Friday, January 29, 2010

Labels, Posters, etc.

Almost all of us love those Amul Ad posters. They are so witty and creative. Each time you pass by their hoarding site, it brings smile on your face. But if you are a female and you stay at Mumbai; do visit inorbit mall. Watch a movie there and visit the loo; for many posters await you and stare at you the moment you shut the door.

Now I expect you not to ask me questions like why I was clicking snaps inside. In fact, I am feeling a bit sad as so far; I have only two clicks.

Errr, girls would anyways not live with you Ms. Fox.

I would like to skip writing a caption for this one.

The same mall has certain discriminating and misleading factors too which will aggravate MNS and Sena again. Our very own and popular Bhadshah Massala brand has committed a big sin. They have dared to call Mumbai - Bombay. Further, thy have printed it on the bigger pack of Paav Bhaji massala. The smaller pack label still reads Mumbai though. but, will they be spared? I guess not. But they need not worry until a Shiv Sainik or MNS Karyakarta finds this out. I have mentioned this on my blog; and it is not so popular.

How about you people suggesting me a caption for image number one and two? The winner will get an Award from the great Nehatrix.

I am posting a few more Amul Ads. I am sure you guys will like them.

PS: Do not forget to mention the caption for first two images.

PPS: The PS is for those who only read the PS and not the post.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Food "NOT" for thought!

People, the title is also not controversial this time. My gyaan in the last post was highly misunderstood my many; but I am happy that we all could share our views on that topic no matter how positive or negative, relevant or contradictory, for or against (?) they were with the post.

Initially, to be very honest, I was really upset. The worst thing - I was not even the party who was being bashed up. But a simple post with my views and opinions attracted a lot of attention and touched the forbidden part of us - EGO. Oops, am I going in the same direction again? Please skip that statement on ego. But yes, I was upset; and my mother happened to call me at that time. She asked me whether I had daal rice or not. And then it clicked me. The only thing that could lift my spirits was a plate of rice!

Ok, the story of my mother calling me - I just cooked up; because I wanted to convey my message about my last post and start this new one. An anecdote can do wonders when you do not know how to speak about various topics in one post or connect different events which are not connected with one another - one more free gyaan from me!

Back to my topic; I love rice. No matter what I have for a meal; I have to have rice at the end of it to complete my meal. Be it pastas or pizza; a plate of daal rice or sabzi rice must follow after that! Many people find it weird; but well it is better to be called a weirdo than going hungry right? Those who mind eating me rice after pizza never order for a pizza when I am around.

And a cup of tea after a meal - heaven. I actually don't mind one along with my meal too; especially Chinese food. I am not at all fond of authentic Chinese. For me Indian Chinese is the best; especially the one available at Sydenham college canteen. The canteen guy - Manju - he knew well that I preferred a cup of tea with Szechuan rice; and he always got me that without asking. Ah! I so miss that.

And there are people around who accuse me that I eat a lot! People, if you ever happen to meet me (which is highly unlikely), you will know that I must hardly be eating anything! I am stick thin. And I am told that I hog like a pig! I happened to ask my friend and the co-author of all my other blogs to write a nice post about me on my birthday. And he mentioned this point there! "Jab dekho tab khati rehti hai!" he says. I guess ussi ki nazar lag gayi muje aur me sukh ke kaata ho gayi! Those who do not understand Hindi; please contact him. He will translate it for you.

But try a cup of tea along with Szechuan Rice and let me know your experience. If a good one; then thank you in advance. And if a bad one; then who asked you to listen to others?

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let's Communicate

Language barrier - it is the biggest hurdle we face in our own country. If a North Indian goes to South India, he will feel as if he has come to some other country altogether. We cannot blame people here; for the basic structure of our states is such that we may not even understand a single word spoken by our neighbour state. The purpose of this post is not to wage war among two poles attracting each other; I cannot afford it myself because my case is of west meets south. But yes, such things do irate me a lot when people pretend that they do not know a particular language due to the reasons best known to them.

During my so many visits to various places; I have noticed that certain people do not communicate to you in Hindi or English; they prefer to stick to their respective mother tongues. One must respect that no doubt. But if I am new in that state and not familiar with the local language; that does not mean I should be treated in the worst possible manner. I am made to feel like an alien from some other planet. My countryman is not ready to answer to my queries about directions. Same person will run behind a foreign tourist to gain business. That time their English speaking skills come out of them like lies come out of a politician - so very natural.

