Sunday, May 16, 2010

Romantic? How boring!

When a girl thinks about her dream guy; she imagines him coming on a horse or a Ferrari depending on the era she is in mentally and takes her with him in the dreamland with nature and its beauty all around them; a perfect weather (usually spring; yeah even Indian girls dream of springs); the guy is showering her with flowers, evening is so very special with candle light dinner, amazing evening gowns and tuxedos as dress code, a violin is playing in the background specially for you. While you are waiting for your food to arrive; the guy proposes to you. Ah, picture perfect tears come in your eyes but you realize that this situation is not for real!

Yes, most of us dream of such a situation; but we know they are not for real always! And thank god such things don't happen. At least not in my case.

I lack interest for romantic things and gestures. They kind of bore me. How very dull it is to get red roses as a gift! Isn't it a complete waste of money? For they wither in a few hours and all your money is wasted. Those long drives are good; but not when you live in Mumbai and while coming back, you get stuck in the traffic at Panvel, Vashi, Sion and Western Express highway!

And those candle light dinners! If you cannot see your food properly; then how can you enjoy eating it? Sigh! the synonym for romantic things is suffering - monetarily, mentally and physically!

But I love the idea of a perfect date! An ideal date for me would be - a live match in the stadium. A cricket, football or a tennis match. But my husband is only fond of cricket; and sadly there are no good football and tennis matches happening in India; so cricket it is. Isn't it exciting to go, cheer and shout on top of your voice to support your team?

And dinners - I so loathe to dress up well to go out for dinner. Sit at home, order your meal and eat! Isn't it super comfortable to sit and eat on your bed? It's feels so good when you play card games with your partner rather than saying "I love you" ten times in one minutes! Romantic things can never give you such a comfort!

Let me not discuss my dancing abilities all over again! Who said that a ball dance is romantic? Ask me! How awkward it leaves me and how embarrassing it may get for my dancing partner! 

Romantic gifts - those red hearts all over the place - be it a teddy bear or a tee. I will not say it's very kiddish as many of you might be loving such hearts placed all over.

But there is one romantic gift that I simply love - chocolates. They do not have to have a heart shape; or even wrapped in a fancy paper and ribbons. A simple pack of chocolates will also do.

So, are you guys as boring as me or being romantic is boring for you?


  1. Hahah...we are very similar I guess..but there were times when I did the most romantic shit on earth for someone...well I think it depends more on your partner than what you are?..I mean if your partner is a romantic it kinda rubs on doesnt it?


  2. Romantic Films seriously mess up a girl's expectation of a guy. Trust me! :|

  3. Oh yes.....Those red hearts...teddy bears....are candies for teenage love. I guess the meaning of romance and its gesture changes as we grow.

    I totally agree with you. Catching up on things both like, spending quality time with each other; maybe even while cooking together is all romantic.

    No red hearts, teddy bears, diamonds...err...silver...:-)

    By the way, my husband got me 2 red roses today morning after his cricket practice. I was touched by the gesture. :-) simple things like this is romantic.

  4. Voila!! Your are the perfect woman, where were you all the time, and now you are married !! sigh !! ;-) Nice post Neha, Kindly start a organisation and train women to be like you (starting wid my gf)
    PS: dont let her know i posted this, she wud kill me ;-)
    Keep writing !!

  5. A lil bit of these romantic things are good but sans the heart shaped goodies and teddies!! I could never stand them and kinda found it weird whenever I saw them somewhere! :D
    Getting stuck in the traffic jam could be a pain, but the joy of a long drive are immense.
    Getting dressed up for the occasion is wonderful too and yes candle light dinners are sooooooo romantic too! :D

  6. i think this will depend on both partners , if one loves and one does not , then it will be problem.
    and 2nd is financial condition .
    Only few can afford to gift a plane or ship or IPL team

  7. most people are driven by the popular notion of what is romantic. Mostly fed in our psyche by innumerable hindi and english movies depicting the scenarios you have mentioned.

    I was a sucker for these things when I was a in my teens but gradually these ideas have been replaced with more practical ones.

