Monday, April 05, 2010

Calories - Your true lover

We see people ranting about how others take them for granted; boyfriend not loving girlfriend as much as she expects (or vice versa); how the price and expenses keep increasing and such. Various rants on various topics - depending on your standard of living.

Two middle class women will rant about how costly sugar has become or tur daal prices are ever increasing; while upper class ladies will discuss that their dog's appetite is decreasing. They bought only 10 packets of dog food instead of 15!

But one common thing that does not change on the basis of your class or standard of living is the over increasing weight. Each age group and class discuss this. They are worried about those always growing tires all around their body. Some go for a walk, some exercise, some do yoga and some crib. But they are always worried about those calories after they have consumed two samosas or three ice creams.

But these people have a logic too behind consuming those extra calories. Their determination wins over their guilt. They do compensate by walking for extra 10 minutes on treadmill; or by doing a few extra crunches.

We spend thousands in gym to reduce the calories; but a five rupees samosa makes us forget that thousand completely for ten minutes.

Lekin kya kare; these calories do not leave us at all. They always follow us wherever we go; waiting for us to grab a bite so that they can take over us. They are like those psycho lovers whom you cannot ignore until you die; as they are immortal.

But our nature is pretty strange. We envy those who are size zero by default. We pity those who are 100+ and sympathize with them even when we are just a ten kgs lighter. But; that's human right? How badly we crave for a cold coffee with a pastry or a cheese pizza while heading to the gym. How those lousy protein shakes get on our nerves every time we have to relish them for "our own good"!

Now Cafe Coffee Day has found out a solution for you. You might not be going there with the fear of building up a few more calories. They have a smart option to attract people. See the images below. You will know what I am talking about:

Interesting and smart; isn't it?

But it will at least motivate you to consume those extra calories and shed them by pulling the door! Wish it was so simple.

I am blessed with high metabolism. So you can imagine what I must be going through each time I am among those "khate-pite ghar ke log" physically!


  1. How true! I am sold by the logic of forgetting about the 1K gym bill against Rs 5 samosa. Let me share more. Why would one want to eat 2 or more samosas or 3 or more ice creams? Isn't 1 good enough to taste and enjoy? Any food stuff consumed in huge quantities is never good for human body.

    My bottomline is... Eat whatever you want without a hint of calories consciousness, but do know how much to eat :)

  2. wow creative idea by CCD that is :) thanks for sharing !!

  3. You wrote about love for calories in your 100th post??!!! Ladki, tera kya hoga! :D :D :D

  4. First, congrats on your 100th post. Wish to see many more 100s.

    Have you heard about high-class women carry a minute weighing machine to weigh even the olives they are going to eat? Crazy!!

    I dont have the calorie problem, fortunately :-D

  5. A great Push and Pull Idea! But you know what I am a big foodie and I never ever think about how much calories I am consuming!
    " Bhagwan ne ek hi jeevan diya hai to khao piyo aish karo yaar!"....:)

  6. the "pull to shed calories" won't help at all... i think they should attach 1kg weights at the outer base of the cups. So you workout with every sip ;)

  7. Oh! Now I want to eat pastries. By the way, I'm not calories conscious. No wonder I'm not super thin.
    Nice post. :)

  8. Great post.. good thing I dont count my calories.. I've found that the only way to avoid temptation is to just GIVE IN !! :)


  9. I am not as lucky as you are with your high BMR so i do count my calories (only count haan)and i also hate wasting i never throw all that cheese laden pizza left overs,ice creams,peanut butter jelly sandwiches ,chocolates my kids leave...maan ka kartvaya !!Now it has been ages..samosa nahin khaya..100th post,mauka bhi hai,dastur bhi hai to...i want my samosaaaa !!!

  10. Neha, talking about calories,I have a lot to shed.You reminded me of these when I am at it for the last one week. I trust I dont yield to anyhing fried or sweet. Nice one!

  11. Calories and Bin Laden... my two biggest enemies... innovative indeed.....cya around

  12. Loved tht ...!! do they really help in shedding calories :P :D

    then i'm gonna run to CCD lol

  13. yaa tht pull push idea was awesome :)

    so u completed writing 100th post...congrats! tu blogville ki sachin tendulkar ban gayi :)

  14. My best wishes on the century--IPL season.
    CCD , it seems has a great AD agency and a great marketing team.
    Personally, I am of the opinion that one must eat/drink every thing but in moderation. Dont give up any food--God has created it for us.And also ,mus t take a walk--I do 1 hr everyday in the morning.
    And yes, it was on Saturday, the MD of CCD was on ZEE Business explaining how he has succeeded in making this venture a success.
    Keep eating- it is good for our health.

