Thursday, April 28, 2011

And life goes on

I complete another batch! This was the third batch that I took for the CS Foundation students. Each time when the syllabus gets over, there is a relief as well as apprehension about how the students will do in the examination. In a way, that's not the matter of my concern directly, for I am neither the owner of the classes nor have I given a guarantee that they will clear the examination if they take coaching from this institution. But there is still an attachment with the students whom you have taught 4 different subjects.

All my students are in the first year of B. Com. It is fascinating to see them attend the lecture, talk about their ambitions, weekend plans, movie and music interests, parents, vacation, exams and various other things. The way they plead not to continue the lecture for longer than two hours as law is pretty boring for them.

And there have been many things that are making news. Suresh Kalmadi got arrested and Shiney Ahuja got bail. Universe knows how to maintain a balance. People are passing comments like - Tihar Jail is the new Parliament thanks to the number of ministers inside the lock up.

Amidst so many things, a few fans are enjoying cricket and football. Some are too busy with work that they don't even have time to talk to friends (read me), while others are so vella that they become an object of envy for unfortunate souls like me.

There are those who are making the phrase "begani shaadi mein abdulla deewana" come true. Thanks to the gimmicks, all of us know that Prince Williams is getting married on the 29th of April. I happened to see a report on the wedding just a while back where they were showing Princess Diana's wedding with Prince Charles. They were comparing Princess Diana and soon to be Princess Kate. Ah! our media!

Sometimes I feel that our life can be so much better without tv or even internet for that matter. We will have more time to be with ourselves. There will not be any excuse of "important meeting" or "ill health" at the time of world cup matches. We won't even know who the Prince is and how does his wedding affect our lives in any manner whatsoever (it doesn't, now too)!

But then, how would I have blogged and cribbed without internet?

We will discuss scams, crib about work, pray for a better tomorrow and life will go on with the hope that time will permit for more of "me" time!


  1. If Internet wasn't there then there wont be any Facebook thingy too, my god half the population would be out in the world can you imagine the traffic jams?? Hail Facebook for making kids more retards which gives scope to a less retard (me) to enjoy the remains of this world...which are still quite retarded if to be explained...

  2. I am so so vella here with nothin to do. You have been so busy even to catch for a one-liner chat! Uuummmppphhh!!!

    Yup! Its nice being without TV and Internet. I moved to my new home and internet and cable is not connected yet. Its bliss :P

    But hey! I have my smartphone. I can still chat with you provided you HAVE TIME!!!

  3. Agree with the useless hulla around the 'BIG' wedding! I bet our media will go bonkers when Rahul Gandhi decides to tie the knot. It will be a similar comparision then too - Rajeev & Rahul!! I liked how Varun did it - subtle and class, no political biggies and no unnecessary shor.

    And have had enough of cricket...IPL never interested me...for me it's only one team - The Indian team :)

  4. I am just amazed that you remember to post on the blog with the huge number of things you do : advise, teach, travel ,study .....

    And yes, Tihar seems to attracting the politicians. Its so shameful, but certainly makes you think. I just now blogged about it myself :-)

  5. Nice Post.......

    But internet and tv's give us all new and fresh tpics to have laugh at..

  6. CS Foundation...yeah you have relived my classes my ambitions (or venturing into unknown) all 7 years back..but yes..after you go thru this are a changed man...If I look back I find many thing missing today....

  7. yes life goes on
    the marriage will be like Indian fat wedding full of drama and everything.

  8. If there was no internet, you won't probably post something beautiful as this and I won't be able to comment on your nice site. Good thing there is!

  9. Oh, yes, life goes on!!
    It seems like yesterday, when you announced that you'd be taking classes!! And 3 batches have already been completed!! Cool! :)
    Ah, you have been busy... it's been ages since we chatted!! :(
    I missed the Royal Wedding... will have to check out on the internet now!!

  10. // Universe knows how to maintain a balance// yeah true true :D
    I had a huge crush on Prince William, and I rather found it entertaining :P but I hope the new Princess doesn't suffer the same fate as Diana ... these media wala uff.
    boons of internet - many, disadvantages - even more :D but can't help it :P

  11. internet should be mandatorily shut down couple of days a year,,,

  12. I completely agree with you Neha! sometimes life can be better without all those things.

  13. All of us experience frustration, deep sorrow and even sadness. But after all, we have to keep moving, because that's the only way to live and breathe again.