Friday, May 25, 2012


Like always, I started writing about whatever was going on in my mind. I boasted a lot in the previous post. It said so much about how mahaan I am. I didn't think even once before posting it. But when the comments started pouring in, most of them were about how fabulous I am, patting my back, I felt so embarrassed.

Not that I was not expecting such reactions from people. But so many reactions? That surprised me. The last thing I wanted was to be told how mahaan I was even though I was one. Yes I am weird that way. I love to boast but when it comes to taking compliments, I develop cold feet. Well I have blogged about it, if you read me regularly, then you'd have read it.

Now, how to offend readers - one should learn it from me. I should be thanking them for reading my crap every time I write it. And my craps are too long! But well, they like me too much to bear with it.

Coming back to the non-conceited space, I was discussing humour with a friend. We were talking about how people do not get our style of humour. We went into this depression at some point as we thought we lacked humour. But the conclusion was that we have dry humour which people seldom understand.

Another conclusion of the discussion was that a depressed person should talk to us. We can change a person's mood totally.

I have been a nice daughter. I took mom to the dentist. She is scared of them. She had to undergo cleaning as she caught some infection and cavity problem. And I have realized that I will brush twice a day. Dentists are scary people. They can drill and then kill you easily!

In an unrelated news, this is the third day of writing one post a day. Again a few rants, but yes, a post is up for me. And a lot of realizations. I will write another post tomorrow too in all probabilities about my passport story. Hope that goes well.


  1. Hahaha, Dentists are really really scary... Brush twice!!! Ah... Lot of spare time you have.

    1. Is it a sin to have a lot of "spare" time? :)

  2. More rants from you:) I dunno if am the first one today. Tried to send a reply through my phone but not sure it came through.

    Brushing your teeth twice a day is great resolve:)

    Take care.

  3. happy realizations? yes! and hey, sarcasm and dry humour are the awesomest kinds of humour. so rock on!

  4. Dentists drill a hole in your teeth and drill a big hole in your pockets too!! I havent been to one, but my father's dental bills are way too high!!
    Dry humour, true, not very many people understand!! But those who do understand... it's such an 'Aha' moment for them!
    Keep bogging.. look forward to more from you!!
    Cheers :)

  5. Neha,

    Nice to see you in full steam. One should not feel if good deeds are appreciated. Dentist talk reminds me of a dentist in oil rich Texas who told his assistant that he was feeling lucky so he is going to drill the next patient.

    Take care

  6. This really IS the rant, if not a depressed one!! ;-) Hehhehe