Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tintin - my best friend

It has been almost 7 years since i have known tintin, or Dr. Nitin Shah...we met in sydenham college...he was a year junior to me...I got introduced to him through a common friend - hetal, and babes i owe you one for introducing this wonderful person to me...i am so very comfortable with nitin...he is my strength, my guide, my support and someone who is always there for me when i need a friend no matter what...he knows me really well...when i call him, from my tone he can make out how my mood is at that moment...chhoti se chhoti baat, i have to share with him, otherwise mera pet dukhta rehta hai...there are many bad qualities in tintin...he is never on time, always makes me wait, he lacks patience, sometimes too straight forward, attention seeker...well these are the qualities which are common between us, that is why we get along so well ;-) warning to all - never go for a movie with nitin alone...he will leave u in mid-way and go to meet his girlfriend if she calls him (I have been a victim thrice mind you, but i m such a big movie freak, that i saw it alone and didnt leave the theatre)...we can talk for hours together on any crappy stuff...together we rock...
the major thing i forgot to mention - tintins qualifications...well he is a commerce graduate, a lawyer, a web designer and a practicing hypnotherapist doctor...and he will turn 25 in may...huge achievements under his belt at this age...damn cool dost...really proud of you...these days we both are very busy with our respective careers, but we both know that we are just a phone call away from eachother...dude, just keep you a lot...three cheers to our friendship :-)