Sunday, June 03, 2012

Life is weird

Life is weird. Things you are sad about right now will make you laugh at them tomorrow. Things you are happy about will soon seem as if they never existed. And we move on. At times slowly, at times pretty fast. At times pretending to be strong, at times faking the weakness. At times feeling bad about something we ought to do, at times taking others on a guilt trip just for the sake of proving oneself right.

And then we write about it. With bitterness, or sadness, or even with a relief - but we write. For the record. For laughing at us tomorrow or for smiling. Or maybe just to live the emptiness all over again.

Just the other day I was discussing about mood swings with a friend. I asked him how it worked with guys. Girls behave as if they have a birth right on mood swings. And how easily we blame it on PMS. It's at times the easiest and safest excuse, for many people do not understand that mood swings can be without any reasons. And my friend admitted of having those too. But he said that he could control his mood most of the times. Especially at work place. At home, his moods were more than visible - especially the irritated ones. Ah well!

All of us have different ways to handle a situation. Some people prefer to talk it out and reach a solution, some disconnect completely just to get the hold of the situation, some show anger, some cry. But that's about us. In the process of making ourselves stable, we forget that the opposite person may not be able to take your action in the right manner. You have to disconnect to make things normal, while he has to talk it out to keep things moving in the right direction. Even while doing good to others, we tend to become selfish. We assume so many things about so many things including what gives happiness to people who matter to us. And we lose it all in the bargain. Who is wrong here? Or who suffers in the end?

But again, it's life. And it goes on. Today we are crying about something, tomorrow we may not even remember it, for it may not really matter to us then. Or maybe we find better things. Or maybe we just remain stuck there in the same emotions even tomorrow.

Ah, life is weird!


  1. Ah mood swings! Tell me about it:-) I have been moody all my life but the great part about mood swings is that they can also make you feel great so when I feel down I tell myself that the upswing maybe round the corner ...and no, am no manic depressive hehehe!

    As for things we are sad about now...yes that is five years time they wont seem as important. Nothing lasts:)

  2. Thats why its life, isnt it? :) Mood swings; thats the great ever gift we have got. Something that confuses the guys and makes us feel helpless...

    Anyway it helps one way or the other...

  3. Neha,

    You are right. Life is like a roller coaster ride and we feel thrill while going up and feel scared on the way down but overall we do enjoy, isn't it?

    Take care

    PS : Please do read on the same theme.

  4. mood swings.. problem is i dont even understand when my mood swings.. its after i have screamed at somebody or have become quite for over a couple of days in short after the effect of the mood swing is about to get over do i realise that i was on a mood swing :P

  5. I guess we all have mood swings because of the stress and the life's ups and downs. I hate it afterwards when I am out of the funk....

  6. Yep!!! That's how life is. Till yesterday I had 2 maids and 2morrow I will have none so I am already worried about the work that waits for me....bwwaaaah!!!! So in a bad mood right now :)

  7. That is life.
    It is allabout reactions to a given situation.

  8. This is life!! Things which gave you nightmares some time back make for such great stories later on!! Mood swings... ahhh... you are never able to express it right and the repercussions are not all that great later on! :|

  9. Life is a blind whore with a mental disease and no sense of humour.

    I still like mine though. :)

    Nice blog. You have a new follower!

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