Thursday, June 10, 2010


I always have a smile on my face. I share your happiness and laugh with you. I laugh with you when I am not happy. I laugh with you when there is a storm of sadness killing me from within. I reveal the smile; while my sadness is hidden.

I leave everything behind and come with you. I leave everything behind even when I don't want to. I leave everything behind because I am asked to. Nobody sees my sorrows, nor do they notice my pain. My duty is all that matters, my emotions stay hidden.

When I cry and shed a tear, you think it is a tear of joy. A tear of joy to express my happiness. A tear of joy to celebrate your success. Joy is all that you see, tear is all that remains, while the truth is hidden.

I am the pillar of my family. I have to be strong enough to face the challenges. I have to be strong enough to take care of the weak you, I have to be strong enough to take care of the weak me. If you break down, you are human; if I break down, I am weak. My support is all you need; my weakness must always be hidden!

You see my face to judge my beauty. You see my clothes, to judge my outer self. You look at me and smile. Your smile is for the person I am not. You smile is for the person you want me to be. My mask is appreciated, but my inner beauty is forced to stay hidden..

People call me mysterious. But I am merely the person I have been forced to be. My mystery is my sadness and weakness, my emotions and my thoughts; each and every reaction of me you don't want to see. Each and every reaction of me that you are scared of. Each and every reaction of me which you want to believe that it does not exist.

All I want is acceptance. All I want is acceptance of my wishes. All I want is acceptance of ME - the way I am - my individuality. All I want is an acceptance of the person that I am and not the person you want me to be.

I want you to be proud of the REAL ME and the HIDDEN ME. I want to be the same person from outside and from within.

I am a woman and I want to be myself. I am a woman and I want to feel proud of being one...


  1. read this b4..
    at Guria's na? for the BAT.
    it had a very impactful effect..

  2. I call it as a bunch of unquestioned answers which lead to some unanswered questions...

    Best post after the painting ...

    Keep expressing buddy :)

  3. This is beautiful Neha and so true to life...exemplary, a lot of souls out there would read this and know it is their story!!!


  4. Wow..this is fabulous...and yes that is the way most women have to be...forget who they are and just become what others want them to be..and I am talking about Indian women.

  5. of your best!wow,Neha !

  6. Outta world!! One of your best Neha! I wont comment anything on the post. Its simply fantabulous!!!

  7. as insignia said FANTABULOUS... CHAKK TE FATTE kudiyeeeee....

    Hope you a teeny weeny PROUD of youself after writing this and all the comments you got from your readers... :)

  8. Wonderful post Neha :)

    Keep up the good work girl :D

  9. I remember reading this at Guria.

  10. Hey read it at guria's and liked it ..:)


  11. much different from your other posts that I read,

    I like this style of writing, where one can only carry on by first letting such a feeling manifest innertly for the flow to come :) I bet that you have completed this post in really quick time.........

  12. This is certainly your best post till date, Neha. Very beautifully expressed! :)

  13. wow...very nice...liked this line especially:

    All I want is acceptance of my wishes. All I want is acceptance of ME - the way I am - my individuality. All I want is an acceptance of the person that I am and not the person you want me to be.

  14. Hi Neha,enjoyed reading all your posts..this one is seriously good.
    I believe without following any of the above rules your post is worth of 100 comments easily.

  15. very touchy
    real to life
    i think everyone feels like this

  16. Truly , i think this post relates to all the women.

  17. It just happens. Sometimes you land among a group that like only one facet of you, rest must remain hidden. That acceptance you yearn for is never coming. So, just be and if they will, let them accept you. TRy drastic changes and you only lose yourself and the relationships. Minor adjustments may be done.:)

  18. Hi! Neha,
    thats written so beautifully...
    some lines from my old post for u

    The painted smile seemed matching,
    Eclipsing his hearts aching,
    While the world stood watching,
    The show with joy-hatching.

  19. You sure can be proud of yourself lady, hats off! :)

  20. yu cud'nt have carved it better! take a bow mate!

  21. This post has been listed in "I recommend" page of my blog :)

  22. Hey, I could totally relate to this post. But I think masks are necessary too! After all, in this wicked world, if you show how vulnerable you are, you might get trampled upon by callous people!

  23. Very touching. Speaks more than it appears to on the first read. There are times when I am reminded why I like following your blog so much, this is one of those times!

  24. beautiful... just gives us more reasons to be proud of than to be tied down...

  25. Beautiful post, I like the way you articulated the facts. Keep writing...

    I'm following your blog now. Invite you to my page and leave comments.

  26. Very expressive indeed. I bet every woman feels the same way but few can capture the feeling in words.

  27. @ leo, yeah, Guria had the same post :)

    @ mahesh, whoa, thanks :)

    @ Arps, thanks :))

    @ LP, that's how we have been brought up right?

    @ Mag(m), thanks..

    @ Kavita, thank you :)

    2 Insignia, this means a lot..thank you :)

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    @ Bikram, it is a general post and not about me :)

    @ CB, thank you :)

    @ Harini, you are right..

    @ Sushobhan, yeah. this post is published there as well..

    @ Murali, yeah this is a lot different..I complete all my posts quickly :)

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    @ Ashwini, welcome here..thank you for your comments and thank you for reading the posts..:)

    @ sm, yeah..thanks :)

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    @ Holy Lama, we must be accepted the way we are - that's all :)

    @ RD, thank you is the small word for your comment :)

    @ DC, thank you :)

    @ HaRy, thank you :)

    @ Saroj, mask - don't we prefer our original self more? :)

    @ Merlin, I love reading your blog..and your presence here always brings a smile on my face buddy :)

    @ Chandana, Shukriya..:)

    @ Rajlakshmi, thank you :)

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  28. Neha,

    Accurate and original post. Nicely written. I liked this one:)

  29. coming here after having checked ur tag. amazing post... expressive, beautiful words and so...sad.

    girl u rock!