My point is pretty simple - is it so difficult for us to treat our own people well? Is it so difficult to co-operate with them only because they do not know the language you speak in that particular city or state?

I know this topic has been spoken about so many times; but whenever I see this happening around me, it pinches me. It hurts me to see myself and others being treated like aliens for using my fundamental right of moving anywhere in my own country. I sincerely wish that people start giving more importance to the country than the state.

Many people have this myth that Hindi is our national language while many think otherwise. Our Constitution of India has laid down the provisions for adopting Hindi as our Official Language.

Article 343(1) provides that Hindi written in Devnagari script is to be the Official Language of the Union. All regional languages are national languages, so Hindi is the Official Language. Article 343(1) lays down a period of 15 years for introduction of Hindi in place of English. The Constitution does not however regard the 15 years period as an absolute deadline.

If the deadline was there, then the Hindi would have become our Official Language on and from January 26, 1965.

The language battle is a never ending one so far as we realize that it is not going to help us ever. It is certainly possible to accept and live with and around people who may not be knowing your language; they may not be able to speak with you; but they can for sure communicate with you if you support them and co-operate with them.

My Gujarati mother with her adulterated Hindi; my Sister in Law's telugu mother with her fantastic Marathi and no Hindi; and my Mother in Law with only Hindi - they communicate with one another so perfectly; especially when it comes to sharing recipes. A five minute conversation takes them half an hour with many rounds of dumb charades and full time entertainment for us. But they still communicate, share ideas, laugh, sympathize and learn different cultures.

Let's try to be like them.

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PS: Do read the post by SG - Language Controversy which is on a similar line and highlights the reasons why Hindi was not adopted as an official language in 1965. Do read his comments too posted below.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our Matho-English Professor

Neha's Blog has a guest on board - Karthik of Eloquence Redefined agreed to write a post for my blog. Needless to say the honour is all mine. He is one of my favourite fiction writers. I call him the King of great narration - as the name suggests, his narrations are king size (do not give me that glare; it is a compliment) but you can read his posts in one go. They are simply magical and fantabulous. I will leave this upto you all to decide how good he is as a writer. And, there will not be any series of guest posts that are going to follow. So do not be very hopeful. I will be back to harass you with my post soon enough.


It’s been quite a journey so far in the world of blogging, and I’m very fortunate to have made some wonderful friends. And one of them being Neha or Nehatrix, as she is fondly called, is that rare gem, who has always encouraged my writing, which has certainly given me a lot of confidence. When she recently asked me to write a post for her blog, I was humbled. Thanks, Neha. It’s an immense pleasure to be a part of your blog.


Professor Rudrappa (name not changed) was our Mathematics professor, but how wrong we were! He was in fact our Matho-English Professor, for he was not only good at Math, but also English. Or should I say Kanglish? – A mixture of Kannada and English. Nevertheless, we improved our language a lot in his company.

He was also the warden of Boys’ Hostel. Being a strict and responsible person he randomly chose a first year students’ room in the hostel at eight in the evening, on the first day of college. Upon making a glorious entry into the room he asked the boys their good names: Ramesh, Shashank and Praveen. He gave them some sage advices, like he did every year, and took their leave.

The next day in the class, to his surprise and also the boy’s, Praveen was in his class. He recognized the boy from his previous day’s encounter and nodded at him, as if telling, “I’m watching you.” Well, the class got over, and so did the college, a couple of hours later.

That evening Professor Rudr went to the same room at the same time, only to realize that Praveen, his humble student, was missing. Upon asking, his roomies told him that he had gone out. Professor Rudr made a mental note of it.

The next day in the class, while the attendance was being taken, our poor Praveen was sitting silently, waiting for his name to be called. But what he didn’t know then was that he’d be going down in the history of Professor Rudr’s histrionics.

A moment later his name was called and he promptly said, “Present, Sir.” Everything was all right till now. And then the bomb was dropped!

Our dear Matho-English Professor asked Praveen regarding his absence from his room the previous evening, “What Praveen? I come to your room yesterday. You only come for first night and don’t come for second night. This is bad. Why is that? Where are you?”

