Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Post

I am tired of mentioning this on my blog that days are busy. No, they are not so busy that I don't have time to breathe or have some my time. But whenever I am home, I am working. My friends abuse me a lot these days as whenever they ask me what am I doing, I have a standard reply - work!

After a fantastic World Cup tournament, it's time for IPL 4. It is as boring as WC was interesting. Nevertheless, it didn't stop me from going to stadium to view the Mumbai match. Though Mumbai lost, I saw Sachin make 100 runs. No, I am not a Sachin fan nor I think he is God, but still, I think he is one of the finest players we have ever had.

Next day of the match, I went for a bloggers' meet. Now, a group of 10 12 Mumbai bloggers' meet once or twice a year for lunch at different venues. We meet, have those small conversations, exchange ideas, discuss blogs, posts, sometimes even tech stuff is discussed to which I keep reminding to use simpler language to tech gurus!

Be it a small or a big one, bloggers' meet is always fun. It's nice to see the faces behind those words you read. I am already looking forward to the second meet! Hope it happens soon enough! Now back to work! I wanted to update something on my almost dying blog, so here it is!


  1. No Neha! I have never abused you whenever you say "work". I have always said "I understand"


    Yeah IPL is boring! Something is missing. OK get back to work

  2. blogger meet.. ohh I'm from quite some time wanna arrange or be a part of any in or around Chandigarh. It's a welcome treat to read most of your posts. You mention in your profile that you are an entrepreneur? May I know whats make you one? Don't take me wrong, its a habit of mine to meet entrepreneurs and get enchanted. I'm following you.. :)

  3. Indiblogger had arranged a bloggers meet at Dubai.Unfortunately I was on call that day.
    It is interesting to meet bloggers,especially the ones you like or respect.I met few of them and have made good friends too.
    We always will find time to do things which we really want to do.Being busy is a relative thing.It is either working to live or living to work.

  4. hey lemme knw.. even i wanted to come for blogger meet.. ive attended a few indiblogger meets in bangalore.. its super fun.. nice blog btw

  5. Oh yes...IPL is boring! We have a Kochi team this year, and even that doesn't make me feel like watching it..I guess, everyone's been busy, I am glad you are keeping your blog alive, mine's almost..well..can't bring myself to say it...

  6. good to see you back even if its for a random post :) :)

    IPL is not interesting.. but I can;t say its boring... its entertaining for some extent :) :)

  7. You are amongst my most favorite blogger. I have never abused you.
    I found IPL very boring and I feel I could have utilized that time more constructively.
    I am against those who call Sachin God. He is not

  8. Sachin is hardworking good player. he is not God.