Thursday, March 10, 2016

Don't waste your time behind the wrong ones. Move on.

We humans are probably the most unsure specie around. We are never completely sure about what we want. Even when we are, as soon as we get it, we start chasing something else. We hate monotony. We hate boring life even more. How we judge people by how boring or interesting they are. Have you ever met someone who was so boring that you slept through the conversation, and met him again next time? I am sure his number is now saved as "Don't answer".

We judge people all our lives. For their looks, their qualification, their salary, their family and what not. Oh he is 27 and doesn't even earn 3 lacs a month? When I was his age I would make double the money. How can a good looking girl (for guys, every girl they are talking to is by default good looking) like you can date such a fat and ugly guy? The list goes on!

I won't deny being this shallow too once upon a time. But that was when I was stupid. And young. And slowly I learned from my mistakes. I grew up. But some people around me never did. For them looks, success etc still matter more than anything else. They are way too pompous about what they are. And they are always on their toes to pull others down. 

I love self made people. But as soon as they become braggers who start pulling others down (which they claim that they deserve to be so), they are the biggest turn offs. Worse than those living off their parents' money.

Thankfully these are not the only people who exist. There are selfless people too. Who help you and stand by you without any motive, without any expectations. They can do anything for you just because they want to. Just because you matter. Just because they love to. They are made of some different metal. And that is what makes them special. 

And then you take a weighing scale. You measure them. And you realise why you prefer the humble ones more. Why the asshole that you are attracted to will always be your bad decision. Why you need to break free and choose what's right. His achievements sound good to your ears. But they leave your heart empty. You keep looking for them among their achievements, but can never find them. You end up getting lost in their success. 

The other ones just keep waiting for you. Till they can take it. After a point, they move on. When you look behind, they are watching over you, but cannot come to you. You have lost an important part of your life behind the wrong one. Damage control? Maybe, maybe none. Regrets? Plenty.

Every bragger has some traits. Read them in time. Realise what's good for you. If it gives you pain, quit. It's okay to rot alone than to rot in his shit. It won't look pretty after a point. Others' shit never does.