Needless to say, the entire class was in fits of laughter. And none stopped laughing for the next ten minutes. This reminds of me one thing. When Swami Vivekananda said, “Brothers and sisters of America,” the whole crowd clapped continuously for two minutes. And now, when Professor Rudr said those beautiful words, the whole class laughed continuously for ten minutes. Tell me, tell me, who’s greater?

Well, it was just the beginning.


He was taking class on a boring afternoon and we dudes were talking. The Professor noticed us and said, pointing to one boy in particular, “Hey, you. Stand up, I say.”

A boy in the third bench stood up and asked, “Me, sir?”

Our English Pundit said, gesticulating, “Not me. Behind me.”

The class roared with laughter. During that particular moment, our College Principal passed through the corridor. Professor Rudr dear was quick to add “Shhh… Don’t make sounds. Principal just passed away.”

And the sound of our laughter soared higher and higher.


Diwali came and we had holidays for three days, starting from the next day. That evening, after college, my two friends and I met with our Professor in the parking area. We lovingly said, “Happy Diwali, sir.”

To which he lovingly replied, “Vice versa.”

We really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. So we didn’t do anything.


He hadn’t taken class the previous day. On the present day, soon after taking attendance, he said, “I can’t come to class yesterday, because I was went to mud-making.” After that he carried on with his lecture.

His bad grammar didn’t amuse us that much, as we’d already got accustomed to it. But one thing that haunted us like never before was the term he used, ‘mud-making’. We scratched our heads, we scratched our chests, but we couldn’t figure out the meaning of this new phrase. We couldn’t even concentrate on the lecture, for our minds were occupied with ‘mud-making’.

After about an hour, when the professor was gone, one of my friends shouted at the top of his voice, “Eureka, eureka, eureka!”

He was now being surrounded by six or seven of us. He was beaming with pride and glory. He kept smiling. I tapped his head and said, “Are you going to say anything?”

“Dudes, do you know what he meant by ‘mud-making’?”

None of us answered.

He said, “He meant funeral, dudes, funeral. You know, the ceremony of burying the body in the ground, and performing one's last rites.” Good heavens!

Some boys pulled their hair, and some fainted.

Our loving Professor had effectively translated the Kannada euphemism for funeral and told us – ‘mud-making’.


I was sitting next to the window in the class one day, and it was unbearably hot. I had just taken my seat, and the windows were still closed. Professor Rudr told me as soon he entered the class, “Karthik, open the windows, please. Let the air-force come in.”

Ah, was I amazed?!

This was still ok to a certain extent. But on another day, he said to a girl, who was sitting next to the window. He didn’t say air-force this time, but simply said, “Archana, please open the top.” The postfix was dropped.

No comments.


A few boys and two girls had not done the assignment, and they were all made to stand up. He didn’t say much to boys, as he perfectly knew it was useless. But what angered him was the fact that even girls had failed to write the assignments.

The girls were standing, with their heads down.

He said, “Look at you. Shameless girls. Why you didn’t did assignments, I say?”

“Sir, I had been to …” started one girl.

“Don’t give me reasons. Boys are always like this, I know. But what happened to you? I have seen many girls in my life, including my daughters, who are also girls. But I have never seen girls like you two.”

The girls couldn’t control their emotions and started laughing hysterically. It angered him very much.

“Pack your luggage and get out of my class,” he cried.

More laughter.

“You are still laughing? Get out. No attendance for you today.”

The girls silently packed their bags and headed towards the door.

“And one more thing,” the Professor said, “I know what you will do outside. I have seen you many times understanding the tree and talking. If I see you understanding the tree again, I will never enter you in my class.”

The girls didn’t say anything, for all they wanted to do was go outside and laugh. They simply said, “Yes, sir,” and scuttled away.

Professor Rudr had done it once again.


A few hostel boys complained the Professor-cum-warden that the hostel food was not all right, as they had found some minute stone particles in rice. ‘Stones’ was the term used in Kannada.

The Professor took it to his heart and decided to taste the food himself. So he sat with some boys in the dining hall, for lunch. The food was served, but unfortunately he didn’t find anything wrong with the food.

He finished his lunch, stood up from his place, and asked everyone in the dining hall, at the top of his voice, “Did anybody found rocks in rice?”

Some laughed hard, some sniggered, some banged their heads against the table, and some looked flummoxed. But whatever they did, they didn’t answer the question, as they thought that consuming ‘rocks’ along with rice was better than consuming Professor Rudr’s English.

