Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Imagine Falling In Love With Someone Who Does Not Drink Tea!

Writing here fees so different. Most of the times, I write on other website that I run. And when something does not fit there, it gets published here. My boss there is too hard to please. But that's another story altogether.

Our mind is one long-ass checklist. We almost always know what we want. Or what we don't want. Even when we say that we don't have any expectations, we have a list of what all qualify as "expectations" in our mind. And that's how our mind works. After all, not having any expectations is an expectation too, right?

Life works in a funny way. We have so many perceptions about so many things. We have so many reservations about how we want to live our life, or what kind of jobs we will never do. What will be our career choice. And so on. But when we hit the field, very small percentage of people get what they really want. Most of us end up with what we manage to get at the end of the day. Our choices are limited. Maybe because we lack talent. Or resources. Or both.

I tried my hands at CA, MBA, GMAT and what not. I wanted to work in a fancy corporate doing some fancy job in finance field. But I ended up in sales department in a bank. And from there I ended up being a lawyer. I did not even know if I really wanted to practice law. But there I was. Preparing for an interview in a law firm I knew nothing about. I borrowed a pair of formal clothes from a friend and went for the interview. And cleared. 

That's how my true journey started so far as my career was concerned. My initial plans of becoming a finance expert were nowhere to be seen. 

Not only career, but I got such surprises in case of relationships too. I still cannot answer what do I really want. But I did know what I did not want. And I almost always ended up with the one with the quality/qualities I did not want. Most of these things were not so important as tea. Tea is such an important part of my life. Whoever knows me knows this. And I would always say this to my friends that I cannot imagine dating someone who does not drink tea. I mean, I just cannot picture someone I like not liking tea. 

And guess what happened next?