Friday, September 10, 2010

Monsoon Effect

How strange it seems when your mood changes as per the weather. If you live in Mumbai, you will surely be able to relate with me. Last ten days have been really gloomy for most of the Mumbaites thanks to the rains. There is traffic, mud and darkness all around you. Even if you love showers, you will for sure feel depressed in this weather. The sun plays hide and seek more often these days. A bight and sunny afternoon turns lifeless within seconds, making you feel low and depressed. But, as they say, in Mumbai, we do not even have time to notice our own mood shifts. We tweet about bad weather and move on to doing our regular stuff, but it does affect us. The mood is snappy, or quiet or irritated all the time.

Yes you guessed it right. I am in a not so good mood. Weather is playing a big part in my mood to be honest. Thanks to my profession, I have work in extremities. Either I am working the whole day and night and still have a lot of work pending, or I am busy doing nothing at all, which includes occasional spans of lazying around and talking to 2-3 close friends on gtalk. I even enjoy reading blogs. I read a lot, but when it comes to commenting, I comment only when I have anything to add to the post. This reminds me of something I have been pondering upon for quite some time.

I am close friends with a few bloggers who happen to be very popular on blogsphere. They are I, S and G. Now, all of us read and comment on the posts we feel are good. We do not comment for the sake of it or to receive those comments back. But everyone cannot be so good as us right? It will be crazily insane (if such a term exists) to expect anybody to be like us. So, the best way out is ignorance. We ignore those comments which ask us to comment back on their blogs, we even ignore mails and tweets from such people. It will happen as it's a part of this blogworld right?

Ah, this post is turning out to be more of a cribbing post. But you cannot help but to crib thanks to the dull weather. There is no light outside my window. Thanks to the ongoing repair work at my place, we all are sitting in one room, thanks to the unexpected showers once in a while, we are surrounded by clothes drying around us, furniture scattered everywhere and my niece is not keeping well too. Ah, the weather has got into all of us it seems.

Enough of sad things already I guess. Ganesh Utsav starts from tomorrow. Many of my friends and neighbours have Ganeshji at their places. Thus Sunday is going to be the day for paying a visit to their place. I am kind of looking forward to it. It always feels nice to meet old friends who are busy in their lives once in a year. Luckily, the festival is falling over the weekend. Thus everyone will meet at the same time. This will even mean more pollution and traffic, but well, as they say, God is exempted from everything. I am even invited at my Muslim friends' place to celebrate the occasion of eid. An eventful weekend to look forward to this time around. If I happen to click images there, then will share on this blog. But for now, enjoy a few random clicks:

Monsoon effect at Andheri Link Road

Almost everywhere on the roads,this is a common scene

Work never stops. With or without umbrella

Even with a plastic bag on the head for that matter

A scene at a Government office at Bandra

Somewhere on the Western Express Highway


  1. I couldnt agree with you more.Weather does have effect on one's mood.Mumbai must have had heavy rains this season, but Delhi has been worse,it is flooded and most of the city is dug up for CWG.You only have to see the mood of Delliwalas.
    And, I think most of serious bloggers do not blog only to get comments.

  2. Oh yes, incessant rains do dampen your spirits!! :( But not to worry, nothing lasts forever...this too shall pass!
    As for requests for comments and now voting requests and emails (I just saw Bikram has blogged about this!), I guess, it's best to ignore, if the subject/writing does not interest you!
    Nice clicks!!

  3. You guys are lucky. In our city we are having too much of the sun anyway and trust me I'm dying for a spell of shower to cool things down.
    About the blog comment thingie...there are so many good bloggers everywhere it's hard to keep track of all their posts and comment too. But you know if you're friends with a select group of bloggers you'll no doubt want to ask their opinion about your latest post. Atleast I feel that way when I've written a new story :)

  4. People Tweet and mail you for comments... now I am really offended. People never did those things with me. Arent my comments valuable enough :P?

    Happy Ganesh Utsav. I am really excited for the pooja. I wanna do a grand one but let me see if all my plans solidify.

    I love rains... i know, i know they cause havoc according to many people but i still like them. I dont mind walking it dirty muddy rain water. It still makes me happy. Yeah, I m super weird :D.

  5. what yaar neha? plz dont make me miss my lovely amchi mumbai (hey amchi navi mumbai)..ganpati bappa moryaaaaaa..omg u make me nostalgic..not talking to u...:)kai bolu nakko re baba..

  6. Yeah weather does affect one a lot. I feel sad when the weather is dull; to the extent of crying. The roads of Mumbai look pathetic.

    About nagging bloggers? Oh they are suckers for comments. They visit any blog on earth and comment so that they get back comments. So silly.

    Just ignore. What can you comment when you cant relate to the topic or not understand?

    Take care. Hope your spirits are lifted.

  7. You know what stuns me about Mumbai, specifically, is that the city continues to run, come rain or sun :-) You better pep yourself up now :-)

  8. The picture of government office in Bandra is awesome.

  9. nice shots
    if it does not rain we pray for rain
    if rains we pray for please do not rain while i go outside

  10. Neha, I so understand you when it comes to weather generated mood swings. Here in Oslo, the days are getting shorter and darker. We are moving towards a two months period where the sun is barely visible and the daylight is a dull greyish light. Its called the " The dark times" here. The price to pay for those long summer days that last upto 11 in the night!

    I have learnt to adjust to it. In the beginning I would get depressed but now I light candles, invite friends over for wine and just learn to make it a cosy time and wait for the sun ...:-)

    Long enough comment... this is becoming a habit...ranting on Nehas post...hi hi!!

    Happy Holidays!!

  11. ah!! the rain is really takin a toll there. anyways, hope the kiddo at your place gets well soon. my wishes to her. its such a depressing thing when kids at home fall sick. everybody's mood just goes down the drain. the kids need to be healthy and jumpin around. :)

  12. Your post and Panorama's comment inspire me to relate an experience
    There was this girl from Kerala who was wideeyed about Europeans. She meets a guy on the net, chats, falls in love and is reciprocated too. The guy and parents all come down to Kerala to have a nice wedding. Now the girl is in some small island in Finland and they have the dark time as Panorama said. She is very depressed and the condition is sad. She just can't get used to long summers and no Sun kind of life.

  13. I couldn't agree more! Sometimes, it seems impossible to 'make the best of the situation', as they say. I hope you had a great time at your friend's place for Eid.

  14. hi buddy dropped in 2 say hi..thought u will order coffee 4 me..but u seem to escape...hehe:)

  15. well life i guess :) Wether does play a vital role.. winters are fast approaching here and i am alreayd dreading them .. cause
    when i leave home for work it will be dark and when i come bakc it will again be dark...

    Hence the mood DARK tooo
    but then i guess it also depends how you can change it .. I in that situation have my car stereo at full blast, I stop on the side of the road and call a friend
    or whats worth go to a pub...

    All the best Neha and have a great festive season..

  16. thanks buddy..n when is the next post? come on come on...

  17. rains rains..I want some rains...NOW!! I'm yearning for some showers...I dont think the place where I live even knows what monsoon is! Sigh!

    I miss being in India this time of the year, you know..the whole country looks so festive. Have a wonderful festive season, Neha :)