  15. Congratulations and Celebrations on your 100th post!!! :D

    Great idea by CCD, very smart chaps! Which of their branches did you see this in Mumbai? Do let me know :P

    The 1 tip I'd give to stay healthy and fit is - Eat whenever you are hungry. So, it also means that you shouldn't binge unnecessarily. That's it... Simple! :)

  16. ya like bkc says moderation holds the key :) Hey thanks neha for continuing to motivate the blog wishes always to u and fmly

  17. Hi! Neha,

    so true...u know what neha, the things which u write in ur blog are so common and very much around us , but would not have given much thought about it, and there u score coming up with those topics in a real good readable style...thanks.

  18. Very nice post! Thanks for sharing and you are really blessed to have a great metabolism..

  19. Congratulations on your 100th post, Neha!! A cool milestone achievement!
    Cheers for that! :)

    Calories!! A burning thought for most of us, but wish the mere thoughts could burn those extra calories, we need to burn! *SIGH*

  20. Oh this is interesting ! push and pull to lose the calories ! hmm !

    After all the push and pull of shedding the wallet empty ! :)

  21. Forget the Rs 1000 on gym while having a Rs 5 Samosa... damm thats so true!! I like the idea of attracting cusomers at CCD, but ya as u said... its not that simple... it was an awesome read and congrats on ur 100th post!


  22. nice article
    great marketing idea
    thanks for the pics.
    yes i agree with rich or poor
    its the problem

  23. Ah calories..the bane of my far back as I can remember I was worried about my weight.
    Lucky youwho has a good I just look at a samosa and add calories.
    One of my favourite jokes is about candies: ten minutes on the lips, ten years on the hips!!

  24. elo,

    Pull to shed calories .. fantastic idea it is. I saw a sign once in ancient arab port city ... "Typing of Monitor".You are indeed lucky that you have high rate of metablosm ..lesser people like us have to slog it out on the court daily ;)

  25. Excellent post Neha.

    "Pull to shed calories" know whats that is all about??

    A small PR exercise!!

    I will never give up samosas for anything.haha

    All we need is moderation!

  26. Interesting concept by CCD. I hear this is the 100th... Congrats :).

  27. Congrats on 100th post ...Hmm... calories and me - a love hate relationship ...well when you are close to 100+ then isn't it natural :D ....

  28. No wonder the 50pound a month gym fee is not helping ...
    The love of calories yeah so true.. I still got a ONE PACK rather then SIX :(

    I like the ideas...

    your 100th Post calls for Rasmalai, gol gappe, samosa's, jalebis yummmyyyyyyyyyy... PARTY TIME...

  29. i am i guess those 'blessed' few who eat like a pig work like a sloth yet don't put on weight! I mean i am not even normal I am thin!
    nice concept by CCD tho!

  30. @ Mohan, one samosa has 645 how many minutes on treadmill? :P you are right..moderation is the key :)

    @ Nu, you bet.. :)

    @ G, hahahaha, thik hai na..chalta hai :P

    @ Insignia, thank you..and weighing olives? ewww, that's absurd and crazy..

    @ Megha, yes yes, bindaas jio and khub kao pio :D

    @ bombay-local, welcome here..thank you for your comments..why don't you pass on your idea to CCD? :P

    @ Nethra, same here..even I am not calorie conscious..but I am super thin :P

    @ Yogesh, welcome here..thank you for your comments..I am sure calories love you :D

    @ Kavita, only count calories and you do not like wasting food? wow, you are indeed a great mother :D come to Mumbai we will celebrate my 100th post occasion with 2 samosas and one vada paav? :P

    @ Kavi, now don't talk about wallets here..let's reserve this for another post ;)

    @ Tavish, yeah it is indeed true na..thank you for your wishes :)

    @ sm, thank you..this problem is common among all the classes and age group :)

    @ Saroj, look at samosas and add calories? my goodness, you should be having a low metabolism then..and I loved that joke :D

    @ Scarlet, idea is fantastic; but I don't think it works :P

    @ Gaurav, welcome here..thank you for your comments :)

    @ IP, yeah it is a PR exercise; but it does not work na..I love samosas too :D

    @ Harini, thank you thank you :)))

    @ Dhiman, hahahaha..true true..thanks :)

    @ Bikram, one pack is IN..ask my husband :P party time - and one pack will become one balloon :D

    @ Addy, welcome here..I am super thin too..but how does it matter least we can hog like pigs :D

  31. 100...great going gal... :)

    I'm not at all concerned abt calories...I'm just waiting for the golden day I reach 50kg...calories sab baad mein...

  32. Well,the key is to eat smart and excercise smart :P than eat lot and gym hard ;)

  33. Hi.. you made some good points about people eating junk food..but most people forget one basic fact. You need to exercise whether or not you are fat/ thin. Exercising is about keeping your muscles and joints healthy which does not happen just by staying thin! Lot of health problems arise because of this!
    I agree with Mohan too1 eat one, why eat three? But, why stop eating just so you dont have to exercise?:)

  34. Congratulations for hitting a maiden century. Hope you will go not out for your second century.

    I do not have a calorie problem.

