Monday, January 24, 2011

Blogging Phases

Like everything else, blogging too has phases.

The other day, I was discussing this with a blogger how many people have kind of stopped writing; or they are very irregular. Now, there are times when the "girl" in me gets too curious about certain things. I am close to a few bloggers who happen to make to my chat list too. And I happened to discuss it with couple of bloggers!

One of them said that the surrounding affects bloggers. We have many common bloggers on our list, and many have stopped writing. This is affecting us. Yesterday I told her that I was taking a break from blogging as I have lost interest in writing; but here I am, breaking my own stupid rule. Reason is simple - I write because I like to. It relaxes me. Because I write crap and nobody reads me was never and will never be the reason behind me not blogging!

Coming back to the blogging phases - I kind of agree with her. The surrounding affects you a lot everywhere - be it your work place, or home or even blog world. Hmmm, true that. It does affect you. I miss so many bloggers and their posts. Many are my friends now, but I still would love to read them. I have always been a fan of personal blogs. Especially the ones who write about people. The missing bloggers - most of them write personal blogs, and I miss their posts!

And I happened to discuss about the so called sannata with another blogger too. She said that there has not been any controversy recently, thus people have lost interest! And it made perfect sense to me. Yes, no controversy, no fun. Now it's time to create one :P Ah, just kidding! I lack time for such useless pursuits in life!

But the blogging definition is changed drastically! So many new sites come up and they judge blogs! Based on the genre they write about and content they have! Since when regular blogging became a competition? When you have many blogs for a particular category and one of them wins, does that mean other blogs ain't that good? Having a competition is a separate thing altogether, but nominating blogs yourself is something I cannot digest! Again, it's my own opinion. Many people love such an arrangement. Votes, Awards, even controversies for that matter!

Looks like this is a silence phase of blogging. Not many people write these days, not many people read these days, almost everyone takes part in blog contests as nothing interesting is happening around, every second site comes and declares contests and takes interviews, still I (and maybe a few of you) miss those same ol' blogs!

And each day, I am taking one step towards a scenario where there will be "ban Neha" movement going on as I have been talking a LOT against things/people other bloggers love :P


  1. I agree about phases of blogging. Regression was when we had the largest number of blogposts updated sometimes even twice a day!!

  2. Neha,

    Yes, it for sure affects. Even though we write for ourselves, we lack that punch, the interesting viewpoints and discussions and the juicy gossips and bitching :-P

    Lol! kidding. Its the same like real life, you see your neighbor laughing you laugh. If he is sad, you go depressed as well. Same in blog world. Hope it gets revived

  3. Blogging does happen in phases. There are many blogs I loved reading, but they have almost disappeared.

  4. lol @ Sannata and Ban Neha ;)

    of course everything goes through a phase...reasons could be different for everyone around...

    I write because yes I too like to write what I feel or see or think about things in could totally personal or social or faltu ;)

    Well,the surrounding doesn't affect me much..I mean blogosphere surrounding...even if there is a lull at others' blog I would go ahead and write if I've to :)

  5. Hey Neha!
    You got a new reader!!! :D
    I hope that excites you now...
    Keep it rolling girl! :)

  6. It seems like personal bloggers are disappearing while money making blogs are increasing in scores! Even class 9th students into the profession now! But you are right... personal blogs padhne mein jo baat hai, woh commercial blogs mein nahin! Even if the latter are more informational! Anyways, I'm also about to leave the online world for my annual hibernation. But I'll try to leave without the fiasco like last time!

  7. Every thing is a competition and now has commercial value .. no more just for the sake of blogging .. ban neha campaign .. cant wait for it to start .. :)

  8. The best element of blogging is the freedom. That you write when you feel like it !

    I enjoy the freedom and am happy doing so !

    Guess you are doing that too ! Which is simply fabulous !

  9. Of course,blogging also goes through phases like every thing else.
    How could you have latest controversies?We have a bag full of them.

  10. It is a well known truth.After some initial enthusiastic blogging,most bloggers run out of topics to write.There are no strict rules in blogging.If you want to write,do it.If not,use the time for something better.We are not going to change the world.

  11. Many bloggers stop after few post
    I agree about phases of blogging.
    but again if someone likes it becomes passion.

  12. well Neha, yu sounded as if me moaning! its been months since i cracked the joke and wit in my blog,... ever since the accident, i seem to hav lost the zest! writin is sure a habit if yu ask me!

  13. many bloggers have stopped writing :( there are times when I can;t read the blogs updated in a day...

    but these I am doing it in an hour for blogs updated over the week... hmm.. phases..

  14. I miss blogging too. The thing is I just can't find the time. Every time I log in, I see that all of you have written so many posts and I feel terrible about not being able to read...or write for that matter :(

  15. I was recently affected by dissapearing syndrome where I stopped writing for quite some time and that was because of lack of inspiration.. Nothing was instigating me to come up with a write up. I think the more the life is happening the more there are things to blog and discuss..

  16. Ban you ? Lol . Ban a lawyer ? Lol lol. Di ! You na ! Anyways , hope im on the list of bloggers you miss readin ;)