Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Kyun Phir Sur Mila?

It was the grand occasion of celebrating the Success of “Phir Mile Sur mera tumhara” and I had the pleasure to meet the celebrities who have done so much for our country that they were made a part of this legendary song. Though we could ask only a few of them few questions; nevertheless, it was a great honour to interview those celebs.

AR - Rahem Man

Me: It is the greatest pleasure to meet you in person sir. I am your big fan. Tell me sir; what was the idea behind tweaking the original tune a bit (?) and coming up with a new one altogether?

ARR: It has been my speciality to do so. Remember our National Anthem that I made for Fame Cinemas? It should ideally be of 52 seconds; but mine is much longer than that! Still people love it. People love me. Anything I make works; so will this. In fact, I may use my part for a Hollywood movie. Another Oscar you see.

Amit Bechain

Me: You have given your voice for this song. What inspired you to do so?

AB: I have given my voice for almost all the songs of various genres. When the makers of this video heard me singing Himani Boro Plus song – that Swaha! One; they immediately contacted me to sing something similar. I had only one condition – I should be the first one to be featured. They agreed (like they had any other option); and there I was!

Shanky, Ehsy and Lyo
Me: your trio is playing altogether a different tune there. What do you have to say about it?

SEL: We wanted our part to stand out. People say ARR is the best; but we rock. You listen to his part and listen to ours. The national pride song was the best platform to prove that ARR is overrated.

Dipick a Padhu kone

Me: D, i must tell you; you are looking gorgeous in that video. How were you approached for this song but?

D: (Giggling) they did not approach me; I approached them. I asked them to feature Ranbir and me; so that they will get a bit more publicity. Now this is a secret ok – since i am single at the moment; I am hopeful to find somebody for me. There are so many sportsmen, actors and musicians around. I will spread the rumours of my link up first and then break up. It is a great idea to remain in news for a month you see when your movies don’t work.

Shia-mak Dee war

Me: Shia-mak, good to see you after so many years buddy. You are the only person I can ask a direct question to. What is this video all about? And what are you doing there?

S: The makers wanted a bollywood version of this song; that’s the reason all the big names were roped in. But the choreography has turned out amazing. The original song was missing that; and i have successfully created a fusion of classical dance and the western one.

Shah-no-ruk Kahn

Me: SRK, your part in the song – isn’t it your favourite pose?

SRK: Oh they used it in “Phir Mile Sur” too? No wonder I was invited for this party. I have around hundreds of copies made of that pose. Whenever somebody asks for a guest appearance; I send them a copy. So it is difficult to keep a track. I am sure technology took care of lip sync part too; if there was any.

I could not ask any further questions to anybody.


  1. Saaruk's is hilarioussssss.
    superb work .....
    this post rocks :)....
    except for ARR as am his die hard admirer :( :( :(

  2. Nice one. Very hilarious. May be, inadvertently, you may have brought out the "real" truth or what they "really" think in their mind. You posed the questions like a professional press reporter. Kudos.

  3. Ha ha ha, Yes Neha I know you could not have asked more questions but on a serious note that is probably the real state of our elite group of people, who are featured in that video. God Bless India !!

  4. Neha,i think that i am very fortunate that i have not seen that new version till now and after reading this post of yours i am sure that i am going to keep myself away from it.Thanks .

  5. You know why I think this is biased, so I cannot comment as I'm biased too! But no arguments for the reason behind the post! I agree to that completely! :)

  6. Have read so many review about the 'phir mile sur' but I must tell you this ones the best !! Hilarious yet true :)

  7. I was actually wondering when I heard the concept of phir mile sur. But when I actually saw its video, I was very much disappointed. The original version was quite raw and more in 'SUR'.........:) So, now I have to really ask, Kyun Phir Sur Mila??? :)

  8. This one is surely going to make everyone bonkers!! Tooo good Neha. But why did you miss asking a question to 'Sonoo Nikam'?? You see I really wanted to know his intent :-P

  9. I don't think the new version is that bad. If you think it not as a remake but an original it sounds good.

    I liked the SRK portion. Who gave you that idea? I am sure, it is not yours.

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  11. Hillarious!..this time it really gives a message as if India is bollywood only.

  12. LOL !!!

    I guess you should continuing interviewing other celebs also..

    Aish ki Rai-
    There was Sharmili missing, so I tried to play it

    Junior B-
    Thankfully I got a more famous dad and wifey so that i can sneak in anytime

  13. this was a completely different take on one of the hottest discussions of today 'older version vs newer version of MSMT'...good one! this was what I call Sarcasmmmmmmmmm Unlimited :)

    Should have asked deepika which state was she representing? seriously I watched the video so many times but could not fathom which place was it...