  8. Very Interesting!! I can't believe you wrote this. It is not boring at all. I know a replica of you, my romantic hubby Vivek. :)

  9. hmmm....
    u can't say anything about love...bcoz for dem who r experiencing it, this is the most heavenly feeling on earth...
    and ya the meaning of love changes with age...
    love can't be boring.....
    it's d only feeling which makes all of us happy......

  10. does it work for guys tooo i mean do we get gifts tooo..

    YEah to me romantic would also be havign a decent talk...

    knowing about each other, people dont talk these days I have seen
    But as someone above mentioned WHERE WERE YOU ... errr 4 years ago ...

    BTW i dont have a ferrari or the horse.. so kya karooon Ab by the time i get hold of one of these i will be like 40+ he he he he

  11. He looks like most of the women here don't value hearts and teddys much. . Yet so many of those are sold on Valentine's Day! Guess most of those are bought by teenagers! Still ur concept of date in a stadium (o_O) that is weird. . . So very weird. . . I guess never thought of it like that. Yet if both partners like sports then its a cool way to hangout:)
    i always had my share of doubts about Candle Light Dinners being romantic specially when in India we have so much of power shortage. .
    I guess all of us like chocolates, some admit and some don't.

  12. LOL! I think the most romantic things are the most understated ones, a smile, eye contact over a shared reaction, a subtle touch in a crowded place. The cliched ones are overdone and boring

  13. The ideal date is when two can sit together and talk to each other for hours together when there are no boundaries for expression.
    To hell with Candles, Chocolates and Flowers.

  14. Shouting on top of your voice to support your team is more romantic? OK. I agree with you on chocolates.

  15. Hi! Neha,
    those hearts & teddies, maybe just a marketing success of archies or that sort of brand keeping those apart, anything...not for the value of the object, but the amount of love we see in that gesture, when romance is in air...
    hmmm nothing can take us to the sky,.. like those moments...

  16. hey like ur version of romance.. kinda shud be like romance 2k10... :)

    i also feel dat wid those roses, candle light dinners and other type of romantic gestures have become too cliche.. sometimes dey looks like suffocating and all but ya relishing some wonderful moments spent in d comapny of each other is priceless..

    wonderfully written .. loved reading it..:)

  17. kai boltos re baba...i thougt of getting u n family icecream when v meet monthend at u say u like chocolates..what re baba? haha..ok both...done...hum mumbaikar dilvala..ahah

  18. fortunately for me and unfortunately for others i fall in the boring category...but who cares..I am loving it !!!

  19. The chocoholic agrees. But ordering in your meal?? Naaah

  20. awesomely written article!! Yeah i do support you word by word. While at a date i think you are not yourself. You dress differently, you make yourself think and talk differently and i feel in a date with candle lights, things become so much formal. Out in a stadium you are free and you enjoy the moment and those moments will be worth remembering than those stupid candle light dinners! :D Gr8 article!!

    A Journey to the Unknown Spaces!

  21. Ha ha ,so true.Half of your romance goes off in teh air after travelling miles to reach the place just to eat. Especially , when you have to hear your partner cribbing about traffic, signals, bad drivers and son on. As for dance ,i won't do any talking ;)

  22. Lol:)..I feel very embarrassed if my hubby tell anyone in the restuarant that its my bday or anniv, I prefer a quiet evening.

  23. while playing cards, monopoly, ps2 , taking a walk together form kind of our cool n romantic routine, i'm the one who also loves getting dressed for dining out on special occasions (else, i'm generally out wearing super casuals... call it being lazy). and flowers... i love them... of course i sometimes get the feeling that they are being plucked out and wasted... but then many of us are non-vegetarians as well... eating animals... so then having flowers is better ;) he he

    btw, are most of u in navi mumbai too??? ur comments give me that feeling.

  24. well wat ur hubby's take on that..does he feel the same...?
    romance is nt only for involves two need to move one step ahead to do smthing extra..or different which might nt be U but might be liked by ur depends upon bth the lovers...
    small things can alws be appreciated...if btht the partners are happy with the way of romance nthign like it...i love privacy at the time of romance..and who doesnt like gifts...candle lights..and wat r u going to do with the money if u cant enjoy the best thing in world..that is love romance..isnt it?