Such was the beauty of his language!

Hope you all yanjaaayed.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wedding Proposals

Weddings – a happy affair for those who are getting married provided they are getting married to a person of their choice; happy affair for those too who just have to go and attend it and free food is bonus. But the suffering party is the one who has to go there so that they can be introduced to the parties looking for a guy or a girl as a marriage prospect.

I used to call these weddings Shadi ki Dukan. The moment I completed my college, mother started forcing me to accompany her to those weddings. Not that she succeed; but Patel Aunty ki bahen ke devrani ke ladke ka rishta and many more such rishtas always haunted me. Mother would keep telling me that so and so Aunty found the match for her daughter in this wedding; so and so guy is from the US of A (like I care); so and so is an engineer, doctor and what not. Naturally a mother would feel for her daughter; but the method never suited me. And I was already in a relationship with M then; just had to decide whether i wanted to marry him or not.

And those embarrassing moments where you don’t know what to do and what to say to those ladies who shamelessly ask your opinion about their sons. I was asked by three to four aunties whether I like their son or not. If not, then his cousin is there too. Oh my, what to answer them at that time? One of those aunties was my least favourite one. She introduced me to her son and told mother “your daughter is really sweet; tall, fair and thin; perfect for my son”. I rejected the guy the next minute and I became a skinny and pale looking girl with a short temper; not so compatible with her son.

I was lucky enough to have escaped the ordeal of seeing guys for marriage; but few of my friends are not so lucky. And the kind of weird questions they are asked and the conversations they have on their first meeting over a cup of coffee; I thank god for saving me from giving an interview for getting married. Few of those questions asked and statements made are:

1. What are your hobbies? – The cliched most and common most question. And the answer is even more cliched; for everyone likes reading, listening to music and travelling. A girl will add cooking too; with the hope that the guy will fall for this hobby. The following sentence is – SAME HERE. WE ARE SO MUCH ALIKE.

2. I do not smoke or drink. I did not have any girlfriend in the past. – Right.

3. We are not at all orthodox. My family is very modern. The hidden meaning behind this statement – You don’t have to wear sarees all your life except for the initial period of our marriage. Then Salwar kameez is perfectly ok. You can wear a long kurti over denims. But only when we are going out alone or we are out of town.

4. My mother only does the work. Read: the definition of mother doing the work is that she gives the order. You will just have to do the cooking, serving food and a little bit of work here and there after you come back from office by 6.

The list is quite long. But let me keep certain things to myself only. I do not want to scare those single girls who are yet to get married. But one last question a friend was asked by a guy on their first meeting which is so far the best one:


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nehatrix with two left feet

Those early days of college when we used to have less brain and more crushes; “cute guy” was IN and the list of crushes went on and on. That teenage and those parties, prom nights, celebration every second week etc. was a golden period for most of us. And imagine the cutest looking guy on the prom night leaves his date behind and comes to you and asks you for a dance!

And all you can say then is “i can’t dance!”

Yes, it was my story a few years back when I had to give this embarrassing answer with red face. Like that was not enough; those butterflies screeched in my ears for refusing him upfront for the dance! Sigh, how they would have known about my dancing talent. If I had said yes then all the chances of other guys liking me would have become minus hundred percent!

But alas! I had underestimated the girls’ power. The very next day almost everyone around me knew that i couldn’t dance. Anyway that was the first and last prom night I had attended in my college life as within a few days I had accepted the fact that I indeed have two left feet and my life does not end with it.

Well life is still difficult sometimes even after accepting this fact. Once the teenage is passed, you stop making a crush list. Few more years down, there is a time to settle down and get married. And your bad luck if you are married to a person who knows and loves dancing! Now god has not been so cruel too with me; for my husband is not crazy about dancing. But yeah, he is usually without a partner or with some other partner whenever he has to dance.

I am so hopeless when it comes to dancing that i can’t even dance in the baarat where you just have to put your hands up and jump! Worst mistake of my life i had made once – I used to think I may be suffering from a complex that’s why I do not dance. Just to prove myself that I can indeed jump like others, I tried it in a baraat. Trust me people, the day i saw the video of it, I took an unbreakable vow with my soul that there will not be a next attempt!

