Sunday, August 20, 2023

Old Target, New Methods

This feels like a different life. So much changed over these years and yet everything is familiar. People have gone far by becoming easily accessible. Things were better when we could not speak with them every day. But now that we can do that, we don't. And what's worse, we don't even meet anyone anymore. Watching those reels is a better pastime than actually meeting real humans.

And yet we miss people. We want them yet we don't want them. We are overall more lonely. More depressed. More disconnected by being connected. You get to know that your erstwhile bestie became a mother through social media. Another one moved to a fancy country from her facebook wall. World is such a horrible place if you scroll through X timeline. Delete these apps and you live in the most ideal world. So what's causing chaos? People or social media? 

Ignorance is a bliss. You will be happy not knowing that Europe is burning every now and then. Or some grooming gangs have made things horrible for minors and young adults, while other gender related issues have again put women at the receiving end of men's fantasies. But the moment you open a social media app, you will be transported to the most miserable world that you have even seen. I am saying it from my experience of being on social media for long hours to completely disconnecting from it. Like, not even whatsapp forwards.

To think about it, this world has always been unfair to women. Earlier it was patriarchy, now it's gender game. Now you need to mention your pronouns everywhere so that it's easy for men to identify and mark you. Their target is the same that it used to be, and straightforward - cis women. And as always, women aid them in their own destruction. By letting them into their space. Just so that they are accepted. Accepted at the cost of their life and safety. 

Yes, it is a sad time and era that we are living in. I wish social media was never invented. But then, whether or not it was invented, we women have had it same. But we are fighters. Years of unfair life has made us survive somehow. This too, shall pass. We will struggle a few more extra years to find our place in the world, on the top position. But we will reach there. The new world is mean. But the world is lazy. 

Amazing how mind works. I started writing about something totally different and ended up some place else altogether. But that's how it is when you write what you think. And feel. It's good to be back here, writing again. If you think about it, this is a social media too right? Am I really away from it?

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