Monday, July 30, 2012

The great fall

I miss this place. Blogging, reading, commenting, ignoring, whining, ranting, cribbing, bitching - everything. I have not seen the dashboard properly in days. Earlier I read blogs on phone, but now even that's not happening. There is no motivation as such to blog as life is very much normal. I am not too scared to lose my readers too as I don't have many left. And after this long break and not reading others, I may lose the remaining readers too. Sigh!

Like I said, life is too normal. Well at least it was until three days ago when the great fall happened. On Friday evening, I met a very close friend for dinner. We had awesome Malvani Food for dinner and then went to Bandra bandstand. Now, thanks to the kind of alcohol mixture that happened post dinner and the sea breeze playing its part too, I went on the rocks to check whether it was too slippery to go near the sea.

I had a heavy bag on my shoulder and in that tipsy and trance mode, I reached the first rock half way and slipped. It didn't do any major harm, but I am bedridden thanks to the stiff back and shoulders. What a way to spend the weekend. It was a pretty funny scene for people around me at that time. We continued drinking even after that and one friend got totally sloshed. She created a huge scene in a mall. Way too embarrassing to even mention here.

But at the end of it all, including the fall, we realized that we did have a lot of fun. It's that feeling of forgetting whatever shit you did last evening, behaving like a bunch of crazy teenage girls, singing our lungs out, how you realize who your true friends are when they stand by you without facing any embarrassment - it's priceless. No this isn't the first time that I did such a crazy thing, but this is certainly the first time after reaching and crossing mid 20s and now I am almost 30. It feels unusual, weird and even embarrassing to an extent, but fun.

Now that I am kind of bedridden, all my friends are coming home to meet me. One even gifted a Glucon D packet as I am unwell. Yesterday they took me out for lunch and then movie, took care of me, pampered me. Everyone has been asking me how I am feeling - ah I feel important all of a sudden.

At times attention, weirdness and embarrassment feel so good!


  1. Get well soom. And you have one faithful follower...ME:)

  2. I can identify with the 'very normal life' part. The same thing is happening with me right now. There's nothing worth writing about and I can't create issues where there are none. Readers have slowly disappeared too. Sigh! :(
    I don't think I've ever drunk so much or had fun such with my girl friends. You're very lucky. :)
    Get well soon! :)

  3. Ah! Pampering is good for health errrr soul ;)

    Take care :)

  4. Hope you get well soon.

    I am yet to get drunk and sloshed and let go of myself. Never tried drinking yet :)

  5. When you replied to my tweet ,I thought you were being sarcastic.
    Take care

  6. Take care of yourself..get well soon :) and m waiting for your next blog like i always do..

  7. OMG!! Hope you are better now!! Take care!