Friday, July 29, 2011


Almost everyone knows how wonderful mumbai monsoon is. More so because of the famous floods of 26th July 2005 where so many were stranded, lost home, lives, valuables and trust on BMC. Yeah yeah I know BMC sounds more like an abuse, but it's full form is Bombay Municipal Corporation. I am surprised as to why it has not yet been changed to MMC - Mumbai Municipal Corporation? Or the B stands for Brihanmumbai? Ah, anything is possible here.

Talking about Mumbai rains and floods, every year, the Government claims that they have a better drainage system this time around, and every year it fails. That's consistency I must say. We get scared every time it rains continuously for 2 to 3 hours. We panic, leave work and head home to avoid getting stuck again in the floods!

And there are bomb blasts too, happening every now and then  in Mumbai and everywhere else! But that deserves a separate post which I am hoping I don't have to write next time.

After talking about everything but the main topic of this post, let me get back to the main topic - Rules. Yes we all break them, but we forget that they are for our own good! A similar thing happened with me recently. These days, there is a fine of 300 Rupees if you smoke in a cab. You see the No smoking sticker on almost all the cabs. There was a rule too in between about smoking ban in vehicles - public transport as well as private vehicles. But that didn't last even for a day! 

This rule is being followed by many cab drivers. I asked one driver whether people followed the rule or not. He said that people don't really follow the rules. Nobody listens to the cab drivers. They smoke nevertheless. He even said that the police officer who had hired his cab was also smoking inside the cab. This ban has a reason behind it. Since the cabs are pretty old and work on CNG, if there is even a bit of leakage, there can be a fatal accident. It's a very very valid reason for banning smoking in the cab, but for how long the rule will be implemented? If a policeman smokes inside the vehicle, then how can we expect others to follow them after seeing this?

I have seen this so many times that at the time of traffic jams, traffic police bikes even go from the wrong side. I understand that they might be getting late for their duty, but if such a step causes more jam or inconvenience, then they should at least ensure that they have other traffic cop to take care of the jam there!

Yes yes I know it's easy to talk about such things. But what else to do? At least talking about it may help to improve the situation a bit!


  1. Lady, you somehow end up talking about Mumbai.

    Keepers of the rule dont follow it! Last week I saw a traffic cop riding on the opposite lane! I so wished to take a snap and send it to media.

    Laws are not strict in this land

  2. Well, I am pretty optimistic for keeping status quo by every one.Including you.

  3. Sometimes I wonder if it is in our DNA. Its almost like they dare you to make a rule, and then show how it can be broken. Crossing railtracks, throwing trash,spitting, smoking in the door of the train, and breaking queues. Just how much can you fight with folks. Its endless.....

  4. And the same us follow all rules sincerely when are in other countries because of the the strict fine system.
    BTW you are right it should be MMC.

  5. Ah..we choose similar subjects often. Just today, I wrote about cops !

    Anyway, about rules...well, what rules ? Please 'adjust' ! ;)

  6. The best I remember about Monsoon in the north is from Monsoon wedding!

    Smoking in public is strictly banned in Kerala,and it has worked.

  7. I hardly see anyone following the No Smoking rule. Serious case of no self discipline and no drive from the authorities to ensure that the rules are followed.

  8. I thought it is a good begining that smoking is disallowed in cabs. And we do our bit by writing and not smoking and crearing awareness.

  9. rules are meant to be broken!!! there lies our motto :(

  10. people have the passion of breaking rules...there are some rules that can be funny, but most of them are there for our own good...if we are not mature enough to know what is good for ourselves, god help us...

    it does not rain much here in Delhi, but whatever little rain we get cause's not just's about most part of India...

    Great post!


  11. Neha,

    People say - Rules are meant to be broken. And that seems to be motto of many. But we can start with a small beginning, let us not break rules.

    Take care