  35. 100th post~!!
    congratulations Neha!!
    Even i'm fortunate in that case..have a good metabolism..
    luv those extra heart goes ooh-la-la on seeing anything which gives the impression of being matter what it turns out to be!!

  36. On a serious note, obesity leads to many problems. Besides the unhealthy food, we have become so used to all kinds of comforts like cars, taxis, remote control, maid servant cleaning the house and machines doing all physical work. We hardly walk. If we just stop using remote control of the TV and walk to the TV to change channel or change volume, it might do some good.

    Walking to work is anohter useful way to save planet and reduce obesity assuming your office is at walkign distance.

    I can go on this subject...

  37. Tough to count calories when busy...avoid sweets and fried stuff...thats my only rule!

  38. hey i share your high metabolism:), some pity comments like "kitni patliiiii hain", some advices of 'how to get fat' and some compliments "iska sahi hain..kuch bhi kha le, kuch nahi hoga":D

    but i dream of some day becoming fat and then heading to gym for shedding few pounds;)

  39. oye this is your 100TH post!!!
    congratulations on the century...
    hope you complete many more centuries..:)
    this calls for party!!!

  40. @ nsiyer, thank you sir..I hope you successfully shed those extra calories :)

    @ Hary, welcome back..hope to see ya around :)

    @ DiDo, hahahaha, i wish they did :P

    @ Gayathri, hahahahahahahaha, that's indeed some compliment..blogville ki tendulkar - I am loving it :D

    @ BK Chowla, your comments are always so very informative and to the point..thank you for the suggestions and enlightening :)

    @ Parth, thank you..this was at lokhandwala CCD..I wish everyone could follow your idea :P

    @ Ramesh, BK Chowla is usually right :)

    @ RD, thanks..a special thank you for a very generous made my day :)

    @ Swatantr5a, yeah i know..thanks :))

    @ Shilpa, thank you :)))

    @ Communi, you will for sure be glad to see me then..I am around 48 :D

    @ Lakshmi, we all know that..but how many follow it? :P

    @ Lakshmipriya, welcome here..thank you for your comments..I agree with your points completely..exercise is very much necessary..:)

    @ SG, thank you very much..wish you the same :)

    @ Jaunty, oh yeah..anything with cheese and meri niyat kharab ho jaati hai :P

    @ Chandana, thanks :)

    @ A, thank you for those tips..but you know, we all know these things; but very few follow..and they are all film stars :D

    @ Nalini, very true ya :)

    @ wishes galore, I get the same reactions buddy..all the time..but I love this frame :D thanks a tonne for your wishes buddy :))

  41. haha..yr suggestion that he could have donated one eye sounds good..wish he had known wonder u r such a famous lawyer in amchi mumbai..:)

  42. Never been to a gym! But I always eat whatever I desire be it unhealthy :P

  43. first time on your blog
    and loved every bit of it
    i liked the part about samosa
    only thing is for me it is sweets
    all my resolutions about calorie control just fly out of the window at the sight of any sweet.
    i live to eat
    so what is few calories here and there.
    what matters is the satisfaction

  44. @ Ramesh, :)

    @ Neha, same here :P

    @ Anju, well, this is not your first visit have visited my blog many times :) remember you told me that I remind you of your daughter - my namesake..and we both have a tattoo and quite similar point of view and your husband and I are lawyers? there are many will remember me after reading this reply for sure :))

    sweet is a weakness for most of us are samosas..glad you still love my blog :))

  45. well i agree....we shld manage wat we are eating.....but it requires a lot of determination....even gym every is not easy.....

    and there are different eating styles....mine is ...eating to kill time...which i think i the most fatal one....and i'm getting Ghar ka Khanna..i have to eat bahar ka shitty khana.....which isn't healty...but i think i don't mind it rite now........may be laterrr.......

    and i love samosa

    rite now my thinking is about do wat do you do....just a different attitude.....hope i don't suffer cause of it.... :)

  46. Hey i did not remove yours.

    Maybe yahoo is acting crazy.

    My policy is not to remove any comments.

    Please comment again...

    i highly treasure YOUR comments..loved each one of them

  47. Hard to resist anythign yummy scrum right? But you are so lucky...u can go on gorging! :)

  48. Ah a post on calories! Maybe I should get one of these for my blog! LOL.
    Nice post on how people forget their weight, fat etc etc when they are hungry and craving for food. Offcourse, my situation is different as I am always full, so no craving, hence no 'extra' calories' LOL.
    Anyhoo, I read this is the 100th Post! AWESOMENESS! I liketh :D. Keep going.

    Oh haan, Treat dena bhulna mat :D.

  49. ha ha.... Calories easy to gain and difficult to lose... :)

  50. Hey Neha,

    I am one of those who were not 'blessed' except during my college days. I look back at those days of trying to put on weight with lust and longing.

    There are two gyms who are desperately trying for my business without much success