  14. Well well.. you did ask interesting questions, and thank god you stopped Cause i have ahaving a laughter FIT ..

    What will people do hain.. for a bit of publicity and cash on stuff..

    But lets prey for the best and HOPE if we stop watiching the VIDEO and only listen to the song At least hope that OUR SUR's do MILO... somewhere - sometime ...

  15. Too good. I hated the new version to the core. This one hit on the right place. Satire at its best! :)

  16. I just read this on the Crap...
    May be it is worth commenting again.

  17. yu sure they didnt read this ? :D ..yu a pro reporter of a kind eh!


  18. Wonder why they had to do this again! The old song is still so strong and fresh in my mind !

    Maybe i am just getting too old for the new generation !


  19. But is his National Anthem longer than 52 secs?
    If so why has not the Govt taken action against him?

  20. I cant stop laughing....wonderful....kya imagination hain.....and I dont know if a National Anthem can be tweaked for entertainment purposes!!


  21. lol... loved the spoof on the names... specially for SRK... very nicely written...

    P.S. when u reply to this comment... be a little careful with the name :)

    Latest Blog Post: 30 seconds late...

  22. LoLs.... For Deepika i cudn't understand y she was the only one wearing a western dress in the entire song that too in rain, other was Sharukh in his usual pos(arms wide open).Thank god they leave it till there only and didn't add any bollywood masala further.

  23. lol! Loved the way you brought to light the thinking process of our celebrities!

  24. Your best post. Superb. Imaginative witty and sarcastic to core. Btw, employ some bodyguards bcoz they might whisk you away and make a hopeless redo of this wonderful post too.

  25. That was hilarious! :D
    Hope the celebs don't read this post...else you'll be the one who will be asked questions! :P

  26. Awesome....simply loved it!!
    From whr u got this idea ya...can simply publish in Times of India its really good!!

    As always u had to target SRK...i know!! U were a bit mean to him...:))!!

  27. Ha ha ha ! Hilarious post, Neha...too good!!

  28. Genuinely hilarious..and creative...never thought Amit could be bechain..!:-)

  29. @ sm, thanks :)

    @ Mahesh, I am a big admirer of ARR too buddy..but I couldn't see him tweaking all possible songs that are the pride of our nation..but he still rocks :)

    @ SG, whoa! that's a big compliment..thanks a lot..glad you liked it :)

    @ Vivek, exactly re..I can't see that video at all..

    @ Kavita, please don' watch the older version instead..that's so much better..

    @ G, I know you are biased; but this post is not :D

    @ Nu, thanks.. :)

    @ Megha, wohi na, kyun phir sur mila?

    @ Insignia, Sonu was not singing this song at all re..he was singing some rap number what could I have asked him? :P

    @ PB, we all have our point of views..I am sure phir mile sur team will be glad to meet u :D this idea is entirely mine :)

    @ Anonymous, thanks :)

    @ Antarman, yeah I agree..thanks :)

    @ Communi, buddy, you completed the list..I didn't want to extend the post and make it monotonous..:)

    @ Gayathri, Thanks buddy for the idea where Dipika is standing..maybe they shot her portion in some foreign location.. I guess tht explains her clothes too, right?

    @ Bikram, 15 minutes tak ye logo se sur milana? buddy, I lack patience :D

    @ Karthik, hey thanks buddy...that's some compliment :)

    @ BK Chowla, it is indeed crap..thus I put it on Crap Station too..glad you liked it :)

    @ Hary, I am not so pupolar na, so I am safe..none of the celebs will have time to read this :D

    @ Ramesh, :)

    @ Kavi, I love the older version too..:)

    @ Haddock, it is our fundamental duty to respect the national anthem..but if somebody does not respect it, we cannot sue that person..

    @ Shahid, national anthem should not be tweaked re..thanks; glad you liked the post :)

    @ Tavish, thanks :)

    @ neha, any other bollywood massala was left to be added kya? I don't think so..more or less, they added it all..

    @ Novice, welcome back..thanks buddy :)

    @ Lama, thanks a tonne dear..

    @ Anu, I rather wish they read it..maybe they will get some sense..I know high hopes; but still..:)

    @ NR, thanks buddy..glad you liked it..this idea just clicked and I wrote it re :) I am not at all mean to SRK..:D

    @ Saroj, thanks :))

    @ Gyanban, hahaha, thanks :)

  30. As expected , the icing on the cake had to be Shah Rukh ... splendid piece of work !

  31. Hehe..sabki toh le li tumne, but then SRK ke saath kya zyaati dushmani hey? :P
    Abhi-shake nahi aaya party mein apne paa ke saath?
    Masttt tha N...Lagi raho! :D