Sunday, October 23, 2011

I blog because..

It has been around 2.5 years since I started blogging. In such a short time, I can proudly say that I have experienced almost all kinds of pleasures/pains you can think of in respect of blogging. I have met people, made friends, and enemies, I have blogged about people, I have been blogged about a few times, took part in a couple of competition and didn't win, changed blog templates, left comments on other blogs, won and gave blog awards and what not. It's an endless list. When I think about those days, I always feel good. How people took pain to read you every time, link your blog while giving away an award, acknowledged you, wrote about you and your blog.

And I used to write so well! Whenever I read any post written a year before, rather before say May-June 2010, each one is nice. Different subjects, variety of topics, variation in the style and language, flow of the post - everything was so good. No, I have never been a brilliant writer, not even above average; but blogging is all about expressing and if you can do that effortlessly, you are a good blogger.

But not many people think the way I do. I happened to meet someone recently who had a very strong opinion about blogging. According to that person, ranting or blogging about personal life is a waste of blogging. One must put one's writing skills to a good use. Well, I obviously disagreed as I only rant these days. It's been so long since I have written about people or observation. I like ranting. There is a disadvantage too. One year down, i won't be able to say that I wrote well a year ago; but that's ok. And I do call this blogging too sir even if you write me off as a blogger/writer.

Apart from ranting, I get the strong urge to write on legal topics. There are so many things people are not aware about, and they should know. But I lack patience. I deal with law books all day. Blogging is a vent out zone for me. If I see a lot of legal gyaan here too, then I will have to abandon my own blog. 

And I blog when I am extremely happy, or extremely sad, or extremely angry, or extremely stressed out. I cannot blog in normal mood. I prefer to do my work, or I talk to people, or I simply chill out.

I love to talk. I love to talk about things around me, people around me, me and such else. I cannot be fake here. No pseudonymous identity for me, no happy face when I am sad, no praising when I don't like you. I don't advertise my life here, but I don't make up things too, just to blog. And I love to write about such non-sense without being concerned about anybody or being judged. It feels so nice when this crap is out of your system.

I blog because I love to.


  1. should i say more rant?

    hahhahhahaaaa.. :)

    keep rantin..ooh I mean blogging.. :)

  2. Some people have got the skills to write and they should make good use of it by blogging.
    Writing about personal experiences are good (if they they are good enough to be shared with everyone)

  3. Keep expressing, keep sharing, keep talking and keep blogging!! :))

  4. I do appreciate the honesty in your blogs, always straight from the heart... but I miss the stories that you used to write... would love to read them again :)

  5. An enjoyable read! Keep blogging with all your heart...

  6. I have always every word you written last 2 odd years.In my opinion,one must write on a subject which one is comfortable with, be it ones profession be it a subject which comes to ones mind as one starts to draft.
    But, you write very well.

  7. Dont bother about what others say; its your space. Yeah as if you bother :)

    Take care

  8. First time on your blog, from twitter [Shoumik].

    I blog because that's the only way I can survive or live :) and who are they to define what is blogging and one can not rant on a blog? Blogging is all about you, your life, what you feel, what you care to express! To hell with the ones who want to bind blogging in rules too.

    Chintan Gupta

  9. Loved the last line!!!

    And how about creating a separate blog for legal topics. Your readers will do good with your gyaan :)

  10. Neha,

    Caught up with all pending posts. Good updates in Yet Another Post. It is nice that you are doing well in all spheres. There are some relationships which make us happy and we always remember those. Very good and practical advice to those who wish to go for Tattoos. Why should one try to hide age? However it is advisable to settle down as and when one feels comfortable. One should write the way one wishes to, digress or stick to topic. I write what I wish to in Microsoft Office Word, read it and then copy it as new post. Music has soothing affect on one and it peps one up. When one tells a lie then to cover it another lie needs to be told and so on & so forth till one is caught up in web of lies. It is choice of one why or what to write in blogs. We all may have our own reasons, rant or share our happiness or experiences. It is for one to be happy with what and how one writes.

    Take care

  11. haha you always have something interesting to say. haven't blog for such a long time! good to be back and reading some interesting stuff like yours.

  12. I love your, go ahead ...rant all you want:-)
    Happy Diwali to you too, by the way:-)

  13. Hi Neha, It's great that you're a blogger, and you're a lawyer! :) It spices up your writing more. I'm your new follower.

    do visit my blog sometime when you're free :) i write on general topics as well as short stories.

  14. it must feel good, looking back through all those days of starting and doing everything, trying everything :)
    I am a blogger 9 months old, loved this one, looking forward to come at this stage myself, the journey.....
    thank you :)
    great post!