Thursday, April 28, 2011

And life goes on

I complete another batch! This was the third batch that I took for the CS Foundation students. Each time when the syllabus gets over, there is a relief as well as apprehension about how the students will do in the examination. In a way, that's not the matter of my concern directly, for I am neither the owner of the classes nor have I given a guarantee that they will clear the examination if they take coaching from this institution. But there is still an attachment with the students whom you have taught 4 different subjects.

All my students are in the first year of B. Com. It is fascinating to see them attend the lecture, talk about their ambitions, weekend plans, movie and music interests, parents, vacation, exams and various other things. The way they plead not to continue the lecture for longer than two hours as law is pretty boring for them.

And there have been many things that are making news. Suresh Kalmadi got arrested and Shiney Ahuja got bail. Universe knows how to maintain a balance. People are passing comments like - Tihar Jail is the new Parliament thanks to the number of ministers inside the lock up.

Amidst so many things, a few fans are enjoying cricket and football. Some are too busy with work that they don't even have time to talk to friends (read me), while others are so vella that they become an object of envy for unfortunate souls like me.

There are those who are making the phrase "begani shaadi mein abdulla deewana" come true. Thanks to the gimmicks, all of us know that Prince Williams is getting married on the 29th of April. I happened to see a report on the wedding just a while back where they were showing Princess Diana's wedding with Prince Charles. They were comparing Princess Diana and soon to be Princess Kate. Ah! our media!

Sometimes I feel that our life can be so much better without tv or even internet for that matter. We will have more time to be with ourselves. There will not be any excuse of "important meeting" or "ill health" at the time of world cup matches. We won't even know who the Prince is and how does his wedding affect our lives in any manner whatsoever (it doesn't, now too)!

But then, how would I have blogged and cribbed without internet?

We will discuss scams, crib about work, pray for a better tomorrow and life will go on with the hope that time will permit for more of "me" time!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Post

I am tired of mentioning this on my blog that days are busy. No, they are not so busy that I don't have time to breathe or have some my time. But whenever I am home, I am working. My friends abuse me a lot these days as whenever they ask me what am I doing, I have a standard reply - work!

After a fantastic World Cup tournament, it's time for IPL 4. It is as boring as WC was interesting. Nevertheless, it didn't stop me from going to stadium to view the Mumbai match. Though Mumbai lost, I saw Sachin make 100 runs. No, I am not a Sachin fan nor I think he is God, but still, I think he is one of the finest players we have ever had.

Next day of the match, I went for a bloggers' meet. Now, a group of 10 12 Mumbai bloggers' meet once or twice a year for lunch at different venues. We meet, have those small conversations, exchange ideas, discuss blogs, posts, sometimes even tech stuff is discussed to which I keep reminding to use simpler language to tech gurus!

Be it a small or a big one, bloggers' meet is always fun. It's nice to see the faces behind those words you read. I am already looking forward to the second meet! Hope it happens soon enough! Now back to work! I wanted to update something on my almost dying blog, so here it is!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Herd Mentality

World Cup fever is slowly dying down, and IPL is here! Cricket is an addiction! At least for me! I have been a fan since I remember understanding TV and programmes. If you live in an Indian family where two out of three members are crazy about the game, you are bound to watch is as you don't have any other choice. This is a common scenario in almost all the households. It gives extreme results - either you fall in love with the game or you hate it! I obviously belong to the former category.

WC was fun with many ups and downs and finally India emerging as World Champions. But it kind of lasted for two days as the whole country's focus shifted to Anna Hazare's indefinite hunger strike for passing a bill against corruption. I will not go into details as thanks to immense Media attention, everyone knows that it has something to do with corruption. Since quite a few of you are not well verse with the legal language, you may not know the exact content of the bill, but yes, since the herd is going in protest direction, you might as well join it. And no, please don't ask me what the bill is all about. I am a dumass lawyer!

But the thing that has surprised me is the number of people following someone blindly without knowing the facts! That person being right or wrong is a secondary thing, but is it right to follow someone like that? No comments as I have already received various reactions for my questions from many people!

Before even joining this movement, we should ask ourselves first - what are we doing to stop the corruption? When we get caught by the traffic cop for talking on mobile phone while driving or breaking a signal, do we pay the official fine of 2000 Rs. or we simply pay 100 Rs. bribe and get away? How many times have we gone to a Government office and got our work done without paying any money to the peon or clerk? Why do we pay 50 Rs. to the postman who delivers us our passport? Isn't that his job?

Yes Yes, I know these are all boring pointers at which you will make a face and move on. I mean come on, why will you pay 1900 extra if you can get away by paying 5%?

Now comes the hero of the nation - the modern Mahatma Gandhi - who postponed his fast by a week as the world cup was going on. Do I have to tell you why? Actors and actresses are going to Jantar Mantar where he is fasting. They get their pics clicked there and post them on social networking sites. WOW!

If you support the protest, you are nice; if you don't support it, it means you solicit corruption! Which world are we living in? Since birth, we see that everyone is getting one's work done by paying bribe. Starting from school donation, to a paid seat, to government job, to get death certificate quickly! Everywhere it happens. We turn blind towards it. And we join a moment that will punish those who commit crimes worth thousands crores rupees. Ain't we taking a big risk here? So what if the committee too becomes corrupt? I hope that doesn't happen now!

My point is pretty simple - stop taking and giving bribe! Start it from now, from today! Stop encouraging your child by telling him that if he does the homework, you will give him a chocolate. Stop paying Mamu 100 Rs. Either don't break the rules, or if you do, then don't break the laws! Cut the corruption from grass root level. Be conscious of your actions first. Today the bill is favourable to us to a certain extent. Tomorrow people may start blackmailing the Government by going on such strikes to get unfavourable things passed! Wake up and act! Don't follow the herd blindly! Only an ass does that!

Saturday, April 02, 2011


"Bleed Blue" is the lamest thing I have heard! thanks to Nike, everywhere people are using this phrase! Everywhere Bleed Blue badges are available. People are sticking them to their profile pictures, or simply using that badge! Yeah, lame!

And it's Cricket World Cup final! India is playing. Messages doing rounds. Permutation combination everywhere! Almost everyone has become an expect advisor for the team India. Emotions, Nervousness, excitement, abuses, praises - everything is going on in full swing! People (read me) are glued to their lucky seat, in lucky position, not uttering a few selective words, using all kinds of antijinx-es. Phew! We do take cricket seriously!

And I am nervous too. Time is crawling. Don't know what to do thus writing this post. Feel like I am appearing for some sort of an exam. Yeah, it does feel so. I am not exaggerating! Everyone has different ways of dealing with nervousness. My dad paces around the room, bro keeps fidgeting with a pen, I am writing - any crap, but writing. Blog post, tweet, status - anything! That's my way of dealing with the nervousness.

Toss will be there in a few minutes. Everyone is contemplating about the outcome of it. Will there be any dew in the evening, how will the pitch turn? What's the team going to be like? Questions, predictions, contemplations - this match has everything. Jokes doing rounds, smses don't stop, India India everywhere.

I am off too! Time to wait for the toss and tweets! Good luck team India!