  25. Ah romanticism goes beyond candle light dinners and ball-dances.They are so passe` won't you say?
    Now-a-days you can just order a pizza and arrange for a movie marathon at your place or his.
    Or go on a casual stroll with him in the evening.
    I think the mere idea of spending time with your loved one is romantic...doesn't matter how you do it. :)
    And btw I don't love roses..too many thorns >_<
    I prefer pink carnations.*sigh*
    I love those!

  26. The idea of romance changes from M&B type settings to more realistic ones as your grow up from teens to adulthood.. But i still cherish the candlelight dinner i had at Le Meridian many years back complete with a crooner and the view of scintillating lights of Delhi from the roof top restaurant. Such outings break the monotony of everyday life. And who can say 'no' to flowers... doesn't matter whether its carnations or galdioli or roses in yellow pink or deep red. I just love accepting them as gifts any day.

  27. I share your feelings on both roses and chocolates:), and I think if someone's guy is acting very romantic, he'll come across as

  28. and cricket match!!! I wonder how will any1 enjoy a date there with such a big crowd and no space for the couple.

    I doubt now any girl even dreams of all those as todays generation are more intelligent .

  29. With every post of urs...i only conclude that we can't get more similar and it's beaten everytime...
    U spoke my heart,...Sporty stuff gives me an adrenaline rush like nothing else!!

  30. hey did my comment get saved? hellloooo

  31. neha ji...proud of u a chatterbox like me..heheh cheers

  32. hi..
    me not bluffing..
    but very sincere..


  33. Reading between the lines, actually, you seem to be quite romantic...
    All the Best...

  34. You are, in short, the dream woman for many guys! Not all of us like taking out women out for long drives, expensive candle light dinners, long long drives etc etc!
    But then it gets boring to not be doing these things. Just a few days ago, I took my girl for early morning breakfast, just to break the routine. It wasn't candle light but it was different and totally romantic (or atleast I think it was! lol).

    Coming back to you, well, staying at home does bring out a lot more romance than going out :P

  35. Teddy & roses = milk & Honey. Too chweet for any good.

  36. Hmmm ... wish God made more women like you. I envy your husband ;)

  37. Since there is no romantic link in my life right now, I guess, I shouldn't comment. I guess, it's fine either way. But please, no public displays, please!

    A question out of curiosity. You had a love marriage, didn't you? Where did you propose, right in the middle of an India-Pak ODI? ;)

  38. Exactly you reflect me! but one correction....I prefer sitting at home with the surround speakers on and watch the cricket match and munching my foodies sitting on the couch. After the match when the huge crowd returns home its traffic jam again! Anyway its a fantastic post.hope the girls are listening :-)

  39. haha... awesome views... match a lot with mine.. and I am pretty sure you would be a dream girl for loads of guys and your husband must be one happy man...

  40. You sounded like me! Gifting me flowers and teddys is a complete NO! And yes, chocolate it is for me too!!!

    And to your list of getaway for live matches, I'd add theatre and movies! Nothing like going for a good play with your partner and discussing it later...or enjoying a hopelessly pathetic movie with iced tea and popcorn!!!

  41. Hahaha.. :D I know what you mean, and I perfectly agree. Why can't girls be like this?!
    And this seems to be a sequel to mills and boon post? :D
    Keep 'em coming! :)

  42. He he he, that was an awesome revelation :-)))) Btw, we are in the same team for the BPL contest :-)

  43. @ Shahid, I am more romantic than my husband..does that answer your question? :P

    @ VA, welcome here..thank you for your comments..

    @ Insignia, spending quality time is all that does not have to do things out of the way right?

    @ Bullsyey, welcome here..thank you for your comments..start an organization to train women? No ways..they are so difficult to handle! :P

    @ Shilpa, I somehow prefer the laid back life more than the drives etc..:)

    @ sm, you hit the nail on the head :)

    @ LP, movies do play a big role in definition of being romantic..

