Sunday, October 17, 2010

The finicky me!

"I don't have a heart" - my mother usually says this to me. Well, this statement is made when she does not have anything else to say about my "logical" reasoning :P. My mom loves to win the argument against me, but she seldom succeeds. Well, that's altogether another story and post.

I have this habit of analyzing people and thing around me. I love to know them, observe about them, their behaviour in different situation, their reactions to certain things, their love and hate for the same thing at different time, the list goes on and on. Now I don't only observe people, but I even try to find logic behind their behaviour and reactions. And no, I am not vella in life, I love to do it. This answers why I usually win argument against my mom - I KNOW her well, rather more than she knows herself :P

And I have my weird traits too. More than one!

Last evening, I was talking to a friend of mine. He is going out of town for a business meeting. Now, when it comes to packing, I can be VERY irritating about the cross checking part. I check and recheck each and everything at least ten times. Clothes, extra clothes, brush, comb, deo, perfume, facewash, towel (yes, I carry that too :P), torch, charger, plastic cards, book and fifty other things. I do not keep anything to be packed the next day. I have a separate toothbrush and toothpaste kit for travel. Coming back to my friend, I controlled myself a lot not to keep poking him with my mindless questions about packing. But he kept probing me about what he should be packing. I sent him 2 smses late night and early morning about reminders of what he should be taking which he maybe likely to forget!

That's his story. But people who are travelling with me get so very irritated with my constant nagging about such things. I keep thinking about what I have packed and what I forgot till the time I return home. Yes, as the packing part does not end once I leave for the trip. When I am staying somewhere, and a day before the check out, I am again the finicky self, looking for stuff in all possible places, opening each drawer 5-6 times - PHEW!! I would not have tolerated myself for such a thing!

Second thing that triggers my panic button is extra clean rooms! I cannot stand that. I feel sick and get the hospital room feeling when I see clean rooms. A couple of years back, I went to Pune with a friend. She is a cleanliness freak. Her wardrobe is also arranged in colour coordinated manner! We stayed together for five days and only we know how it was for both of us. She even arranged my stuff thanks to her weirdity, and I kept creating a bit of mess here and there!

There are many more weird traits in me. But more on that, later :)


  1. aha!! Loved ur 2nd trait..and God u got the guts to admit it so publicly. Kudos Girl!!

  2. No one can win an argumant with u i knw that i knw:)
    It was nice to b on your blog after a long time:)


  3. Surely u will send down chill to me if I travel along with you...

    I am always pack the things an half an hour before.. don't worry about what I have taken and what I didn't :) I am like lets go and see :)

    and as far as observing is concerned, I observe myself more than others.. I try to reason out why I am doing few things well and why I am not that interested in other things... like that..

  4. came to know a lot more about you after reading this. Its good to have a friend who is a lawyer ;)

    Btw, hope you like my post Neha- When love calls

    Take care!

  5. Good, now one knows that there will be no point getting into an argument with you.Honest confession it is.
    Well,as for your travel habits are concerned,they are not peculiar.Each one has different preferences, but it is good to know this side of you.

  6. Really :) right now i know who to email for my check list .. :)

    I seems to forget my passport even sometimes :) thankfully not travellign that much anymore
    and shall remind myself now to argue with you :)

  7. Ha ha..this is the same kind of obsession you friend has about cleanliness.She must be thinking what in the world is this girl doing with this many things?She might even throw out that extra tooth brush of yours!

    My wife came last week for a week's stay.At the air port I needed help to get the baggage in to the car.There are enough clothes for any occasion,and in two days we would go back, and most of them are untouched.
    And she also has this habit of last minute checking,for which she goes back in the pretext of taking water.Three hand bags full,one inside the other of all kinds of gadgetries.One can climb the Everest with them!
    It might be easier,but I like to travel light,with minimum of items.

  8. each person is different from other person. In my case, I will compare the prices of the items and availability of the essential things for the trip.

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  9. Analysing people interests me too. Bad at packing. I forget. Too much tidiness also is not my trait.
    How do u analyse me?

  10. I am not particularly OCD about packing and stuff. Now that should explain why I always have some toothpaste-toothbrush shopping to do every time I leave home! ;)

  11. Wierd stuff !! All of us are weird ! In our own ways ! Actually its weird for the others. For us, its quite natural !

    yeh !


  12. its good to check and recheck
    prevention is better than cure.

  13. I like your weirdness. Worry can help you work out solutions to problems that may arise. Worry can help you avoid potential tricky or dangerous situations. Worry can help motivate you.

    On the other hand, this is true, I never worry about anything except if there is any health problem for my dear and near.

  14. the packing stuff! Ditto! I am just like you.

    Everything neatly packed and I know I would not have missed anything and then again, a doubt....will unpack everything and check. I check my bag when im in the bus, walking on the road...sleeping :-|

    Obsessive compulsive!

  15. Nobody can win an argument.. doesnt it make you the best lawyer then? :) You will defeat the other party easily I guess.. The second part, I am exactly the opposite.. I usually start it the night before but not before that and end up packing even after my cab to the airport arrives :P

  16. Ha ha ha..even I get very panicky before travelling..I check and recheck the things I'll be packing and despite that when I reach the airport I feel something amiss. Gosh I'm finicky Hi5 !

    As for the 2nd trait..I'm just the opposite..I love clean rooms, especially bed. I'm very particular about clean made-up beds. Its a different matter though that I turn it into a messy room in a day or two ;)

  17. Winning every argument is simply cool for a lawyer!! :)
    Ditto on packing... I can pack for a trip in 5 minutes... I make a mental list (and sometimes a physical list too) and coz of that all is packed in a jiffy! And yes I am a cleanliness freak too...though I dont colour co-ordinate my wardrobe!! :P

  18. I take very long to pack things ,like for my last trip outside the city took me three good hours of packing.It is almost like shifting to a new house.
    I am a cleanliness lover but only to the extent where my kids and other people around me are not uncomfortable.Very often i have to stop my urge to clean a untidy room if i see one .

  19. I pack at the same rate and pace...just that my mind-lists begin a week before! And then, I'll be running all around to ensure I have kept everything I may or may not need.

    Cleanliness freak - somewhat with me too! And my sister hates me for that!

    And yes, it takes guts to admit all this here. Good going.

    Want to read more about your mom and you :)

    Take care

  20. hahahah:) finicky abt clean rooms...ok is invite..visit our home..

  21. Now its a routine for me... that i miss something or the other while travelling. my packing is always messy.

    About getting the wardrobe done, i guess i can live with both situation..the most messy one and the most neat one. And i have a reputation of being good at folding the clothes neatly. Loved you being honest about this stuff.

  22. :) nice finicky post neha...

    and nice traits..few may find irritating..but i like ur bindaas attitude

  23. with you on the first trait but not on the second one...I like clean rooms every moment !!! ;) people living with me-in hostel and at home get frustrated with this trait of mine at time :D

    I guess we all are finicky in some or the other each his own :)

  24. planning well in advance helps a lot. but despite best planning things do go wrong