Saturday, April 02, 2011


"Bleed Blue" is the lamest thing I have heard! thanks to Nike, everywhere people are using this phrase! Everywhere Bleed Blue badges are available. People are sticking them to their profile pictures, or simply using that badge! Yeah, lame!

And it's Cricket World Cup final! India is playing. Messages doing rounds. Permutation combination everywhere! Almost everyone has become an expect advisor for the team India. Emotions, Nervousness, excitement, abuses, praises - everything is going on in full swing! People (read me) are glued to their lucky seat, in lucky position, not uttering a few selective words, using all kinds of antijinx-es. Phew! We do take cricket seriously!

And I am nervous too. Time is crawling. Don't know what to do thus writing this post. Feel like I am appearing for some sort of an exam. Yeah, it does feel so. I am not exaggerating! Everyone has different ways of dealing with nervousness. My dad paces around the room, bro keeps fidgeting with a pen, I am writing - any crap, but writing. Blog post, tweet, status - anything! That's my way of dealing with the nervousness.

Toss will be there in a few minutes. Everyone is contemplating about the outcome of it. Will there be any dew in the evening, how will the pitch turn? What's the team going to be like? Questions, predictions, contemplations - this match has everything. Jokes doing rounds, smses don't stop, India India everywhere.

I am off too! Time to wait for the toss and tweets! Good luck team India!



  1. Si :) Its cricket mania. I am seated comfortably waiting for the game to being :)

    Todos los mejores equipo de la India ;-)

  2. everyone in india is nervous now.. hehe

    tossin was really funny... mayb the first time in the history of cricket... :D

  3. that's so true Neha...every one who loves cricket goes through the anxiety...and specially at this moment when it's do or die !

    Hoping to make it this World Cup...go India go :)

  4. now i dont care if we bleed blue or red...we won and I am feeling good for Sachin...he deserved it

  5. YAY we won ...congratulations dear :)

  6. Congratulations to all was the most exciting cricket match I have seen!!

  7. Indeed... India scripted a legacy with a historic win... yes, as u said the tensions, drama, advertisements all have been hyped and over-hyped beyond imagination...


  8. yeah it really felt like writing an exam :D
    and hum jeet gaye :D