    @ Swatantra, thank you and lol :)

    @ Shekhar, I am in love too..I am talking about my way of expressing it..teddies and roses ain't love for me :)

    @ Bikram, I was single for 6 months in last 12 years - that's all :P

    @ Savvy, instead of spending 2000 to 3000 in an exotic diner, I prefer to watch a live match :) and you are new here..when you have time na, just read my posts on how weird I am :P

    @ Ah Ritu, wow..even I am fine with these things :D

    @ BK Chowla, right..having those conversations without paying attention on the topic is perfect :)

    @ SG, I prefer watching a match than those romantic (read expensive) dinners etc. For me spending money behind a live match is worth :)

    @ RD, those moments can be created by a hand made cards need to spend money behind hearts right? :D

    @ Sushobhan, well, once in a while such things are still ok; but not every now n then na..

    @ Ramesh, I love ice cream too :D

    @ RavsWorld, welcome here and welcome to the club :)

    @ darklove, welcome here..thank you for your comments..

    @ Purba, welcome here..thank you for your each her own right? :D

    @ nkr, welcome here..bang sentiments exactly..I cannot eat my bread with knife and fork..I need to use my hands :P

    @ Neha, right..but when there is no traffic at all; I don't mind drives :)

    @ Samvedana, I love to announce my birthday :D

    @ Anuradha, I stay at malad..I usually dress up in casuals no matter what the occasion is :)

    @ Rohini, my husband is like me..and money - well there are other uses too of money than spending on flowers and dinners right? :)

    @ Sammy, exactly..order food at home :D and stroll - ummm, isn't it better to sit at home and talk? why walk! :P

    @ Abha, such dinners once in a while are ok; but I still prefer a casual set up..and no flowers :)

    @ Ana treek, welcome here...hahahahahahaah gay? lollll :D

    @ NR, date does not mean hanky panky right? :P

    @ Jaunty, hugs dost :)

    @ Arvind, errrrrrrr :P

    @ Vikram, oh not at all re !

    @ Nishant, dream girl - i dunno; but many find me weird.. :P

    @ Holy Lama, interesting as always :)

    @ Pan, welcome here..thank you for your comments..:)

    @ DC, PDAs a complete no no for me as never proposed each other formally you just happened.. :)

    @ Anto, live match in stadium and home - can't compare these two :) and welcome here..

    @ Munish, welcome here..thank you for your husband is a very lucky and a happy man :P

    @ Neha, hugs girl..I guess the name does the trick :)

    @ Karthik, you know me so well :D

    @ Pal, welcome here..and now we are team mates :D

  44. neha Lucky you ha haha I was single most of the TIME :) ha ha ha

  45. i gave a bunch of 48 ferrero to my girl :)

  46. i soooo hate teddy bears as gifts and the whole concept of hearts! My friends say I will change eventually once I fall in love but I disagree.


  47. You blog is like one-stop entertainment! Amazing to find the species that lack a chromosome having some intellect as well!!

    I never understood the logic behind gifts. Its just that my girl loves it and I'm love seeing her like that (:

    My take on Mush:

  48. @ Bikram, lucky you actually :P

    @ Hary, that was so mean! I mean you mentioning that here is so mean!!

    @ Neha, falling in love does not change certain things :D

    MMB, thank you for your comments and compliments..I did read your post..interesting take; but so much of I didn't comment there :)

  49. lol what all we do for love !!! I find these things very silly. For me Romantic would be something intelligent done together maybe just an eye contact ..eyes speak louder than words I believe
    great post

  50. I accidently arrived at your blog and liked it a lot. Great writing stuff. But for this one i would say...I think u didnt get the point. These little romantic things brings pleasure to the life which cant be described by words. I dont know if roses does work for many, but they surely do for me :)

  51. very well said yaar.....but these things r intresting only after marriage not in beginning...

    affairs roses... love letters...long chats....night calling for long hrs...

  52. Just saw the title of the blog on Indiblogger... can't resist reading and smiling...:)

    Well... I do not know which category I fall in :P

  53. love it !!!!!!!!!!!!
    totally !! neva actually thot all dat :) :)