

    It is nice poem but grim reality of life....I can relate to something that happened to me today with this so 'fiction' is not is reality

  13. I think your words speak for many who feel like that. Nice poem:)

  14. In the seeing of the empty games and percieved losses...

    thats when we win !

  15. true words..i wonder neha..everyone is born good..y do the humans get so corrupted as they grow? hey check out n temme ya..u r such a good friend..

  16. beautiful and thoughtful poem

  17. Words are beautifully weaved together.

  18. Hey, this is such a good poem. So true and so intense. First time on your blog, and I will be back for more!

  19. Beautiful poem, Neha. Immensely moving lines!

  20. did someone upset you...
    the world is like that... we need to be good :)
    nice write

  21. It happens all the time. People are like that. Nice one. :-)

  22. Thanks for the PS...I was about to go when what why where how? ;)
    You write poems...nice :)