Till date, many people come and ask me, they force me, they pull me in the crowd; but I tell them clearly. They laugh, fume, make faces, gossip; but I don’t care. I cannot dance. So what?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My curious mind wants to ask you something again!

Yes, I am back with few more questions for you; the answers to which I have failed to get! And like always; I am looking for these answers from you. So people, get ready once again to answer my weird questions.
Ego! Don’t we all have it? Some have a huge one; some have not so huge one; but we all do have it. And when we pass a remark in general for the person of opposite sex, then god bless us; for the opposite sex person will react to it and attack you so bad that you regret why you were born!

I have been a victim of such an attack too; not once or twice but many times! Couple of days back, I had a status message on facebook which said:

It’s never too late to change the road you are on, unless you are a man and need directions!

And instead of taking it like a normal status message or a general saying, I got all possible reactions like irrelevant comments, comments denying my claim (as if I made any and it affected them personally!); while only female friends clicking the like button (according to the PB theory) and passed on some humorous comments!

Since I am a lawyer, I will not discriminate here between genders! Females react the same way as men when there is an attack on their sex too. Well when PB announced his latest discovery of like button publicly, ummm, females expressed their anger (minus the belan in their hands) too.
So one simple question – why can’t you all enjoy humour/message normally rather than reacting on it aggressively?

And the jokes! Most of us love them on others but when the same is on us; then those tantrums, anger, defensive attitude and even abuses come!

But there are few people who do take them lightly too! And they have only encouraged few of us to start a new blog KickAss. They keep providing us material on regular basis so that we can keep the spirit alive.

So another question – why do you crack a joke on someone if you can’t take it when it is on you?

Now comes a kind of people; rather bloggers specifically who simply fail to understand your post. I am not talking about posts on mechanical engineering theories or a surgery method and medicines used or a formula making in a lab (I will never even try and go on a 100% law related blog too! Phew, why bother here about law right) etc. But a short story where the writer has written something which is practically not possible!

Give them a break people! The lead character of their story is a superman/woman. He/she does not die even after falling from 15th floor. It is their story and their imagination. Let them write it. If you cannot digest it then do not leave a comment; simple.

If a person has written an awful story, you give your honest opinion. But when the person describes something which goes over the board for you; then fine! Don’t at least discourage the writer.

I want to know – what do you think about it? Why do you question on others’ imagination part?

Enough of ranting I guess. So let me put up few one liners here. Let’s see how well you can fake it! Yeah fake it; for most of you will not admit that you felt offended after reading a particular one-liner.

Laziness is a virtue which assists U in doing a job in minimum possible time with maximum possible efficiency!!!

A lot of good arguments are spoiled by some fool who knows what she's talking about!

People can be divided into three groups: Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.

Some people are so two-faced, you just don't know which face to slap first!

Work is a fine thing if it doesn't take too much of your spare time!

Most of my Facebook friends are farmers, gangsters or cooks.

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory!

Sometimes you'll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory!

I've been told not to talk to strangers, but I talk to strange people every day.

I have heard that it is possible to grow up - I've just never met anyone who's actually done it.

the longer you stand back and watch an idiot, the more things they do to prove their stupidity!

It's not sarcasm..It's humor with attitude!!!

Its sad when talking to yourself is the most intelligent conversation you get in a day.

Sarcasm is the body's natural defense against stupid. Therefore, when I'm being sarcastic, you must be being stupid!

I think these many will last you for a month if you keep rotating them on your various accounts.

PS: It is upto you whether to answer my questions or not. Just remember this - you are on a lawyer's blog.

PPS: Do not ask me who PB is; for his identity has been kept confidential for security purposes. We do not want mobs outside his house to attack on him for his "Like Button" theory. Moreover, this theory will not be disclosed until PB acquires the Patent on it.

PPS: You can rant too; like me. I will/will not approve your comments depending on their nature.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kaddu ka Happy Birthday :D

Kaddu - the Birthday Girl

We have to pay for all our sins here itself! I truly believe in this saying now. Reason is simple! Exactly 26 days back, I had demanded a post from Shrikant as it was my birthday next day! There, I had put up one condition - he has to praise me there! And I have been asked to do the same - I have got to praise one alien who happens to be my virtual world neighbour, a miss_teerious blogger and a very good friend!!!

I have to praise her! A lawyer has to praise someone who is not even her client! Tell me people, is it possible? Ye to ekdum direct atyachaar hai mujpe! The person who calls me insane and nautanki - and I have to say all good things about that person? - sigh! But let me try.

