Monday, March 16, 2009


It all started when we first met,
So innocent we were then,
Our relation started, so sweet and pure,
it still exists, don't know what is it called.

Then I really liked you, yeah that's true,
You liked me too, I never knew.
Today I look back, back upon the time,
and think about the possibility - if you were mine!

We could have lived together days, months maybe years,
and shared all the joys as well as tears.
That did not happen, not with us,
but you are still you, and I still I.

Today I ask myself about the bond we share,
Is it the same old relation, or something else?
And I ask myself, what should I do?
Cos I am scared, yeah scared to face you...

What will I do if you are in front of me?
Will I break down or be it be?
Time heals everything, that's what they say,
I will wait for that time, to take me away....


i am 26 today, happily married, but not happy...I have a very nice life partner, nice and caring parents, awesome friends around, rocking career, but i am lost...i have everything but myself...sound strange right? well, that's life...i miss the time when life was so chilled out for your building friends at 11 in the night, go for drives, stop by a chai ka tapri and have suttas, sunday starts at 2 pm when you get the crappiest movie and come out laughing...get drunk when you are depressed...friends never question you for behaving silly...they join you in your act to make you feel nice...take 100 bucks udhaar every month end...and then sponsor 2 cigarette packets to chukao that udhaar...that monthly pocket-money life was much better than today's so called independent i have enough money for the next month even when its the month-end, but i no longer buy cigarette packets for paying off my's a nice feeling to have someone waiting for you at home everyday, but i miss those night-outs when i could be myself...i miss making my crush list and updating it every month, fighting over a guy who doesnt even know anything about you...well, life is not so bad after all, as these things still make me smile...i cherish those moments, my friends, my crushes n those once in a while gossippings..