Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ranting away

Now when I feel like blogging more regularly, I don't know what to post. Not that I lack subjects to write about, but I somehow don't feel like writing about general topics anymore. They have been written about by so many people and in so many different ways. But writing something is required because you want to write. Rants have all been already written about, so repeating same thing again and again will not help either.

Latest controversy - Sanjay Dutt's conviction. Sanjay Dutt was awarded 5 years of imprisonment for possessing and destroying illegal weapons. There have been mixed reactions about his sentence. People say that he has already suffered enough after the bomb blasts and till now. These 20 years were no less than punishment for him. He has already spent 18 months in jail and remaining sentence shall commence after he surrenders, and he has been given four weeks' time to do so.

Now former Supreme Court Judges are suggesting that he should file a petition to grant him the pardon as his conduct in the last 20 years has been pretty much civil. I remember when the bomb blast happened back in 1993 and when he was arrested, people boycotted him and swore never to watch his movies. I am yet to understand why did he take the illegal weapon from the person who was actively involved in the blasts and even tried to destroy them if he was innocent. 

Plea for granting pardon to the Governor - this right can be exercised when one feels that the court has been too harsh on him while granting him the punishment. But in Sanjay Dutt's case, court convicted him for the period prescribed in the act. Now, if everyone starts filing petition just because one is popular or has always had a good conduct, our Government's entire time will go in reviewing these petitions.

Further, isn't Supreme Court's order final and binding? Why such preferential treatment should be given just because one is a celebrity? According to me, he has committed a crime and he should pay for it. If the Government starts overruling Judiciary's decisions for such celebrities, will people be able to trust the Judiciary in future? High time that we start looking at celebrities as regular citizens so far as law and order is concerned.

I have heard many stories about 1993 bomb blasts and his alleged involvement in the same. They can be wrong stories. And since the Court did not find him guilty under any of those charges, we cannot comment anything about them. But those were some serious accusations. Had there been anyone else in his place, I don't think that person could have even seen the daylight post the blasts and till the judgment day.

But again, we are nobody to decide anything about anyone. Many people who have committed crimes are roaming around freely. Innocent people have lost their lives. Petty criminals have spent five years in jail for stealing 100 Rs. because his case date kept getting postponed, mercy petitions don't get reviewed for decades as the President has other important things to look after. Ministers are busy with the scams and people are posting awareness messages online to show that they are doing their bit even though that won't serve any purpose.

So, how was your weekend?


  1. Agree with you completely! He is a celebrity so people are ready to forgive him. Is it a conspiracy... I am thinking out aloud...If he files a petition, he will get some more time and during this time he can finish his pending films...

  2. This is a good insight. Yes, Sanjay Dutt is a big controversy, weather it is because he is a celebrity or no, not sure.

  3. I found him funny when he issued a statement that he has already suffered for 20 years! But yes, system has loopholes and people try everything to sneak through them. Why a preferential treatment? Treat him like any other. What if he were an unknown man?

  4. Someone once sais--Law is an ass.Weel,at the moment,it seems most of us Asses.
    I have known the Dutt family personally,especially the Sr Dutt.
    It is no time to air personal opinions on a Judgment which has been passed by the highest court in the country.What amazes me is the arguments given byJustice Katju.Hehas been a part of Judicial system for ages and he should know better.All those who are speaking upfor Sanjay should know,besides him,there are so many more who have been awarded harsher punishments.Has anyone spoken for them,for those languishing in jails for years only on suspicious grounds???

  5. Like Chowla said, Justice Katju's statement is the most absurd.
    I don't think there should be any lineancy towards him because he is a film star and did positive roles. If that was the case Pran, and Ajit and the lot should have been doomed.

  6. Not only he is rich and famous, his family is a big supporter of CONgress party. 4 weeks time to surrender after conviction so that he can finish up his pending work. Sending accused murderers to their country for spending holidays and to vote in their election. These can happen only in India.

    Katju is a lunatic.

  7. All this noise just because he is a celebrity. If he were an unknown person, we wouldn't even hear anything about this trial. With so many sides to the story, it's really hard to know the truth.
    Keep writing, Neha. :)