Now, this girl is a lot like me at least when it comes to announcing the special day of our lives. Remember my post for my birthday? Well she is just like me. Both of us love to receive lots and lots of birthday wishes, we announce everywhere about our birthday, we inform people saamne se, mail them, sms them informing them about our upcoming birthday! In short, we both are totally sane in this crazy world!

Oops, these were the praises for sure, but for me too na. Then let me shift my focus from the great "Me" to the birthday girl. She is Dr. Kaddu Farmwala. Qualification wise, This girl has done her Ph. D in virtual farming, she is the adopted daughter of Zynga, as her name suggests, she simply loves pumpkins. She even loves to clean dried leaves from other farms, harvest crops, decorate her farm with golden soldiers, ugly looking rein deers; her farm has penguins too (yes) and she loves the comments of certain Mr. Hop. Well. don't try to hard to find any logic behind this statement, because only farmers will understand it.

So all you wonderful people, please wish this wonderful and always rocking girl on this special day as she turns sweet 16 x 2.

A Special Kaddu cake for the Birthday Girl!!

And now she deserves a gift too from my side. A personalized computer cabinet for her!

I can't be nicer than this now. Wish you a very Happy Birthday. Have a rocking day and year ahead girl. Love you :)

PS: The title has her favourite emoticon :D

Friday, January 08, 2010

Don't I love chatting!!

There was a time when I loathed chatting; for isn't it a boring job to type non-stop? But a few friends got me hooked to this chatting fever. They always blamed me for not keeping in contacts with them after they left the city/country. And the chatting bug bit me too. Since then it has been a great source for me to simply burst the stress by ranting, venting out my frustration, subject discussion, ideas for so many competitions doing rounds on blogger and such.

And there are so many messengers around. So far as I remember; for me it all started with MSN Messenger. Then there was a major shift to yahoo thanks to the kind of option it had - one could remain invisible to selected people, group chat etc. Then I shifted to gtalk and till date loyal to it.

Tell you a secret people? My block list is longer than my friends list these days!

Why am I talking about chatting suddenly? Well; it has done a great thing to my brain; for it has become a bit creative. But along with, it has proved to be lethal for others. Me and my weird and dangerous ideas about different posts that we plan and plot (I won't name those bloggers here with whom I communicate), there are many who have become the target of our so called "already frustrated" brain.

And the chatting lingo - oh it was a nightmare for me; as i joined these chatters pretty late. These people had some kind of an alien language whereby they used so many abbreviations for most of the words. I was the odd person out when I was forced to be a part of a group-chat of the experts in this field. I am sure they had spent days in discovering and learning those shortcuts. BTW means by the way; LOL is laughing out loud, Your becomes ur; GTG is got to go, BRB is be right back, DND is do not disturb, you are becomes u r and what not. They didn't spare god too. Oh my God became OMG!

This chatting has affected many bloggers in this blogville too. They use this lingo in their posts as well!

I have a small gang of few bloggers on my chat list. We discuss bloggers there - whom we like, whom we despise, who comments what and how and why, what we feel when one does not understand our posts etc. - the list is pretty long. But I love these rants; for it makes me feel good that I am not alone and I have made few friends for life.

And how can I forget this! Chatting is too dangerous people; for they turn you into gossipers too. Tell me, how many of you have not ended up talking about others on chatting? OK, don't run behind me with a stick in your hand for making you realize this. I am one of you too!

Monday, January 04, 2010

People Again!

Hello people! I hope you guys remember my post on People; where I mentioned few categories of people around all of us. If you have not read it then click here. After that post; Insignia wrote one too on my blog; giving us insights about few more categories. Yet to me, it seems I am yet to share many other categories with you! So are you ready to meet few more kind of people? Let’s get started then!

Gossip specialists – I call them antaryamis (people who can predict the future and read your mind); for they know what is going to happen in your life even before you do. They will get you married, divorced, pregnant, pass or fail all through their mind power! They are more interested in your business than your own parents! So in short; don’t ever enter in your area with your sibling of opposite sex if he/she is visiting you for the first time! Personal experience in this case. Within a month of shifting to a new place; I got to hear that people of my building thought my real brother was my FiancĂ©! They rarely saw me there as I was staying in the hostel to avoid the travel part as my exams were approaching. Twice or thrice they must have seen us together as he used to come to drop me, pick me up etc.; and they assumed we were engaged! Oh by the way, the direct question was asked to mum about our relationship! Outcome of it? Well I will give you the contact number of my dear mother so that you can ask her directly. And yeah; it shall be at your own risk!

Dukhi Aatma – oh my! Why people? Why you are always so sad in and with life? Don’t you see you make others feel depressed too? Such kinds – too scary. Even if they top the University, their face will be so sad that you feel as if they have swallowed a litre of castor oil in one gulp! And just imagine; if this dukhi aatma happens to be the milkman who wakes you up every day with the slowest and longest single doorbell (I guess doorbell becomes sad too after seeing him); you open the door; and see his sad face, slow hand motions, 2 whole minutes just to take a litre or two milk! I am pulling my hair right now!

Positively Pessimists – don’t raise your eyebrows. I am writing it correctly. These people are so very negative in life ke pessimism bhi Sharma jaye inhe dekh ke! A heart patient must sit next to such kind souls if he is tired of his life and wants to end it asap. They think of negatives even while walking on the empty road with no trees around, no vehicle passing by, no forest to be scared of, not a living soul to murder them; still they will think that a plane may crash on their head and kill them! My project partner happened to be one. He failed us at least 100 times in the exams we were to take a few years down; and in my case I was never ever going to take the MBA entrance!

Irritating kiddos – Aha! Usually girls fall in this category. I have not come across a single guy who is a retarded kid (thank god!). these people talk like kids, act like one, demand candies thinking they look very cure doing this; but they fail to notice that others actually want to shake them and make them realize that they look foolish and not cute when they act like kids. These people are the best at ruining a romantic moment; for they will say; kitti pyaali pyaali balish ho lahi hai na, muje telepe bahooooooooot shala pyaal aa laha hai! (beautiful rain is making you all the more lovable!). now, doesn’t it sound better in normal language?

Lost World – they do not know where, how, why they are! They have a perpetual and one and only expression on their face. They always make you feel so very useless, worthless and unimportant in life by not at all paying attention to what you are saying (or at least I feel so). I even call such females Loony Lovegood of Harry Potter if you guys read it. If not; then please google it; she is very famous for her lost looks and weird expressions! My mobile phonebook has a Loony too; who happens to be my very close friend and she does not read my blog.

I guess these many are enough for this post as I can’t write anymore. I am already depressed!

Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year is here!

New Year is here! The mobile is beeping since midnight. Wishes everywhere – smses, e-mails, cards, diaries, phone calls, and such. Blog posts about New Year is the new addition for me this year; for I can see around 10 posts on my dashboard about New Year and the resolutions. Resolutions doing round on facebook and twitter too!

People deciding to give up few things and start few things. Like rules, resolutions are meant to be broken too for most of them! Purpose behind those resolutions – no idea. Why to wait for a particular day to decide something? Well I am yet to find out the answer for the same. I guess it is a trend to have a New Year resolution; and I am too old fashioned to understand it!

And the review of my last year – it passed by pretty soon for me; with a lot of things on my plate like setting up a new office for my firm, wedding in my family, birth of my niece, and new things happening too; like starting this blog, having the pleasure to meet interesting people on the blogsphere which happens to be my first ever virtual world full of people I do not know personally still feel connected to them each moment, taking up law masters course, now tension of the exams approaching within 10 days (phew! Just remembered it) and many other things I can’t think of thanks to the realization of the upcoming exams!

The New Year eve was planned long back – a few years back to be precise; as the venue and people never change; only the year changes! We reached there after travelling for three hours thanks to the traffic jam everywhere. We had an additional member with us this time – the golf kit. The ground was appropriate or not didn’t matter; for everyone was enjoying the game a lot.

The New Year approached with lots of wishes all around, crackers bursting outside and cutting the cake at 12, followed by delicious food (or maybe we were so hungry that food was a bliss no matter how it was); and chitchatting thereafter. And no, those chats were not about resolutions; as we believe why to waste our thinking powers behind something we are not going to keep.

Posting here the cake snap to make your mouth water. This cake we cut last year though. This year, we forgot to click it; so sharing this one with you instead.

So all you wonderful people out there; wish you a very happy New Year! Hope you all have a wonderful year ahead.